Dick Devos and the FAA

Have you seen the news from Devos’ camp in Washington? The US Education Secretary isn’t the only one that’s been doing some work on Capitol Hill. Her husband has also joined in the fight as he begins his political career from the FAA. The Federal Aviation Administration appointed Dick Devos in September 2017 to the Management Advisory Council. This council is comprised of 13 members, who come from business, transportation, and airline industry backgrounds. Devos is one of the few who have a blended experience that doesn’t really fit into any typical box of tricks.


Devos is a highly intelligent businessman who has been working in airline industry for the past several years. However, you may not have noticed since he is quite busy, and he was also the President and CEO of Amway at one point. Devos maintains his own investment firm The Windquest Group as well as co-founding an aviation school.


The school is on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport, which has been one of Devos’ projects for the past decade. In fact, his work has just led to a $45 million renovation campaign for the Grand Rapids airport. Much of this has to do with the work that Devos has put into expanding the airport since the 1990s.


It was at this time that Devos had just finished his work with Amway, and he wanted a new project. He started to look at ways that he could help out his hometown. While part of that was building up downtown and supporting the Grand Action committee, he also saw opportunities to expand upon the airport and even build a new brand around business travel.


Devos got to work by talking to his friend, the CEO of Air Tran Airway. At the time, Air Tran had just a few terminals at the Grand Rapids location, but Devos convinced the CEO that if he opened new terminals there would be additional success. The plan worked, and four new terminals were opened bringing in new business and flights to Orlando, St. Louis, Denver, and Vegas.


The new flights were just the beginning. Over the past decade, the airport has grown exponentially, and it’s probably one of the biggest reasons why Devos was invited to the council.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

What Can We Learn From Steve Hicks Experience

Steve Hicks is the Founder and the CEO of Southridge Capital Group. According to Steve experience is the critical factor in the development of a successful business idea. He affirmed that his investment house has always been featured on the Wall Street Journals for the more substantial part of 20 years. Steve Hicks also noted that he and his executive staff know their neighborhood opponents. He also stated that he can clearly distinguish effective and ineffective investment ideas. Steve and his team make use of an in-house search engine to deploy time-tested mechanisms that will, in turn, help him to make the credible and reliable decisions about the various companies in search of financial services. He pointed out that there is a methodology in hedge fund decisions. He finally stated that great ideas with the unclear business plan are hard to execute and implement in the real world.


Like most hedge fund managers, Stephen Hicks of Southridge Capital is passionate about cryptocurrency and the rise in sales of legal marijuana sales. The two options share a general aspect despite that they seem to occupy the critical ends of the investment market. The fits aspect is that they both are already ascending. The other point is the potential of the profit.


According to PR Newswire, Hedge funds are always after putting capital behind, ‘the next big thing.’ Steve Hicks also believe in productivity and wisdom. For successful entrepreneurs such as Stephen Hicks who are always engaged in the success of their portfolio, it’s always wise to keep a record of the daily occurrences in conjunction with the cash proceeds feeds productivity of the portfolio. Portfolio management helps to keep clients and customers happy and impressed. As per Steve Hicks, any practice that barely meets goals and objectives for profit and productivity need to be aborted.


In the initial stages of his career, Steve Hicks learned his lesson the hard way. He discovered that not all deals pay out. He currently engages himself in fewer deals and focuses on cash instead of returns. He also never puts good money after the bad one. Another financial mistake is trying. He had initially invested a considerable amount of money in a company by the name Petals which flopped and disintegrated even after his efforts towards regaining it.



Read more: https://www.newswire.com/southridge-partners-ii-formerly/188538


Jim Toner One of the Best, An Acclaimed Author and Businessman

Jim Toner has a life full of success. He has made it through hard times and good times. It was indeed noted that when he became an Acclaimed Author and Businessman when his name started to shine. He has been successful for the past 25 years going through good times and bad. However negative, the bad times were for him, he was able to share that those who prepared will, in fact, have the chance to benefit from the net upcoming years. The reason he states this is because of the Real Estate market and how it is changing.

Jim Toner, a real estate investor, has shared his knowledge of business with many others. However, when it came to bad decisions in the Real Estate Market, he elected not to share the surprises he knew would come true. He shared that certain decision that some made were, in fact, incorrect, and that is what causes the ultimate crash. Jim Toner has been one to state too many people that attitude is the key to success. Therefore, because of the crash of the market, was due to a mistake of mindset. Then again, there were those who took his opinion and followed through with hope and aspiration and great attitudes, that they, in fact, had a great outcome of the crash of the real estate market.

