Igor Cornelsen and the World of Brazilian Stock and Banking

Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and an investor who is currently working with Bainbridge Group in stock market investment, foreign exchange and commodity investment. He made his name in his native country Brazil where he had risen to prominence as one of the top bankers in Brazil. His career stint saw him manage some big banks in Brazil and helped manage a huge percentage of Brazil’s gross economy entirely.

Tips on Stock Investing in Brazil

New players in the game of investing in stock are referred to some of Igor Cornelsen’s methods on stock investments. Investing offers better returns when done on a long term and Igor Cornelsen being a long term investor offers useful insight to new stock investors. He also offers useful tips to investors who could be eyeing to join the Brazilian stock market that is lucrative.

Igor Cornelsen’s first tip is connecting with the natives. He opines that as part of the Brazilian culture, finance and businesses in Brazil usually rely on networking and relationships. Cornelsen advises that creating these new relationships is easy as there are so many entrepreneurs in Brazil and the people there are very social. The second tip he gives is on the preparation for the red tape, he advises that the Brazilian market has so many regulations that investors must be ready to face. The Brazilian market is still in the growing phase and thus it is still fragile thereby necessitating the existence of these many regulations in order for it to be protected. Thirdly, Cornelsen advises that in Brazil there are tight controls that govern the foreign-currency transactions and these transactions are only effected through financial institutions that are authorized. He advises investors to familiarize themselves with these tight controls in order to invest in Brazil smoothly.

On Brazilian Banking

The world of banking has been hit by several storms that included troubled economies and almost no economic growth but banks in Brazil posted some increase in their profits and share prices. Igor Cornelsen shed some light on how these Brazilian banks were able to weather this storm. He stated that their secrets were knowing their market well and the experience they had gained over the years that were turbulent. He revealed that in Brazil, the bankers who deal in the private sector only lend money to those borrowers who are the most credit worthy. This has made such banks to have their costs streamlined and it also provides them with a good sense of security.

Currently, Igor Cornelsen spends his time in South Florida playing golf which is his main hobby especially during his retirement. He also dabbles in the investments markets from time to time. He sometimes works as a consultant in both the investing and banking industries.