Meet Malcom CasSelle the founder of Worldwide Asset Exchange

Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX) is a newly launched P2P market place for the trading of virtue assets build upon decentralized smart contracts, allowing buyers and sellers to easily trade virtue assets with one another. WAX plays a great role in elimination of fraud and fragmentation which are the two major problems in virtue asset markets. This is achieved by manipulation of a simple blockchain-enabled widget that allows users to continuously sell and buy virtual items without necessarily having to click off their game.


Malcom CasSelle is the founder and president of the Worldwide Assets Exchange. Generally, he is a very confident man when it comes to all his undertakings. CasSelle also serves as the president of Opskins which is the top ranked market place for buying and selling items from online video games. Leadership is an inborn character that Malcom possesses. He has served in several leadership positions as he leads startup companies in digital industries like the MediaPass and the Xfire. Malcom CasSelle also once served as the president of Tronic Inc, previously known as Tribune publishing.


Malcom CasSelle went to the Stanford University where he pursued and successfully acquired a degree in Computer Science. He is also a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Malcom co-founded the PCCW a telecom company which is publicly traded in China. He is an active investor and has investments in companies like Zynga and Facebook. He is a good communicator and an eloquent speaker with the ability to speak both Mandarin and Japanese.


Malcom CasSelle has a lot of knowledge when it comes to programing and media, east and west culture, Venture capital and also sales strategy. Rather than individual work, Malcom prefers team work and he always outstands as the team’s main player. He has worked with many people throughout his career, most of whom desire to do so again and again. In an exclusive interview, Mr. Micah Springut described Malcom as a man who is very good at setting organizational goals and works tirelessly towards them. His competent leadership is appreciated by many, as he remains a leader who most try to emulate.


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