Igor Cornelsen and his impressive Investment Career

Igor Cornelsen is an American businessman, investor and now retired banker. He is currently at the Bainbridge Group where they invest in the stock market. They also have alternative assets which include foreign markets and commodities. Cornelesen has since became an expert in these industries. Cornelsen made a name for himself when he was in Brazil. There, he rose to the top as one of the countries top bankers. He ended up managing some of the biggest banks in the country. Cornelsen would then manage a huge percentage of the country’s total economy. He currently spends a lot of his time living in southern Florida. Golfing is one of his favorite hobbies and ever since he has retired he has taken up more time for golfing. He often claims to go back to the investment markets from time to time. He also may work as a consultant when it comes to the banking and investment industry. Cornelsen did not intend to end up working in finance. He initially wanted to be an engineer. However after a couple years into college he switched over to economics. He eventually graduated with a degree in economics and shortly after started working at an investment bank. He mentioned that the fact that he was good at calculating compound interest, it helped him land a career at an investment bank, this however was before computer models where able to do this. Cornelsen ended up being one of the best performing bankers only a few years later he was appointed CEO of the company. He later joined Unibanco and then later London Merchant Bank as an investment adviser. He later went on to start Bainbridge Investment Inc. where they seek to identify viable investment opportunities along with long-term strategies. Cornelsen has had a successful banking and investment career. He has returned tremendous returns and was able to continue his success with his own firm.

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