Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, Leader Of Bradesco And A Family Man

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is probably one of the most modest businessmen in the country, if not the whole world. You will not find him chasing women, with fast cars or in a humungous mansion as he prefers the company of his family on the weekend. He is a rather soft spoken and honest man with a modest upbringing. He starting in the working class and only ended his career with the executive lifestyle.

This man has a great deal of wisdom in the business world that is unmatched by most other executives. He has been with the same organization for 38 years, which is rare to see that level of loyalty with an executive. He is especially well versed in banking, sales, marking and insurance plans.

He worked as a clerk at the age of 18 for the company. While he was working as a low-income position, he was studying liberal arts at the local university. He used what little that he had earned in order to pay for his education and his own cost of living. His career really shined when he was upgraded to the position of marketing director and it has been peachy since then.

Marking In A New Style
The company’s founder, Amador, had always taken a reclusive and old fashioned way to approach marketing. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi saw the market changing and decided that the company needed to come out to the public and be transparent. This had lead to him increasing funding for PR campaigns and media advertising.

Changing The Pension Industry In Brazil
Luiz did not have his head in the sand when it came to securing his own future. Brazil’s public pension system was bare minimal and functional, but it simply was not enough to support some people’s lifestyles. This had led the company to increase pressure in the private pension market knowing that others may not be satisfied to what the government offered. Bradesco’s pensions are more like an extension of the government’s plan than an individual plan.

A Company Overwhelmed
Thanks to the guidance of Luiz and other top executives, Bradesco had taken the number one position in the 1980s and 1990s. The latest issue is that banks are starting to merge and the market is becoming a battle of giants. Bradesco’s direct competitors had merged together in order to create the largest bank in the country and left Bradesco in the shadows. This was one of the main challenges for Luiz to tackle when he became the new CEO.

Of course, taking the leadership position in the market had never exactly been their priority. They focused on providing superior services and maximizing profits while market rankings were a secondary thought. They indeed are one of the most profiting banks in the country so there was no harm done with the changes in the market.

Luiz Receiving Recognition
Although he is known as a modest CEO, he does deserve some recognition for some of the great things that he had done. Just a few years back, he had won the award of Finance entrepreneur of the year in Brazil. This award was given by Lázaro Brandão for the successful acquisitions that had happened in recent years. He had purchased the Brazilian branch of HSBC and it gave them a huge advantage in the financial market.

Bradesco is a bank that is recognized by the average Brazilian. It is hard not to spot the logo since there are over 5,000 banks in the country. There are also 40,000 cash machines in many locations as well. Their dominant position in the market will only make them grow further.

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