A New York City Financial Mover and Shaker

Sam Tabar is an executive on the move in New York City, and his growing list of CrunchBase achievements show that he’s always on the rise. After receiving his undergraduate degree with honors from Oxford University, he continued his education at Columbia Law School where he was associate editor of the Columbia Business Law Review. After receiving his law degree, he began his professional career as an associate with the law firm of Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher and Flom LLP. There he advised clients on the formation and structure of hedge funds among his numerous other legal duties.

In 2004 Tabar entered the finance world with his employment as counsel to PMA Investment Advisers, part of Sparx Group Co., located in Hong Kong. While in Hong Kong he managed a $2 billion hedge fund. He also provided over 2000 qualified investors, in addition to developing another list of 400 qualified investors which greatly added to the success at PMA Investment Advisers.

His full bio on About.me showcases that Tabar then moved to Bank of America/Merrill Lynch as head of capital strategy in the Asia Pacific region. He provided counsel for hedge fund clients while continuing to seek out other qualified investors. While at Bank of America he built a list of an additional 1,250 qualified investors.
Tabor joined Adanac LLC, BVI in 2012 where he invested in properties as well as start-up companies including Thinx and Verboten.

Sam Tabar is a dynamic attorney and adviser in the financial field and brings with him an extensive education and related work experiences. A man who speaks three languages and can navigate and prosper in the shark infested world of financial investments. His success, and the success of businesses he is associated with is almost certainly guaranteed. It may serve some investors to monitor the development and future financial condition and success of both Thinx and Verboten, two companies he has personally invested in and recommends.  Sam’s official website has more information.

Equity Expert Jim Dondero Offers Positive Forecast For 2016 Stocks

Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment management firm that manages various hedge funds, structured investment funds and distressed investment funds. They are located in Dallas, Texas and are a highly respected management firm in the equity markets. This is why there was a lot of attention focused on the most recent issue of Forbes Magazine. In it, Highland’s co- founder, and CEO, Jim Dondero wrote a contrarian article on how 2016 could be an exciting and profitable year for those investors that were paying attention. To prove his point, he has drastically altered Highland Capital Management ‘s financial strategy by moving it out of an all cash position and into a fully invested position in U.S stocks and actively managed U.S. stock funds. You can watch Jim and the Highland team ring the closing bell at the NYSE.

This position was completely different than the position that Jim took last year. In the first half of 2015, he observed that most investors seemed to be focused more on a fundamentalist strategy in the equity markets. Everyone seemed to be quite happy with the way things were going until the market took an about face in the last quarter of 2015. There still seemed to be enough optimism available to sustain more growth but this optimism appeared to have quickly eroded. This erosion seemed to be driven by several factors including the global decline in the price of oil and the about-face of the European and Chinese economic engines.

As 2016 dawned and oil continued its unparalleled decline, fear increasingly took over the capital markets driving prices even lower. All this, of course, has done nothing but yield more and more uncertainty in the U.S. Stock markets. In addition, analysts and other “experts” seem to see little to get excited about this year other than more of the same along with just a dash of conservative optimism. This is, however, where Jim’s article veers into new territory. He points out that historically the stock market is now in a most favorable position to potentially produce more than just small returns and potentially give investors some very good gains from a pendulum counter move in equities.

Charles Koch, Still in The Campaign Game

As the 2016 presidential race continues, one observer is taking issue with the lack of discussion of several key issues. That observer is none other than billionaire Charles Koch. Koch sat down for a rare interview with The Guardian recently to discuss the campaign and also to address the way he is often portrayed in the media.

Koch made it clear that he does not want to be seen as the type of person he is sometimes painted as. Koch stressed that he is interested in the political process and plans on making a substantial ($9 million) contribution to the republican campaign, even though he has serious concerns about the current crop of candidates. Koch also stressed that he considers himself a liberal, a fact which might surprise some media watchers. Koch said that he bases his style of liberalism on the 19th Century model espoused by thinkers like British politician William Gladwell.

