How Teach to One: Math Changes the Way Students Learn?

Mathematics has always been considered by many students as the hardest subject on school. The formulas and equations that govern the subject intimidate the kids, and many are failing the subject once they reached algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. This is the reason why Teach to One: Math was developed – to give the students a chance to learn Mathematics in an engaging and enjoyable way.

How Teach to One: Math Works?

Collaborative Teaching

Teach to One: Math allows the teachers to teach their students as a group. The partner schools that are implementing Teach to One: Math have a huge number of students, and letting the teachers group themselves would make it easier for the children to learn. Teach to One: Math promotes a traditional model of learning, while at the same time providing additional resources for the students to use. The students are also open to share their expectations, and how they want to learn.

Unique Daily Schedules

The schedules of all the teachers who are participating in the Teach to One: Math concept will be given a unique daily schedule that they will follow. They can check the details about the students that they will be interacting for the day, and the lessons that they need to teach. The rooms assigned for the subject can also be viewed through this unique feature.

Multimodal Instruction

The teachers under the Teach to One: Math program needs to promote small group collaboration that will encourage the kids to work together as a team. They will also be subject for live investigation, which will train them to observe keenly. Finally, the students will be allowed to learn independently.

Different Lessons Everyday

Teach to One: Math collected over 9,000 mathematical lessons that will be taught to the children. This will give the students a chance to develop different approach on how they wanted to learn. The teachers are also allowed to modify what they wanted to teach.

On-Site Support and Teacher’s Portal

Teach to One: Math provides their partner schools with on-site support that is available throughout the school year. In addition to this, the teachers are also given access to a portal where they can check their students’ progress.

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