Jim Toner believes in inspiration, where many people do not fully understand the concept. He shares that he knows that if you enclose or surround yourself with talented and like-minded individuals, then success will not just be a dream. He shares that a person themselves is their highest strength and if you are around like-minded individuals then you are bound to succeed. The theory has proven itself with Jim Toner life.

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) has stated that he has failed numerous times, but he shared that if you strive for a better lifestyle and healthy way of living, then you will bounce back in no time. Jim Toner believes in laughter as a source of success. He shares that laughter is the way to get you through hard times and to motivate yourself. If you are stuck in negativity all the time, then you are bound to get negative results, however, if you surround yourself will laughter life’s challenges will seem easier to follow and to master.

According to crunchbase.com, Jim Toner states that by being around like-minded individuals, and then you are automatically going to become the same. He has proven this theory repeatedly with his successes. He also shares that if you are not working for yourself, then you are working for another’s future, which in turn will not allow you to have control over your financial lifestyle. Follow Jim Toner and see what value his opinion can do for your life.

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Michael Hagele: Riding Bikes and Attorneying

Michael Hagele is an investor in technology companies. Michael received his law degree from the University of California found in Berkeley. He is also a graduate of the University of Lowa where he learned Business Administration. He serves in areas such as defense, internet, aerospace, and biotechnology industries. He also invests in early-stage technology companies.

He is the initiator and a stakeholder of firms, hospitality and restaurant industries. He is a hardworking man to draft, negotiate and also close numerous contracts in both domestic telecommunication and also international fields. Read more about Michael on Crunchbase

He has taken control of various corporate transactions, commercial agreements and also intellectual property right issues. Earlier Michael worked as a general legal counsel. He also took the place of serving as an in-house Attorney. He was in a position to handle issues like mergers, governance and also employment.

Due to his experience as an independent attorney and also as somebody who works wholly for a company he learned some things. He realized that minor practices could give customers a better service. It is the main way of providing inexpensive and superior services to customers.

According to Michael Hagele, it is better to take a break and start thinking of possible solutions to your problems. He also clarifies that giving up does not help in any way. He firmly believes that tenacity is the main thing to bring an idea to life. He also says that to be in business one must use artificial intelligence and even use its various applications like genetic programming.

Michael Hagele also emphasizes on doing some exercise to help relieve your body and clear your mind too. This will recharge and also improve one’s mind. He made it clear that one can connect with the clients personally through social media. He advised entrepreneurs to give clients their priority in business. He also says that one needs to be thoughtful of the customer’s interests.

As an entrepreneur, one needs to merge with people who have interests in the success of the business. Promoting equal participation in the company can boost it much. The entrepreneur also has encouraged business operators to read a book by the title Alexander Hamilton written by Ron Chernow. You can learn more about Michael Hagele by visiting:http://michaelhagele.com/


Why Ted Bauman Believes That Stocks and Bonds Are the Best Protection Strategies to Your Investment Portfolio

Ted Bauman is the perfect embodiment of hard work pays irrespective of your current stage in life. This seasoned business expert has grown by leaps and bounds to become a force to reckon with in the investment sector. A recent interview with ideamensch helped lift the lid on his extraordinary life. The seasoned financial expert clinched the editor’s position of the Plan B Club and Alpha Stock upon joining the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. While holding this esteemed position, he became adept at international migration issues, low-risk investment strategies and asset protection. The Atlanta-based investment guru is considered to be a family man and unwinds by spending ample time with his wife and kids.

Ted Bauman incredibly spent adequate time helping clients get in touch with sufficient resources needed to live independent lives free from corporate greed and government oversight. The Washington-based native created wonderful memories on Maryland’s eastern shore before immigrating to South Africa for further studies. His stint at the University of Cape Town earned him a postgraduate degree in Economics and History. During his two-decade career in South Africa, the investment expert managed to land lucrative executive positions ranging from a fund manager for affordable housing projects to the non-profit sector. His latest venture, the Slum Dwellers International, has progressively grown to serve over 14 million people in 35 different nations.

How A Typical Day Looks Like And What It Takes To Be Productive?

A typical day begins with getting up early in the morning, preparing his daughter for school and heading to his basement office to catch up on various work activities. Since he doesn’t commute to work, Ted Bauman is privileged with ample time to complete various tasks before the business day can begin. His efforts are harnessed towards current news and topics that appeal to his vast subscribers.

How Ideas Are Brought To Life

As an avid writer, Ted Bauman strives to deliver compelling topics that subscribers can relate to. Topics such as asset protection and finance have become a firm favorite especially when he incorporates essential narrative and writing skills to expound on the benefits of various topics.

What Would He Do Differently If He Were To Start Again?

