How to Start Investing Young: Chris Linkas

One of the best ways to have more money is to start investing. Few young people even think about saving for the future. Most people wait until they are established in their career to start investing.

There are numerous advantages of investing. Not only does it help a person retire earlier, but investing provides a substantial nest egg for different stages of life.

Chris Linkas is a financial advisor who helps people develop an investing plan. He has extensive knowledge about different investment options. There are thousands of people who read his advice on investing each year.



The most common way for people to start investing is through the stock market (Companiesintheuk). Many people have access to a 401(k) option through their employer. Some companies will even offer matching contributions to help people save more each year.

Although the stock market can be volatile, it is usually an asset class that appreciates in value. Chris Linkas helps clients choose index funds based on their investment needs. Some people are comfortable taking on additional risk in their portfolio. Other people prefer conservative funds with less volatility.


Real Estate

Chris Linkas is also a real estate investor. He enjoys looking at different real estate properties across the country. Chris Linkas started investing in real estate many years ago. Since that time, he has accumulated dozens of homes.

Chris Linkas prefers to purchase homes to rent to tenants. Renting a home is a proven strategy to generate monthly income. Although Chris Linkas could stop working and live off of his investment income, he enjoys working too much to retire.

Chris Linkas is excited about the future of his company. He writes online content about personal finance for people to read. Anyone who needs financial help should consider working with Chris Linkas.


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