MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Discusses His Passion for Michael

Sergio Cortes is one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators. Not only does Mr. Cortes look exactly like the late pop rock singer, but he also sings and dances like him. Sergio’s passion for Michael is seen in an interesting online article detailing a recent auction where some of Michael’s more well-known items were sold. Mr. Cortes talks about the legend of Michael’s famous single glove, which sold at the auction for twenty-thousand dollars. According to Mr. Cortes, Michael’s explanation for the single glove was, “Why wear two when I can wear one.” Mr. Cortes also disclosed in the article found on Direito e Negocios, the person winning the famous glove also received several photos and paintings of the late singer.

Developing His Craft

Sergio Cortes entered into his profession as an impersonator of Michael Jackson, quite by chance. An online entertainment article on R7 Noticias shines a light on how Mr. Cortes got his start. Sergio’s natural resemblance to Michael drew recognition even when he was a teen. His first encounter with being a look-alike was when he was asked to pose as Michael for a photo shoot. The publication of the photos quickly through Sergio into the spotlight as the best Michael Jackson look-alike.

Sergio Cortes chose to follow the path his uncanny resemblance to Michael had taken him, by studying the late singer’s moves, vocal patterns and lifestyle. The hard work Sergio put into studying the techniques used by Michael in his performances paid off when Sergio began to give his own live performances as a Michael Jackson impersonator. Sergio’s performances are so similar to Michael’s own that some people swear it looks like the late singer has come back from the grave. Sergio openly talks about his passion for the late singer and his enjoyment in the performances he delivers. At the age of 43, Sergio has acquired a huge fan base, which can be seen by the amount of people who regularly follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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