The Issue of Muslims and Terrorism

One of the most troubling issues in the current campaign, according to Koch, is the issue of the US involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. It troubles Koch deeply that none of the current candidates are discussing the role of the US in these countries, and what if any impact it has had on stemming terrorism.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has called for all Muslims in the US to officially register with the government. This idea is completely opposed to the philosophy of the US as a free thinking society, dedicated to personal freedom, and as such he finds it utterly unacceptable.

Cruz has called for carpet bombing Muslim countries that are affiliated with ISIS. Koch points out how extreme Cruz’s views are on this, while also pointing out that given the millions of Muslim people in the world, Cruz’s idea is irrational at best.

Despite his misgivings, Koch does plan on staying involved in the campaign and will eventually endorse one of the candidates. For now, we’ll have to wait and see who that candidate is.

To Serve and Protect

Keith Mann of New York City, founder of Dynamic Search Partners, and his wife are stepping forward to lend support and boost moral to the New York City Police Department by sending lunch in early January and again in February to the 54th precinct after negative publicity and protests surrounding the police force. Mr. Mann feels a connection with the NYPD because he has an uncle who is a detective in Staten Island. He knows the hardships and sacrifices that officers make on a daily basis. This is part of the job when you sign up to be a police officer.

Keith Mann decided that publicly thanking the police department would boost moral and increase public awareness of how important a job they do. It would also encourage them and let them know that many people trust and depend on them for their service. He wanted to relay the message that not everyone distrusts them. Because of the increase in crime, he feels that policemen are more at risk than ever before. With a growing number of civilians protesting and angry with police procedures he felt it was important to send another message. He wanted to send the message that a policeman’s job is of the utmost importance and without them, we would have chaos and be crime ridden.

Being a high profile businessman in New York City helped him get his message across. People rely on leaders and Keith Mann is a leader. He supports the NYPD and the gesture and message he sent was clear. NYPD, you are appreciated and trusted. Thanks for all you do.

This article recapped http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/nypd-receives-support-from-new-york-philanthropist-keith-mann-300037143.html

Home-Cleaning Start-Up Declares Bankruptcy

Having raised over thirty million in funding from investors and with operations spawning thirty-five cities in the United States and even more locations abroad, it seemed that home-cleaning startup HomeJoy was on solid financial ground. However, after the expense of four back-to-back lawsuits over worker classification issues, HomeJoy was forced to declare chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed its doors on July 31, 2015. HomeJoy’s primary competitor Handy, however, continues to be a leader in the home-cleaning and handyman field.

Founded in 2012, Handy was started by two young men who saw the need for consumers to be able to have easy access to trustworthy, efficient professionals for everyday household services. They knew how difficult it could be to find handymen that would offer quality, skilled workmanship that could be trusted to complete the job. Thus, Handy was born to fulfill that void. Developed to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate, Handy makes finding the perfect handyman or house-cleaner a very easy task.

In fact, 2015 was a remarkable year for Handy. According to their website, Handy logged over three million hours of handyman and home-cleaning services in 2015. Customers were obviously very pleased with their service, as reflected in over four-hundred thousand ratings of “perfect” given by satisfied clients. Handy offers a wide variety of skilled services, from plumbing and electrical to moving and house-cleaning. They also received another $50 million in funding. If you’re perplexed by the pages of instruction on how to assemble your new desk from Ikea, Handy is the one to call. If you’ve been driving yourself crazy trying to hang that picture straight, they will happily come to your rescue. Available online 24/7 with a booking process that takes approximately 60 seconds, all of Handy’s services are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee. With services in more than twenty cities and growing, if you’re looking for excellent quality home-cleaning or handyman services, Handy is there to help.

Read the full article here.

Avi Weisfogel Works With The Go Fund Me Campaign

The dentist is responsible for more than teeth cleaning and pulling bad teeth. The monitor your mouth and the structure of your teeth as well as how strong your teeth are. They also monitor teeth to see if you have any breaks or decay. One of the things they are responsible for doing is making sure that your mouth is large enough for your teeth to fit properly. A great dentist will be honest with you when you need something they will tell you. They are responsible for x-rays and fillings when you need them.

