John Goullet the Principle and Transformer of IT Staffing Solution at DIVERSANT LLC

DIVERSANT LLC is a leading African American IT solution company that offers staffs and other information technology solutions to more than 500 Fortune organizations and businesses in the United States. In 2005 Diversant Inc. and Info Technologies merged that marked the foundation of DIVERSANT LLC. The company has its headquarters in New Jersey however, to bring its services closer to people, feature offices have been established in various cities such as Atlanta, New York, Media North Carolina just but to mention a few.

DIVERSANT LLC offers a wider range of accessible services such as product assortment and staffing including hiring of IT specialists, argumentation of IT staffing, diversity solution and innovativeness. To meet affiliates, clients and communities needs DIVERSANT LLC, offers unique and quality products and services and is governed by outstanding policies to avoid corporate prejudices. Employees are treated as part of the company and most improvements are made based on meeting their needs. The company has a robust recruitment criteria that ensures that it sources the best employees who are not only qualified but also has the skills and expertise to meet the needs of various IT firms. Besides having the necessary tools such as software and machinery, the firms articulates for a health professional to client relationship and this ensures that customer’s needs are met at their skills and distinctive culture.

Info Technologies success in Transformative IT staffing solution is attribute to its experienced and knowledgeable co-founder and principle executive John Goullet. Mr. John has a wider experience in his career where he worked as an IT consultant and his current duty in IT staffing. Mr. John’s ability in understanding the emerging market and IT experience helps him to develop and market Info Technologies.

John Goullet Company marked a remarkable performance whereby within the first five years of operations, it had a net worth of $30 million. Magazine Inc. spotted the Info Technologies amazing performance and was ranked as the U.S fastest growing private company. Goullet’s skills, ingenuity and capabilities in business capacity prompt Gene Waddy that he was a better a partner and this saw Info Technologies and DIVERSANT Inc. merge to become DIVERSANT LLC. Mr. John skills are much needed in DIVERSANT LLC and thus he ended being the principle who has enhanced the company to counter the ever-evolving IT market place.

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