How Oisin Hanrahan has Led Handy into an Era of Financial Success

Handy recently made it public that it had made a round of over 50 million dollars over the past week. This brings Handy’s total net worth to approximately half a billion dollars. Very few people can imagine how the world would be without this giant cleaning and handyman services provider. At a recent Web Summit, the founder, Oisin Hanrahan spoke to Amanda Connolly about the firm’s growth and its plans for the future. He also outlined how having its headquarters in New York has played a vital role in the firm’s accomplishments.

Oisin had a penchant for sanitation from a young age. However, it was the allure of making money out of it that made him start Handy. As a student, he had a stint in Hungary where he worked in a real estate development firm. He discovered that getting handymen for small jobs inside the houses was difficult. He formed Handy while at Harvard after raising a 50,000-dollar seed capital.

The founders went against common grain, that startups must be based at Silicon Valley in order for them to succeed. They chose to be based in New York because it has an effervescent and growing tech market. In addition, they saw the city as the perfect business environment for an on-demand service provider.

The company links cleaning companies with those who require their services. Professional cleaners using Handy as a platform to provide their services have the flexibility of working at times best suited for them. In addition, companies have the ability to book cleaners and handymen for jobs at any given time. They can also reserve their services for future assignments. The technicians are highly qualified and have proven track records. Customers therefore do not have to worry about the kind of technicians who turn up. The firm has experienced fast growth and currently boasts of over 160 members of staff and more than 10,000 contractors.

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