Magnises Private Club for Elite Millennials

Magnises is a social club that was founded in 2014 by Billy McFarland, who was at a young age or rather in his twenties. This private club enables people to build a perfect social network for their businesses or personal lives. The Magnises club also use a personalized black card that allows young professionals to gain access to unique events and special deals in most of the big cities such as New York and Washington DC. In 2016, the club released some lifestyle perks which included three premium clubs which are more advanced compared to university and country clubs that existed. Their membership is open to all, once you go through the application process, you become a member. Check this out.

Magnises has always had members-only offers that have valuable benefits. The subsidized rates and annual fees are bringing together working Millennials from all corners. The working Millennials nay not be rich, but once they subscribe the membership fees, they can travel far and wide easily. By looking forward to helping its members create social networks, the Magnises club has a social media platform where members connect and interact any time of the day. The social media presence will help people have a better social life especially those that are held in their jobs most of the time. Find more related article in

Other than the perks and the night life that most young people look forward to, the club also helps people to create social networks. Their personalized black cards help gain entry to hotels, restaurant, bars, and luxurious gateways at reduced prices. You can meet new people in this places and add them to your network. Billy McFarland is the founder of the club, and he is a young American entrepreneur who is also the founder of spling and a mobile app. He was born in New York and studied computer engineering at Bucknell University. Magnises is a millennial guide as it ensures laxity at affordable prices.To make things digital enabled, Magnises is giving its members entry to different places with the use of the black card.

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