One Lucky Bear

Usually when people see a bear, the first reaction is not to get close it.

Luckily for one bear, a kindhearted do-gooder put any fear aside and saved its life. After being tranquilizer for roaming in a Florid community, the confused bear wandered into the water where it began to drown.

Needless to say, most people never would have thought of doing such a feat, but since this bear was clearly afraid and confused, to let it drown in the ocean would be criminal. This knight in shining armour put all his fear aside and helped one helpless animal live another day. Word of caution: if faced with such a situation, take note of any dangers before taking any action.

Though this story ended beautifully, a wild animal is still a wild animal, and if you’re ever faced with one in danger, try to assess the situation and contact the authorities before taking any physical action. Big thanks to Andrew Heiberger for sending this story our way.

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