Jason Hope-A Man of Many Hats

In the article “Jason Hope Explains How Europe Is Leading The Way For The Internet Of Things,” the acceptance and production of the Internet of Things is observed between Europe and America. The Internet of Things, as explained in the article, equips electronics to collect and exchange data. Meanwhile, the furtherance of IoT will reduce production costs and create leeway for new products. With the perpetual rapid incline of technology, the article analyzes how the IoT will mold the future. After a survey of 500 executives between the two regions was conducted, the results revealed that Europeans are more optimistic in implementing IoT for analytical causes. However, the United States expressed less concern for security issues and regulatory barriers than the Europeans, which was not surprising considering the previous challenges Europe has faced with technology. Jason Hope is optimistically convinced that these concerns will encourage innovation in Europe and that other countries will follow suit. In fact, Europe is already investing more money in the IoT technologies with Siemens, Schneider, and the ABB spending millions of euros on IoT to advance their individual operations. As America observes the success of the Internet of Things in Europe, Jason Hope firmly believes that America will be inspired by Europe’s progression.

Jason Hope exemplifies what a true citizen should encompass. From a philanthropist, to an entrepreneur, to an investor, to a futurist, he desires to truly make our world a better, healthier place. A commendable aspect of Hope is his action on his beliefs. While many express their wishes, they do not always seek to accomplish them. However, Jason Hope invests his entire being into advancing the nations and the people. Hope lives in Scottsdale, Arizona and received his degree in finance from Arizona State University and his MBA from ASU’s Carey School of Business.

As a philanthropist, Jason Hope has invested his time and passions to organizations that work toward the betterment of society. Hope actively supports the SENS Foundation, for example, which focuses on anti-aging and finding cures for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and lung disease. However, this foundation admirably will not settle for medicinal cures, but rather they desire to discover ways to prevent the diseases from ever occurring! Hope wishes to be involved in helping others lead a prosperous, healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, Jason Hope is an entrepreneur for mobile technology. While entrepreneurship is intimidating to many, Hope set aside those fears and pursued his desires. Inspired by the benefits and large amount of people technology reaches, he decided to create his business around these technologies. Even though his business is no longer new, he willingly accepts any way of improvement, which is crucial for any entrepreneur. Hope allows any doubt to fuel his drive for change. He also invests in technology businesses such as Internet of Things. As a futurist, he envisions this business to grow and benefit the nation. In everything Jason Hope funds, he has a vision for its success and usefulness to the world.

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