IAP Worldwide Inc – Offering All-In-One Solution To Military, Governments And Private Companies

IAP Worldwide is a leader in providing global-scale logistics, facilities management and technical assistance. With a history spanning nearly 60 years, the company employees more than 2000 experts who collaborate with several high-profile international contractors to offer a streamlined solution for a variety of complex projects. For instance, the company is fully capable of installing and managing military installations at a moments notice. The team can also provide complete solutions for installing scientific laboratories in harsh environments around the world. Over the years, it has also installed oil rigs and power plants in remote locations on prnewswire.com. Perhaps, the most distinguishing feature of IAP Worldwide is its ability to offer all-in-one solution to its clients for a variety of complex projects in a short time.

Customer Services

Apart from the diverse nature of services, IAP Worldwide Inc. also excels in offering exceptional customer service to its clients. In fact, the success of projects depends on taking full responsibility from start to finish. Therefore, the customer is assured that IAP will find a solution for anything that it desires. Recently, IAP has also managed numerous projects for U.S. Government on jobs.net and U.S. Military making it the top choice for tailor-made solutions during emergency situations.

Core Capabilities

IAP services can be divided into five core areas, which include government services, expeditionary infrastructure, power solutions, IT, and aviation-engineering solutions on Hoovers. Following is a brief overview of four major capabilities.

Government Services

From airfields to field hospitals, the company is poised to help U.S. government and military to setup operations on hostile territories. IAP Worldwide Inc. has also operated in dynamic environments that also helps it sustain complicated projects for civilian institutions.

Expeditionary infrastructure

IAP Worldwide has vast experience in establishing field research labs and other technical projects for oil companies and scientific institutions. In fact, such labs and emergency response units offer a vital link to disaster management.

Power Solutions

The company is leader in offering electricity solutions for both temporary and permanent grid stations. Through partnership with its customers and equipment manufacturers, the company offers a range of solutions to its clients. Over the years, it has operated dual-fuel, hybrid and renewable energy sources around the world.

Aviation and Engineering Solutions

Aviation remains the backbone of IAP services because it has the unique expertise of managing operations by offering upgrades, part acquisition and repair services to clients. In addition, its capability to install and manage automatic test equipment and test station is second to none.

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