Lime Crime’s “Scandal” & It’s 21st Century Revolution

Cosmetics come and cosmetics go. This industry is literally flooded with thousands of products, services, and brands. Finding the right one that meets your needs can be frustration, but if you’re the kind of person who likes a bit of drama in your life, Lime Crime has a lipstick designed for the task at hand. This eclectic brand has been around since 2008 and has literally reshaped the cosmetics industry. It’s latest project is known as “Scandal” and it has the internet on fire. This liquid matte finish lipstick has the deepest, most intense purple hue on the market today. It’s finish is sleek and sexy as well. In current time, there isn’t another product on the market that is this extraordinary, whether it’s from Maybelline, Cover Girl, or who ever.


This luxurious formula is right on the money and it’s in-season. Purple has made a huge comeback as of late and it has created a buzz for the season. If like having a peaceful lifestyle, please don’t purchase this lipstick, but if you demand attention, you won’t be disappointed. Wearing anything from Lime Crime is like having a badge of honor and Scandal fits in perfectly by enhancing that “punk rocker” look. Expression is the name of the game for sure and no other high profile brand is bringing the heat quite like this. Founder Doe Deere has hit yet another homerun with this amazing, dazzling, and vivid product.


As with all of this exclusive brand’s products, Scandal carries the same benefits. It will literally last a long time without fading. It’s touch/kiss-proof as well. Scandal even lack those dangerous chemical additives also. To enhance it’s appearance and make the color scream even louder, try pairing it with a black liner. This creates even more depth for big bold impression. The choice is up to you so if you want the standard appearance, continue using what you’ve always used, but if you want to truly make a statement, Scandal is the weapon of choice.

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