Some dentists are working with Operation Smile. Operation smile helps people with cleft palates and other structural issues. When they are unable to afford surgery, the Fund Me Site that Dr. Avi Weisfogel is setting up will help to pay. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a wonderful dental surgeon that also owns Dental Sleep Masters. The business of Dental Sleep Masters helps others with issues sleeping. Sleep apnea can disturb sleep and cause someone to stop breathing during sleep. Dental guards help to provide the person with something to correct the mouth issue. Dental guards help people with issues that affect their facial structure and their ability to speak clearly. Dental guards are wonderful when a person has a problem that keeps them from speaking. Check out his educational video below.

The GoFundMe Campaign will help people speak, eat, and sleep by repairing the problems people have such as cleft palate issues. These people have issues with eating and some have issues that are cosmetic. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a wonderful person that is helpful to many people that need cosmetic surgery. He is helping by providing for the GoFundMe Campaign. Follow Avi on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on the campaign.

Dental surgeons and dentists all over are working to help people with all of their dental issues. Choosing a good dentist is a good as word of mouth.

One Chicago Entrepreneur Has Not Forgotten About Nepal’s Earthquake Victims

According to a new paper published by Nature Geoscience, the massive earthquake that torn Nepal apart in April of 2015 could happen again and soon. According to scientists that have been studying the Himalayan Thrust fault, the fault was ruptured but not all the way to the surface. The rupture stopped 11 kilometers under Kathmandu Valley, and that means as the Indian tectonic plate gradually slips under the Eurasian plate another earthquake the size of the April earthquake could happen again.
The people that were impacted by the earthquake and the subsequent quake that follow a few weeks later have been receiving aid all year from countries all over the world. But the devastation was so massive that more funds are needed to repair the infrastructure and the homes that were destroyed by both earthquakes. One Chicago man has been sending money to friends in Nepal for the last eight months, but he decided that was not enough. Majeed Ekbal, the Chicago entrepreneur, opened a GoFundMe account recently to raise more money for the victims of the quakes.
Ekbal is a successful businessman, and has his fingers in several business ventures in the “Windy City.” After graduating from American University, Ekbal came to Chicago and began investing in the real estate market. His latest venture, Expresso Inc. is a grocery delivery service on the Near North Side of the city. Expresso Inc. works with the major grocery chains as well as specialty shops, and the company has been well received.

Majeed Ekbal has stayed in contact with his friends in Nepal, and he decided he had to do more after listening to the dire conditions that still exist in certain earthquake areas. The money raised from the GoFundMe campaign will go to a CrowdRise fund that has a goal of $1 million for medical and disaster relief.
If a new earthquake strikes Nepal as predicted by the scientists studying the Himalayan Thrust fault, Nepal will need more aid and money. The scientists say earthquakes don’t usually reoccur quickly, but because the fault is held up by smaller faults it could rupture at any time.

Style Is Personal For Doe Deere

The cosmetics industry innovator Doe Deere has recenetly become an advocate for all those in the world who no longer want to be told by the fashion industry what they should wear at any time. The founder of the LimeCrime brand has been explaining how she mixes prints, colors, and products to create a personal sense of style she feels is perfect for her to enjoy. The use of statement pieces and colors are never limited by Doe Deere as she explains to her followers through her own social media posts and blogs, which have become must reads for the millions of people around the world.

LimeCrime is a reflection of the personal style of Doe Deere, and has remained so since it was established after Deere completed her fashion education in New York City. The Russian ancestry of Doe Deere has played an important role in her work life over recent years, particularly in shaping her own sense of style that sees strong colors and bold textures teamed with each other.

