Jason Hope: The Tech Oracle Of Scottsdale

The Internet Of Things
Front and center to just about everything that Hope does is the Internet of Things. This is one of the most important and discussed topics of our times, but many people still have woefully inaccurate ideas about exactly what the Internet of Things is. It is often treated as if it were some extension of the world wide web, but it something much grater. The Internet of Things will allow us to change the way we think of just about everything around us. From our houses to our cars we will experience a new and wonderful age of automation and prosperity.

The Tech Guru Opines
Jason Hope is trying to change the face of Arizona. Right now, when people think of the tech industry their thoughts point to the Silicon Valley of California. Hope is trying to change things by highlighting tech entrepreneurship in the Southwest. He seems to be accomplishing his goal and is turning himself into one of the strongest tech moguls today. Now that he has his empire he wants to speculate about the future and the direction technology is headed.

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Where It Goes From Here
The most thing to understand, according to Jason Hope, is how software developers will react. Software is a very competitive industry, but in future years we will see software developers united together rather than fight amongst each other or try to decide who will dominate the market. One developer might develop an app for your house and another might create one for your refrigerator. Thew two will work together in order to foster innovation and allow us to think of ways to add technology into our lives to make us more productive and ease the tedious tasks of the modern world.

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