Low Self Esteem Affects Romantic Relationships

Do you often find yourself hiding significant issues from your partner out of fear of how they will react? If so you may suffer from low self-esteem. A new study from Waterloo University was presented this week at the Society for Personality, and Social Psychology found that self-image may be at the heart of your fear.

Persons suffering from low self-esteem tend to have more doubt and anxieties about whether or not they are loved or that the love will last. Some of the signs of this condition in a relationship is a partner who actively resists talking about important issues. Another sign is a partner who tends not to voice their complaints due to fear of rejection. These persons will often try to smooth over issues rather than fight and face a potentially adverse outcome.Click here to see full article

Partners with low self-esteem may become outraged and defensive in arguments in an attempt to protect themselves and whatever self-esteem they may have. Sadly such persons will more often than not stay in an unhappy relationship rather than facing not being loved at all. The paper did not say how individuals can increase their self-image but learning to speak out on the main issues is a good start. Many of us believe that we should allow annoyances to pass over us. People at Anastasia Date know that is true for minor issues where the individual is merely annoyed by a behavior. However the significant matters such as money, showing respect, or care of children will be avoided by persons who have these type of questions, and this makes for an unhappy, unstable relationship.

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