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This is an investment banking that manages hedge funds as well as offering distressed and structured investments to its clients. The firm invests in public equity and securities, financial markets, high yielding stocks and bonds and also fixed income. The firm was co-founded by Jim Dondero and Mark Okada. Both partners later formed a Protective Life Insurance Corporation that has specialty in managing secured credits and fixed income markets. This plan evolved and later Protective Asset Company was formed in 1997.

Highland Capital Management is located in Texas, but it has other offices in Asia and Europe. In 2014, the firm had asset worth about $20 billion under management. The company has an experience of 20 years of service delivery to retail and institutional investors. The company has a broad network of clients like high net-worth persons, corporations, government agencies and financial institutions. The company enables Investors to pursue new opportunities by offering high quality products and services as well as shielding their capital.

The goal of Highland Capital Management is to focus on different asset classes which would help investors to access specific assets or get advice on the best investment process to follow. The firm has ability to conduct comprehensive due diligence since it has focused and qualified professionals. These professionals will conduct analysis based on investors’ abilities and the market trends across the industry. They are committed and dedicated towards the needs of our clients thus ensuring they are satisfied appropriately.

The President of Highland Capital Management is called James Dondero who resides in Dallas, TX. Mr. Dondero has requisite experience in public equity and financial markets that focuses on high yielding and structured investment plans. He is philanthropic and has been supporting several programs and initiatives in the public and education affairs. He is the chairman of a number of institutions like CCS Medical and Cornerstone Health as well as a member of MGM Studios in America.

Highland Capital Market offers numerous investment strategies that would yield returns in a similar way to equity within an entire market formation. This company is known for its potential and capabilities towards investment hence we are able to reveal our excellent performance and consistency over different market environments. The company is ready to receive and support any investor interested in investing in any of our fields of specialty.

The company’s objective is to provide risk management options to our clients. We rely on market trends and macroeconomic survey to allocate capital to different risk areas. Highland Capital Management is the best investment firm offering quality, reliable and efficient investment plans to all qualified investors. Each client is approached in a unique way depending on their needs and qualification.

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