How to Advertise Your Products and Brand in Brazil

Brazil is known for some of the world’s most creative advertisements. The creativity in Brazil’s advertisement industry greatly developed in the 80s and 90s. Since that period, Brazil has continued to win many international advertising awards. The creativity in commercials and print ads has also been directed to online marketing.

For foreign advertising companies, penetrating this blooming sector is a challenge. Language and cultural barriers have been the main reasons behind most advertising companies’ failure to succeed in Brazil. These barriers force advertisement companies to either modify or completely change their advertisements. Unlike citizens of other countries, Brazilians are yet to develop negativity when it comes to product ‘pushing’. This has seen many advertisement companies thrive in the country.

Claudio Loureiro’s Heads Propaganda is an example of a successful advertising company in Brazil. He has led the company to achieve some of the most creative advertisements in Brazil. Loureiro holds two master’s degrees. One master’s degree is in marketing from Georgia State University and the other in communication from Boston University.
Internet marketing has helped many companies in Brazil to increase their revenue and expand. Companies in Brazil have been using a wide range of methods varying form posting in social media to pay per click. Advertising on social media is mainly through timeline posts. Companies can also benefit from sponsored ads. Pay per click has also been used by companies in Brazil to get the right clients for their products.

Television advertising in Brazil has been around for a very long time. Although most Brazilian TV stations operate round the clock, advertisers usually go for the peak hours. These sought after spots include during soccer games, Brazilian soap operas, and news bulletins. Soap operas are the best ones because they are aired daily unlike soccer games that only air a few times a week.

Although some companies have been known to sponsor Brazilian soccer teams as a way to advertise their brands, the move can work against the company. Brazilians are very passionate soccer supporters and tend to avoid products or brands that are associated with their opponents. If a company tends to capture a nationwide market, it should avoid sponsoring teams but rather concentrate on advertising during games.

Print media is also an ideal marketing platform. Advertisers should first determine their target market and then use the information to determine the right print media. Newspapers tend to reach a wider section of the population and can be used for advertisements that target a wide market.

Advertisers should always remember to develop quality content. With the high creativity in Brazil, poor content will automatically mean a failed advertisement. Working with established advertising companies in Brazil such as Heads Propaganda will help companies develop the right content.