Michel Terpins takes a look at his career.

Over the various editions of the Sertões Rally, Michel Terpins has been able to prove that he is a driver worth every accolade that he receives. Since he and his brother Rodrigo Terpins came together to form The Bull Sertões Rally Team, he has consistently produced spectacular results, and he is willing to continue doing the same in the coming years. Born to a father who adored sports, Jack terpins a former basketball player for club and national team ensured that he actively encouraged his sons to pursue sports. Jack or simply Jacko among his friends is now a businessman, and real estate developer would support Michel when he initially joined the cross country championship. His commitment to sports had seen the Brazilian president-elect him as the country’s chairman of sports in the early 90’s.

His son had learned this attributes of leadership from his father, and thus it was no surprise when he was appointed to chair the cross country championship board right after he moved from cross country to rallying. At the peak of his career just before Michel Terpins retired from the cross country he was the reigning champion. Is riding style not only made him a darling of the legion of fans but also made him quite a formidable champion who was able to hold on to the position till he left the championship.

After shifting to rallying, it would only be expected that he would once again nurture his talent and bring pout this competitive side to the sport. His brother Rodrigo would come to his aid and would be responsible for guiding him during his formative years as a competitive driver. They raced together as part of The Bull Sertões Rally Team, giving him good exposure as a navigator and driver respectively.

The brothers would take part in various competitions before a need for each to branch out and take on separate cars came up. At this time they had already attracted the attention of MEM motorsport who had brought with them the T-Rex. They would first take it to the 22nd edition of the Sertões Rally.

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