Man who walked to work had to move to new home


James Robertson was a fifty six year old black Detroit man who lost his car but decided to walk every day to work despite this in a factory just outside the city. Each day James walked 21 miles regardless of the weather and his bosses indicated that he had perfect attendance at his job to the point where you could set the date by his attendance.

Many online viewers, like Susan McGalla, were inspired by his story and decided to donate money for James to buy a new car as a way of honoring his hard work said James was amazed after the first few days of online donations amounted to over thirty thousand dollars and he was incredibly grateful.

The online donations began to escalate further through crowd funding campaigns conducted online first started by a nineteen year old student Evan Leedy. These funds raised $350,000 for James and he got to the point where he was asked by others for money and began to feel unsafe in his community as a result. As such, he reached out to police who have helped to get him a temporary home. James has not yet received the money raised through the crowd funding sight.

James plans to search for a home closer to his factory job in Rochester Hills though he has lived in Detroit for over 15 years to this point and indicated that he still loves the city.

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