Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Owner Success

It was back in 2002 when Hussain Sajwani created DAMAC Properties. He is the shareholder and chairman leading the organization to success. As a luxury real estate company, DAMAC Properties, services the United Arab Emirates offering beautiful living experiences in these areas. They are now the leading luxury developers where they have projects in the United Kingdom, GCC and a good part of the Middle East. DAMAC Properties is passionate when it comes to creating top notch and specific designs. They have a reputation known to many as a creator of iconic properties that are desired by many residents in the area.

Their joint ventures include businesses such as Nine Elms Property Limited. This also includes the mixed utilize development known as AYKON London One through the DAMAC Properties International Company Limited. The goal for this building to be the tallest of residential locations in London that will have a very sophisticated address. The joint venture between Mina Al Sultan Qaboos and the Omano Government Tourism Promotion Department that is owned by the DAMAC owner. The entire deal goes through DAMAC Properties international company limited. Mina Al Sultan Qaboos will have price tag worth 1 billion dollars and is being redeveloped into a lifestyle area and also a tourist port. It will feature retail and hotels, residences and leisure offerings.

In an article from, it says that Hussain Sajwani owns The AYKON Maldives Resort. DAMAC Properties international company limited is an international organization destined to create large developments on the island just inside the area known as Maldives archipelago. It will have a hundred luxury suites, a five-star hotel, bungalows and water villas. Those who visit get to access high quality spa facilities, top notch entertainment features and exquisite dining.

Over the years, The DAMAC owner has created a list of portfolio products. In addition to that he has formed DICO investments. This particular company started in 1992 where it managed 3 billion dollars in assets throughout the entire region. They are four areas of focus for this organization. It includes debt instruments from banks and companies, only subsidiaries in rising industries and holding long-term investments with fast-growing bank institutions in the location.

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