Better time management has proven to be a resource as opposed to adapting his work style to accommodate time.

How You Can Protect Your Wealth from the Next Market Crash

Creating Protection around Your Investment Portfolio

Common sense dictates having protective strategies to protect investments for the long run. As a shrewd investor, he firmly believes in developing a defensive strategy as opposed to seeking quick huge gains.

Invest In Stocks and Bonds

Bonds and stock investments are an excellent tool for generating wealth. Such a sentiment stems from the fact that bonds act as a protective fortress to your investment portfolio and offer monthly dividends instead of regular stock market gains or losses.

The Business Career of DAMAC Owner Hussain Sajwani

Hussain Sajwani is the founder and Chairman of the real estate development company known as DAMAC. He is a national of the UAE and is among the top business leaders in the Middle East. Sajwani attended and graduated from the University of Washington. After completing his education, Sajwani worked as a contracts manager for the entity known as GASCO. This organization is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. In 1982, Sajwani started up his own company which specialized in catering services. Over a span of several years, his catering business grew and has now become one of the top companies in the industry. Today, his company completes over 200 projects as well as serves over 150,000 meals per day in various regions of the world. His catering company serves many locations such as construction campsites, army camps, five star hotels and education institutions.

After successfully building his catering business, Hussain Sajwani looked to get involved in real estate development. In the mid 1990’s, Sajwani completed the construction of a number of hotels which were made to help accommodate many people who were looking to conduct business activity in the area. In the year 2002, Sajwani founded DAMAC which would build properties. Within the next ten years, his company DAMAC would become one of the largest real estate development firms in the Middle East.

According to roayahnews.com, what has contributed to his success as the DAMAC owner has been his expertise in property development. As the DAMAC owner, Sajwani has been very proficient in things such as finance, law, administration, marketing and sales. By being highly proficient in these things, Hussain Sajwani has been able to build his company and expand it. Today, the firm has a number of projects completed in places such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Beirut, Amman, Riyadh and London .

As the DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani has built a company that currently employs about 2,000 employees. The company is traded on the Dubai Financial Market and has among the top track records in the luxury development market. His company DAMAC has produced over 21,000 units along with 44,000 development projects in various stages of both the planning and progress phases. Sajwani has teamed up with a number of other companies such as the Trump Organization to complete more projects and expand his brand.

Altium Capital Founder Jacob Gotlieb And Iguana’s Stuart Weisbrod To Share Office Space

Jacob Gotlieb of Altium Capital and Stuart Weisbrod, the founder of Iguana Healthcare Partners have made public their intention of operating under the same roof. The two successful entrepreneurs and healthcare investment experts have also hinted at a possible collaboration in the offing. Nonetheless, this wouldn’t be the first time the two alternative investment titans come together to champion healthcare investment opportunities.

Past collaborations

Weisbrod and Gotlieb first came together in 1999 under Merlin Biomedical Group, an investment management company with a focus on healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical portfolios. The hedge fund was founded by Weisbrod who would soon engage the services of Gotlieb as its portfolio manager. His contributions to the firm would see Merlin report returns in excesses of 100 percent in 1999 and 2000. His role in helping the firm maximally from the biotechnology revolution taking place at the time also opened doors for his successful career in healthcare after Merlin wound up in 2007.

Going separate ways

While at Merlin, Gotlieb and Weisbrod landed numerous prominent clients in the healthcare industry as well as high net worth clients interested in the health sector. For close to two decades the two have sustained and landed even more colleagues using different investment vehicles that each founded and steered after their stint at Merlin. Gotlieb would, for instance, set up Visium capital in 2008 with a starting capital of $300 million and steer it into an $8 Billion hedge fund with offices in San Francisco and London.

Nonetheless, Visium also had to close its investment doors and wind up after a decade of success in 2016. Gotlieb, however, remains determined and ever resilient and would soon evolve and set up Altium Capital, a renewed version of Visium that now moves in with Weisbrod’s current investment firm.

On the other hand, Weisbrod has also dipped his hands and heart deep into the world of healthcare investment with the founding of Iguana Healthcare Partners. According to the company founder, the fund draws its name from the adaptive reptile based on its ability to evolve and thrive in the ever-changing finance markets. Like Merlin, Iguana specializes in investments in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and healthcare IT companies.

What does their collaboration mean to the healthcare sector?

