Jose Manuel Gonzalez, Agricultural Politician

Jose Manuel Gonzalez happens to be the president of Venezuela’s Federated Chambers of Commerce and deputy of Guárico State’s National Assembly. These claims and experience give him a unique perspective on Venezuela’s economy. Jose Manuel Gonzalez remarked that Venezuela’s agriculture industry is very much like a roller coaster of supply and demand involving hundreds of thousands of tons of corn, rice and other crops.

Gonzalez has stated his frustrations with the current political regime of closed-door meetings and its affect on states like Guárico but takes his position as deputy with a great level of seriousness and maturity. Gonzalez considers his time as deputy and within the government as a very educational experience that helped to teach him more about his fellow Venezuelans. He, in turn, believes that the various caucuses of Venezuela have come to respect his opinion on relevant policies. Gonzalez’s greatest remark is that the politics of running a country are too important to be left in the hands of career politicians; that chasing the populist opinion has repeatedly left to Venezuela’s ruination.

Gonzalez sees an upheaval of the current Venezuelan government, free of charismatic messiah-figures, those seeking the approval of a messiah and single-party strangleholds over its governance. He feels that party interests tend to rise above Venezuela’s interests when new politicians are appointed, sabotaging or diminishing any successes the administration might gain.

Gonzalez’s political hopes lay with Parliament so that the entire country could reach an agreement, expediting the stabilization of Venezuela’s economy and agriculture. It is Gonzalez’s sincere hope that others would adopt the core credo of respect for ownership, respect for guarantees, and refutation of acting as a conquering warlord. Whoever leads Venezuela should do so through actions and policies, rather than from speechifying. Despite having attempted a run for a higher position, Gonzalez has said that he shall continue to faithfully serve as Deputy of Guárico’s National Assembly until his final day.