Jason Hope: A Philanthropist From Arizona Who Believes In Change

Jason Hope is a strong believer and has made his name as a frequent writer, an entrepreneur, and commentator on the modern trends of technology. Hope has written about the Internet of Things, a new wave of technological advancement that is about to hit the technology industry. His articles considered as among the finest authorities about where new technology is leading.

His latest writing refers to many devices that synced with each other such as street lights, kitchen appliances, vehicle, and electronic devices to name few. As Jason explained, this Internet of Things has a perspective to change the way that businesses run. This Internet of Things is very powerful, and it’s likely to become the huge investment that the largest corporations of this world will take. Jason Hope hopes that this Internet of thing is going to fuel our world in which all possible devices interconnected with each other.

Even though general public tries to be online by using their smartphones or computers right now, this will soon become their daily routine like turning off lights or making coffee in their home before leaving home.

Jason Hope, an Arizona native is a futurist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor, with a passion for modern technology and returning something for his community. As a citizen of Arizona, Jason rose in Tempe and earned a finance degree from Arizona State University following an MBA from Carey School of Business.

Along with his business and philanthropic initiatives, Hope has a devoted interest in politics as connected to business throughout nationally and especially in the state of Arizona.

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