Keith Mann Announces Scholarship

Good news for aspiring students and young entrepreneurs with sights set on college. A recent business article by Businesswire discusses the newest scholarship founded by Keith Mann. For many Brooklyn based students this will be another opportunity to get a better foothold towards brighter future in higher education.

A January article by BusinessWire, announced some good news for those in hopes of searching for another scholarship opportunity. The CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, Keith Mann, unveiled the new Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement Award. With this new award, one lucky senior in highschool will win the opportunity they need to become true leaders. Partnering with Uncommon Schools, a series of Brooklyn based schools; Mann gives students a chance at landing a scholarship. Eligible students just need to apply and submit a 1,000 word essay in hopes of being awarded this 5,000 dollar scholarship. Mann hopes this will help cultivate leaders in the community and give them better opportunities at attending a four year college. This scholarship is open to graduating seniors; the process began on February 26 of this year.

Keith Mann is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Dynamic Search Partners. He possesses over 15 years of experience and is considered an expert in hedge fund compensation. In 2009, Mann established Dynamic Search. This company has worked with over 2000 clients in the hedge fund world for over ten years. Since then he oversees the daily operations of the company that acts as an alternative investment industry.

For many students with eyes set toward college, one of the biggest hurdles to jump is the financial burdens of tuitions and scholarships. Keith Mann has helped to narrow the gap between financial difficulties and a college education with the Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This will enable eligible students to progress towards being future entrepreneurs.