Meeting The Man That Saved My Life

A suicidal 15 year old boy stood on the ledge of a bridge ready to jump. Mark Henrick remembers every detail of that night with amazing clarity; the rain on the railing, the faces of the crowd that was forming, the voice of the man that was calling out for him to jump. Then there was the voice of the man standing just behind Mark. The man didn’t say much but he quietly let Mark know that he was there with him, and Daniel really liked that.

As Mark let go of the railing the man wrapped his arm around Mark and pulled him back. “This image had always stuck in my mind, of having this guy on the sidelines who didn’t know me, who didn’t have any apparent interest in my life or what I was going through, who was basically pushing me over the edge,”
“And then I had this other stranger who was right behind me, not really saying a whole lot. Not telling me to do anything, not trying to solve all of my problems, and he was the one keeping me there, who literally was the one that pulled me back.”
Mike Richy was the man that saved Marks life 13 years ago on that bridge.
“I didn’t even know Mike was real for most of this time. I didn’t know if he was just something I’d just made up in my mind.”
Henrick didn’t jump, today he is working as a mental health advocate, he has a wife and a child.

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