Mother Sheds Tears Over Teen’s Random Act of Kindness

When children show generosity and empathy towards, family, acquaintances and even strangers on the street, especially in front of their parents, these parents should swell with pride that they brought up their kids right.

This is the case of a mother driving down the road with her teenage son after a heavy snowstorm. According to news reports, Forbes reports the teen saw something that upset him and without explaining to his mother, simply told her stop the car. Ray Lane says that she apparently did as he requested, and the teen jumped out and ran towards an elderly man with a walker who was attempting to shovel snow from his property.

The teen kindly took over the shoveling job and got it done for the senior. Did this mom shed tears? You bet she did shed tears of joy and pride in her young man. Children do not normally learn these gestures of charity and empathy towards other people. Children are naturals at acting out and displaying just the opposite, such as, greed, and selfishness. Parents must teach their kids when they are young about acts of kindness.

It is a sure bet that this mother taught her son all the right things as he was growing up and she should be exceedingly proud of her son’s outcome and caring nature for other people in their time of need. This world could use more of these types of young adults.

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