Outstanding Reviews for Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews

Dr. Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC is a highly respected, well known cosmetic plastic surgeon in Austin, Texas. Many of her patients write such positive reviews about how pleased they are with the results of their procedures. A reviewer from C.L on Google stated, she drove 5 hours just to get her procedure done. She highly recommends Dr. Walden to anyone seeking surgery of any kind. However, it is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment as she is fully booked for months on in. With her recent move from New York to Austin, she has a fully-functioning and accredited operating room. She also has an amazing staff of aestheticians that help her run the Hills office in Texas l

Dr. Walden has been practicing cosmetic and reconstructive surgery as well as cosmetic medicine for over 15 years. Known as one of the best aesthetic plastic surgeons in the Austin area, Dr. Walden also participates in the American College of Surgeons. Her education from the University of Texas at Austin is only one of the many accomplishments leading to her private cosmetic practice. As a native Texan, she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology.

There are many different reviewers online as well as on social media blogs where former patients are all discussing their different reviews. Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews and stories include tummy tucks, nose jobs, and breast augmentation procedures. With a 90.8% patient satisfaction rate the facility and amenities are outstanding. One of the reasons that her satisfaction rate is so high, is because of the number of recommendations given by her patients. Overall, the Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center is indeed a one-stop-shop that provides procedures that include, but not limited to:

Arm Lifts

Brazilian Butt Lifts

Breast Reductions


Neck Lifts

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews has so many different reasons as to why they are so positive. Here is yet another reviewer from C. from RealSelf that states her recommendation for the VI Peel with Yana. Her skin is now glowing, looks lifted and plump. One very important reason is her exceptional patient ratings which are due to her awesome medical support team. The care and concern that is shown to her patients are definitely worth every dollar. The value and price for each procedure offered at her practice are the main reason why many of her patients leave such positive reviews about how much of an amazing job she does while conducting her procedures along with her impeccable work ethic and educational background.

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