Doe Deere has also looked to become an inspiration to all those who feel the fashion industry does not reflect their own fashion choices. Deere explains in her many blogs and interviews that she does not feel the need to follow the traditional rules, instead she feels the people of the world should follow their own sense of style. In blogs she explains her own choices are based on what makes her feel comfortable and what makes her feel she is showing off her own personality. The self styled queen of the unicorns brings a sense of mythology and enjoyment to her life that is reflected by those who share her sense of individuality.

LimeCrime has shown the fashion industry the wide range of styles and personal choices people around the world are looking to enjoy without following the latest in fashion industry rules. Makeup is a major area of enjoyment for Deere, who feels bold colors can be worn together for a style that is reflected in the products produced by Doe Deere and LimeCrime.

The Wikipedia Writers at Get Your Wiki are Creating Positive Impact for Businesses

The pages on Wikipedia are of tremendous value. The most obvious value the pages present is they allow those traversing the internet with a forum for reading and researching scores of different unique topics. Also, Wikipedia is known for its credibility, which enhances its value as a research tool. 

What about the site’s value as a means of promoting a business? The answer might be a little surprising to those who see Wikipedia exclusively as an online encyclopedia, but there is also search engine, branding, and promotional benefits the web community delivers.

The shock associated with the statement is based on the indisputable fact Wikipedia does not allow any obvious marketing content. That means no one can submit content that makes direct promotional appeals. A fast food company cannot submit content discussing how great the food is or any deals or specials.

The fast food company can publish content about its founding, popular past marketing strategies, founders, and anything else that would be considered factual. Even though there is no direct marketing found in this type of content, the material does have a promotional component to it.

Crafting a historical/biographical entry for Wikipedia puts a lot of content onto the internet. The content is, of course, going to find its way to the search engines where scores of visitors will hopefully find it. As more readers come across the entries, the more promotional benefits are gained. The public learns about the business and, as long as the content is positive, then the branding results are going to be beneficial ones.

The actual steps for making a Wiki page should be turned over to a professional Wikipedia writing service. Get Your Wiki is a top service that is capable of producing business-oriented content from their team of talented Wikipedia writers who know the ins and outs of all the rules of Wikipedia. Entrepreneurs who try to craft their own pages might run into a problem. The second they violate the rules of Wiki, they run the risk of seeing the content removed. A professional service is not likely to make sure errors due to experience and familiarity with Wikipedia’s rules. Get Your Wiki writers definitely possesses the necessary experience.

Most importantly, the quality of the writing will be engaging. Readers are likely to be left with a good impression about the business, which is one step on the path towards effective branding.

Learn About Investing With US Money Reserve

Investing is a high important life task. People frequently need to start saving as early as possible in life in order to make sure they have enough money on hand in the event of an emergency of any kind. Getting skilled help is an important part of any investment plan. One of the best places to get help in figuring out best to assemble a portfolio of investments is from US Money Reserve.

US Money Reserve is one of the nation’s premier sources of information about coins and other precious metals. As seen on the Austin Chamber of Commerce, this company is based in Texas and offers all kinds of important investing advice for those who want to use this form of investing and create a diversified portfolio. The company offers advice of all kinds including advice for those just starting out in life and those who may have more assets. People who love this subject will also find staffers who totally share their enthusiasm for it.

Gold and silver can make ideal investments that can easily serve as a hedge against inflation and other kinds of possible fiscal problems. An investor who understands the basics of such investing will be one that can gain even more understanding of it from working the skilled staffers at this firm. They can also work closely with staffers to find out how to use the resources on this site to help the expand the diversity of their portfolio and make sure that it will remain solvent even in the event of a problem such as a downturn in the overall market. Working with the people here can be an excellent way to help anyone plan for retirement.

Staffers here US Money Reserve offer skilled services that are specifically designed to meet the need of each individual investor and help them meet their overall planned fiscal goals as easily as possible at all times. They know that their clients rely on them for help when trying to find the best possible investments for their needs. This is why they work hard to help make sure that each client can have a financial investment plan that is based on the use of current investment theories that are accurate and ideal for their specific life goals and plans.
You can follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn and like them on Facebook.

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