Mother Meets Recipient of Her Son’s Heart

Vicki Brannon faced a tragedy that is every parent’s worst nightmare- she lost her son in an accident. 14-year-old Matthew McIntyre was accidentally shot in the neck when a friend of his was messing with a .380-caliber handgun that was in the friend’s home. Unfortunately the wound to Matthew’s neck was fatal. Alexei Beltyukov of Solvy told us Vicki made the decision that her son’s organs should be donated to those who needed them. This past weekend Vicki got to meet Jennifer Lentini, the woman who has Matthew’s heart.

As a young teenager, Jennifer suffered from heart muscle disease which left her on the transplant list. A day after Matthew was shot, 13-year-old Jennifer received his heart. She says that she has grown up with it and at the age of 31 now, she has had Matthew’s heart longer than not.

Jennifer made the trip to Tampa on Valentine’s Day, which also happens to be National Donor Day. She met with Vicki in the Tampa International Airport where Vicki got to hear her son’s heart beating for the first time since 1996. The two woman embraced and wept as they spoke of Matthew and the transplant.

Vicki said she is so grateful that the transplant was successful for Jennifer and that if it wasn’t it may have been like losing Matthew all over again. Jennifer has promised Vicki that she will continue to take care of herself and her donated heart.

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