Maarten de Jeu Offers Helpful Insight on International Business for All

Maarten de Jeu is what many business owners would consider one of the most dynamic business advisers of our time. His expertise lies within international business, and he is well-known within the marketplace when it comes to international business. His business acumen is clear when it
comes to commercial real estate, as well as finance. What is it that separates Maarten de Jeu from the rest?

Education played an important role in life for Maarten de Jeu. He attended the University of Oxford, and it was there that he ranked as first in his class. He has paired his business skills with learning several languages, and various skills within the area of finance. One of the reasons he has been
able to work with others regardless of where he goes, is because he has a deep understanding of multiple cultures and how they work well together and in business.

Today, Maarten de Jeu is advising executives at a Fortune 100 level. It was in 2012 that he chose to found the SVM Advisory, and focuses solely on finance as well as insurance. His primary area of focus is working with Ultra High Net Worth individuals. His best skill is his ability to look at an investment profile and determine where his client will perform best. Learn more:

One of his top priorities is leadership. Becoming a better leader is important to Maarten de Jeu, and it’s important to him that he is able to be the best adviser possible for his international clients. It’s his expertise that he is sharing with his clients, along with his personal insight. As an international businessman, he is focused on teaching the basic foundation of operating business at an international level. He continues to teach on how to maintain a business at this level, as well as how to continue strong for years to come.
Maarten de Jeu worked with a group known as TDVK Management Consultants prior to the founding of SVM Advisory. He is now often referred to as the go-to person for international business advice, and he has a deep understanding of how things work overseas.

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