Man Has Flowers Sent to Wife After His Death

Reading the news today it is filled with almost nothing but murder, mayhem, violence, and heart-break. Fortunately there are still some sweet, heartwarming stories among the tragedies. Today has the story of Shelly Golay, a widow who live in Caper, Wyoming.

This past Valentine’s Day Shelly receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers but was unsure of who sent them to her. Her husband, Jim, had passed away the year before due to an inoperable brain tumor. Come to find out that before Jim passed away he set up a plan with their local florist. Every year on Valentine’s Day, for Shelly’s lifetime, she will receive a bouquet of flowers from Jim.

Shelly said that this was something typical of Jim. They shared a fairy-tale romance together, they had found their true love. However, even though they did not get their happily-ever-after Shelly is grateful for the time they did have together.

This story has brought tears to Ray Lane’s eyes, as I’m sure it did for others reading it. Finding real love is hard, finding true love can be nearly impossible. What these two shared is something precious and every year Shelly will get a beautiful floral reminder of that, although I’m sure she doesn’t need one. While their ending was tragic, at least they found each other and spent the time they had together.

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