Lime Crime Diamond Dew Shadows Are Perfect When Worn With Unicorn Hair Dye

Would you be interested in a beauty product that leaves your eye’s looking as if they have been kissed by diamond tears? IF you want to find a beauty product that does just that, you will want to check out the Diamond Dew Lime Crime makeup line. The new product that is being launched by Lime Crime is available in eyeshadow as well as in lip care products.

Ever since Lime Crime has been on the market, they have had successful product after successful product. Each product that they are releasing is a huge success among makeup enthusiasts that love to wear colors that most find to be outrageous. With that being said, the Diamond Dew product line is joining the team as an outrageous product for those who love sparkles and glitters in their makeup lines.

With colors named after starlight and visions, there is no surprise to those who follow the makeup line when they are greeted to the hot new colors being created by Lime Crime.

LimeCrime is also releasing more makeup options as well as their new line of temporary hair dye. The new hair dye colors are perfect for darker hair and are intended to be worn by brunettes however they can be used on lighter shades as well. If you want to really make a statement, you will want to use the new Diamond Dew lip color and eyeshadow with the new hair dye shades.

With color choices named after women’s favorite things, who wouldn’t want to purchase Lime Crime’s new makeup line. If you want to find the perfect balance of darkness and sparkle, the Chocolate Diamond shade would be perfect for beauty enthusiasts.

If you want to purchase the hair dye made by Lime Crime, you can opt to pick colors that will flow nicely with your attitude and beauty. The Chocolate Cherry is one form of the hair dye color choice as well as the Sea Witch hair dye choice. When you wear these colors with the appealing diamond dew shadow, the look you are going for is definitely easily achievable.

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