JD and Nespresso Decided to Team up together in China

JD and Nespresso decided to team up together in China to create a doorstep recycling service. This service will allow people who finished their Nespresso capsules to recycle them. The way this works is after someone is done with their Nespresso capsules, they can use their smartphones and select a JD courier, who will then pick up their used capsules either the same day or the next day. This is much more effective as opposed to simply throwing those capsules away. The recycled aluminum from the capsules will then be made into other Nespresso products as part of the eco-friendly tradition.

Before this happens, the products are taken into the nearest recycling plant in either Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou. JD’s goal by 2020 is to achieve 100% of the recycling capacity all across the world. The used coffee grounds will be used for farming fertilizers for Nespresso’s eco farm on Chongqing Island. JD.com is China’s biggest online retailer, which has generated over $67.2 billion in 2018. Many people in China rely on jd.com for their retail purchases and for getting the highest quality products delivered to them on time, the website was founded by CEO Richard Liu in 2004.

The company makes sure that none of the products are counterfeit and they are only of the highest quality. JD.com seems to deeply care about its consumers and it does not show any neglect in shipping their products on time. The way how the company monitors any counterfeit goods is through secret methods they might not be comfortable with disclosing to the public. JD.com works with also e-commerce, logistics, internet finance, cloud computing and smart technology. This describes how the diversity of the company can help make the planet a better place. In the futrure, JD.com can also spread its influence to Europe, North America, South America, and Australia.

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