Cumulatively, Jacob Gotlieb and Stuart Weisbrod have unmatched experience in running healthcare oriented investment firms. The two have particularly been hailed for their ability to spot and revolutionary ideas in the sector and nurture them to maturity. The industry can, therefore, expect welcoming support for its innovative ideas as well as well thought investment options for their clients.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Gives His Patients the Compassionate Care That They Need

There are certain physicians that truly touch the lives of their patients. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is one of these doctors and his efforts have been made evident through the opinions and reviews of his patients. Recently, he was honored by the organization Patients’ Choice with a Compassionate Doctor Certification. As a certified member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery, he practices cosmetic surgery on several parts of the body such as the eyes, nose, and breasts. In order to achieve the results that his patients want, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar approaches each patients knowing that their needs will be different.

Patients’ Choice recognized physicians who have excelled in their field in various aspects. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was honored to be the recipient of this honor and is grateful to his many patients who took the time to rate his performance. In addition, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is pleased to have so many positive reviews concerning the work he has performed.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is board certified to practice medicine and attended the University of Michigan to complete his undergraduate education with honors. He continued his education at the same university while attending medical school. As one of the University of Michigan’s top students, he was selected elected by the honor society Alpha Omega Alpha due to his achievements during his education.

While completing his residency, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar chose to stay at the University of Michigan where he specialized in plastic surgery. While pursuing his education in aesthetic surgery, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar spent this time at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. He is a member of the medical staff at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is trained in many different areas of plastic surgery and has taken the time to make sure that his education is extensive as to provide the best results for his patients. He is considered an expert in his practice and has been invited to give presentations at several national conferences. The written works of Dr Sameer Jejurikar have appeared in many medical journals like the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery, and the Annals of Plastic Surgery.

The Gifted Legality of Bruno Fagli

Bruno Jorge Fagali is a fast rising legal professional from Brazil. He is including a new depth to the country’s criminal system. Fagali studied at the University of Sao Paulo, as well as the Catholic University of South Paulo. He has a number of years of information dealing in administrative regulation and his recognition precedes him. Working in several law companies over the previous decade has made him acquainted with many exclusive law regulations. He presently is the corporate integrity supervisor in nova/SB company. His impartial work has also flourished via his personal company, which is Fagali law firm. Know more about Fagali at Ibdee.org.

Bruno Fagali is described as being an able lawyer that gives excessive fine service. He is knowledgeable of what will work and what ought to be avoided. Clients who seek advice from with him are put at ease with his compassion to serve them. His capacity to constantly perform at most useful ranges turns many of his customers into lasting relationships. He fairly helps with inspecting company’s risks and supplying those who are trying to find his services, a specialist’s legal guidance. Having a career of regulation may be one of the most complex and tough fields to work in. Making an identity for yourself in this field is not an easy feat because it is so demanding. Bruno Fagali has consistently grown within the discipline of law. He has a by no means ending pursuit and dedication to his career. During his experience, he has sacrificed a lot. Visit Mundodo Marketing to know more about Fagali.

His service has furnished him with many business connections and a strong rapport with everyone he interacts with. Already having what most would think of as an illustrious career, he does not exhibit any signs and symptoms of slowing down. He states that seeing the place his challenging work ethic and dedication has landed him continues to push him forward. Those who understand Bruno are speedy to say that he is here for the long haul. Every day he works in the direction of bettering the legal-related lives of the people who live in Brazil.

View: http://www.poder360.com.br/tag/bruno-fagali/

Alex Hern: His Many Ventures and Success

Alex Hern is a man of many different types of businesses that he has created over the years. His success has been in the technology industry where he has acted and served in various roles such as chairman, board member and co-founder. He has led the helm for various businesses but one in particular is tsunami VR. If it’s not the construction business, healthcare, automotive industry, Alex Hern seems to have done it all. He has help run successful companies where they eventually sold the IPOs for an astonishing amounts of 650 million dollars. He is also co-founder of the company name Military Commercial Technology and has held the same roles as a board member, Chief executive Officer, Chairman and Co-founder. Follow Alex Hern on linkedin.com.

The list of companies he’s been involved with seems endless:

Strategic Acquisition Ventures

AppDirect Canada Inc.

Yesmail, Inc.

Alterego Networks

Silicon Valley Internet Capital

ArcSight, Inc.

New Homes Realty, Inc.

UMF Group Inc.

Agiliance, Inc.

Tsunami VR is instrumental in providing businesses with high-tech and innovative workspace capabilities that involve digital content and 3d rendering to animation. Alex Hern was also on the board when Yahoo purchased the company he was a Co-founder in called Inktomi (INKT).

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=71276&privcapId=419332108

Today, he continues to work aggressively with Tsunami VR making it a very competitive business in the marketplace. In addition to that he maintains his work with Mobile.Work. as the Chief Executive Officer and continues as their leading chairman. Learn more about Alex at UCSD.edu.

Honoring Do-Gooders