Lesson Learned: Be Kind to Everyone


This story from The Daily Mail that coworker Brad Reifler forwarded to the team is a great reminder of why you should be kind to everyone you encounter or karma may just come back around to you.

This past Monday morning Matt Buckland was on the London Tube during his commute to work. Matt is an HR executive who is the head of recruitment at the investment firm Forward Partners. While on the train another commuter, this one angry, attempted to pick a fight with Matt.

According to Matt is all started when the train pulled into its stop at Monument Station. Although Matt normally exits here, he stepped aside to allow a lady off the train first. While allowing the lady to pass, he was apparently blocking a man who did not appreciate the gesture very much. He took it as Matt just getting in the way and shoved him. Matt explained that he was getting off too but the commuter just pushed past him and suggested he do something not-very-nice to himself.

Later that day Matt was preparing for interviews at his work place. In walks the angry commuter earlier for a scheduled interview. Matt recognized him right away while the other guy took a few minutes to place him. By the end of the interview the two laughed it off- but the angry commuter did not get the job in the end.

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