One Theater is Employing The Disabled and Having Great Luck

Having a disability is not easy. For those who have a small issue but are still able to work, it can be devastating. What about those that want to have somewhat of a normal life but can’t because they don’t fit into the mold? One theater in Connecticut is taking matters into their own hands and doing what they can to help those with disabilities to be overcomers.

The Prospector Theater in Ridgefield has opened their arms and their doors to those with a disability. In fact, there are more than 60% of their staff that has a classified health condition stated This means that the workers might be sitting in wheelchairs or have an aide beside them to help, but they are working and loving it. What a great way to give back to the community and show people that being different is okay.

The lessons that life teaches can be harsh. For these few lucky people, they know what it is like to face the cruel public. While most people are kind and caring, they have encountered a few not-so-nice. This particular theater was tired of hiring teenagers who wouldn’t show up to work for a number of reasons. These people are an untapped pool and they are passionate about coming to work. They are dedicated, loyal and some of the best employees that a company could have. The owner of the theater says that he has never regretted his decision to hire these people and will continue his winning streak helping those in need.

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