James Dondero Is Guiding Philanthropic Activities to a Whole New Level

Charity is often seen as a constant in the world. People see the effects of charity in the world but seldom stop to think about the people involved. But in reality a charity is heavily tied to the skill and drive of the people running it. This is one of the reasons why philanthropic gestures by successful companies and businessmen can be so important. These are entities which have been tried and tested under difficult market conditions. The things which led them to success in the business world will usually translate to charitable endeavors as well. This is one of the reasons why people are so appreciative of people like James Dondero. Dondero is the cofounder and president of asset management firm Highland Capital Management. Highland averages around three millions dollars of charitable donations annually. And because of these large numbers it’s essential that someone with Dondero’s experience is in charge.

One of the most important aspects of Dondero’s work comes from setting a good example. He’s someone with an open history of hard work and notable success. Seeing someone with that kind of background working hard for charity can be inspiring. It’s little wonder that so many people in his company also dedicate themselves to charitable work. Dondero’s been able to not only contribute money, but also the kind of inspired manpower that’s vital for any successful charity. Dondero’s networking also means that he’s been able to create solid links with other likeminded people. One of the more notable recent examples is his work with Linda Owen, a civic leader in Dallas. She’s working closely with Dondero to manage The Dallas Foundation. By working together Dondero has been able to expand the philanthropic reach of Highland Capital Management.

This also highlights one of Dondero’s key features. He’s guided Highland since he first founded it in 1993. And in that time he’s built it up into an organization with an estimated seventeen million dollars worth of assets. Part of the organization’s strength is the diversified nature of what it can offer. And this is in large part due to the wide scope of Dondero’s expertise. He’s someone who can always be counted on to lead a company to success. And that’s proven as true in the charitable sector as it has the business world.

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