James River Capital Has Established A Successful Business Model Based On The Careful Leadership Of Co-Founder Paul Saunders:

James River Captial is the 1995 creation of Paul Saunders. He co-founded the investment firm that now operates as an SEC-registered investment advisory business. The success in founding and running a successful investment operation like James River Captial has set out Paul Saunders as an individual of distinguishment and respect. He is a businessman that up and coming entrepreneurs can look up to and look to for advice on how to turn their business visions into a reality. Paul Saunders has certainly found out how to cultivate success in his own professional life and this is evidenced by the significant success that he has had as the co-founder of James River.

Paul Saunders of James River is an extensive source of knowledge and experience in business and he recently shared some of his insights on the topic of funding a business. He pointed out some of the best ways out there that aspiring entrepreneurs can fund their startup projects and make them into a reality. Finding the necessary funding is one of the most important initial steps in the creation of a new business startup. Though this can be a daunting task to accomplish, listen to the suggestions of Paul Saunders can prove very helpful to today’s startup entrepreneurs.

One of the terms that Paul Saunders brings up concerning startup funding is the bootstrapping practice. The James River Captial founder is a firm believer in this method being a great place to turn when looking to fund a startup. When one uses bootstrapping, they attempt to bring in investors by showing how strongly they believe in their project. This is accomplished by finding some of the funding on their own. This might take on the form of loans or credit cards. It can be even better when a startup entrepreneur can get their friends and family to invest in the project. This is a great sign to other potential investors that this is something that others have confidence in.

Beyond practices such as bootstrapping and business loans, Paul Saunders also recommends that startup owners seek out venture capitalists and angel investors when looking for ideal ways to fund their ventures.

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