Magic Mike XXL is Surely Magical For the Women

After he quit the stripper job three years ago, Magic Mike will return to the group for a big stripper convention in Myrtle Beach. Mike has started his own furniture business and is surprised when he receives the phone call he least expected, a call informing him that Dallas has passed. Believing that he is headed to a wake, Mike shows up to a motel to discover that he was lied to in a hoax to get him to visit with the boys.

Magic decides that with his life falling apart at the moment, he has nothing better planned than to make one last trip with his friends. They pile into the food truck to head out on the road to Myrtle Beach for the stripper convention. Once they begin traveling, they will realize that in order for this trip to be a success, they will have to come to odds with one another over issues that they each are facing.

Mike will bring to light the idea of the men changing up the routine and suggests that they each come up with something different. He explains to them that it is possible to do this just days before the big convention and that it doesn’t matter that the routines they thought they would do are the ones they are most familiar with. Once he finally convinces them to do this, the food truck will have an accident and the truck and MC are out of commission. The show must go on with out either being present.

Mike will have to turn to an old flame to get help to make the show in Myrtle Beach. He will have to explain the situation and what he hopes to achieve by seeing her for the first time since he was forced to leave.

While they are on the road headed to NC, the crew will meet a bunch of young girls who offer their phone number to the men. Zoe is one of the girls who befriends Mike. Not aware of who he is or what he does, they begin talking and hit it off. In the morning however Mike will learn that she has already parted ways and he hopes to be able to see her again someday.

After leaving the club and seeing Rome, the guys are delivered to a home where they will encounter a number of women who are clearly enjoying a few drinks while the young girls are partying it up in their own way. The older woman will hit on the men and ask them about their jobs, where they are from and the basic questions that intriguing minds want to know about.

Popular Facebook actress Crystal Hunt will play one of the lonely women who are enjoying a few drinks. She will sit and listen as the girls talk about how their marriages are falling apart or how their men are simply unable to fulfill their inner most desires. She will offer a small speaking role but otherwise is there as support for the other women. Off camera, Crystal is branching out into film production and even testing the waters in the music genre.
Once the men leave once more, they will come to meet with Rome again where she offers her help and support to help the guys at the stripper convention. She will reserve some space for them to practice and will also offer her help in the MC department. With her help, the men are sure to please the crowd and leave them wanting more.