Michael Jackson: Is He Really Dead, Or Sergio Cortes?

Before Michael Jackson passed away, there was great controversy. He came out and publicly recused the entertainment industry as a conglomeration of conspiracy-maintaining thugs bent on world domination and using modern pop music to hypnotize the masses. Very soon after this, Michael Jackson “overdosed” and was pronounced legally dead. In all likelihood, that’s the truth of what happened–Michael Jackson died, and part of his death had to do with him publicly calling out the wicked establishment. But there’s another mode of thought which says he didn’t die, but took up life as an impersonator doing shows on the sly and in the public eye; using knowledge of crowds to hide in plain sight. Obviously this view is conspiratorial and strange, but there are some things to uphold it; chief among them Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes comes from the Mediterranean, ostensibly; and he’s such a profoundly good Michael Jackson impersonator that many who aren’t “in the know” actually confuse him for the King of Pop. Sergio Cortes doesn’t just look exactly like Michael Jackson–and that without any kind of makeup or plastic surgery!–he can also sing in the exceptionally high pitches Jackson was fond of, and move his body every bit as astonishingly, seductively well as the King of Pop could. Sergio Cortes is such a good Michael Jackson impersonator, conspiracy theorists have begun to wonder about him. They wonder if “Sergio” may not actually be a surrogate identity for “Michael”, who is now trying to hide from the “globalists.”

Well, that seems pretty unlikely. What isn’t unlikely, though, is the astonishment audiences will leave Sergio’s shows with. At the end of the day, regardless of whether or not you had any positive or negative feelings for Michael Jackson, you’ve got to acknowledge that the man was a talented artist. Sergio Cortes certainly understands this. Being an impersonator means working harder than the original artist to perfect his most well-remembered creations. This means you have a rigid framework from which to work which allows very little creative freedom, and requires absolute exactitude. Sergio Cortes has this discipline so well-ingrained it’s downright mind-boggling, and thus many simply can’t believe it. They can’t believe another man would have enough time and skill spent on the same songs as Michael Jackson. So they think it’s just Michael hiding himself in the open!

Could such a thing be possible? You decide. Book Sergio Cortes and see how the art of impersonation shines.