Purina Brings Health and Pet Awareness to Boston with Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge

Purina wants to make sure pets receive their chance in the competitive spotlight, the same as human athletes. As seen on Purina’s news, the company has been touring the country for the last 18 years with its Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge. This is a dog challenge that brings the top canine athletes from around the region together. In the event, there are different sizes and breeds that can take part in these events. All of it is in good fun, to bring attention to the pets and to also raise money for rescue shelters around the region.

For pets and pet owners who have been looking for ways to take their pet’s athletic skills to the next level, it is possible to do exactly this with several of the challenges found at Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge. This includes an obstacle course, a head to head race where the pup races through pole weaves, plus Frisbee catching. One of the most popular events is to watch the dogs dive into a swimming pool in hopes of catching one of the hanging toy ducks placed around the pool. Their owners can also toss balls to them while they dive into the air, so the owners have a direct hand in how their pet is able to fair.

Now, the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge is just a regional competition for the northeast. The champions of these Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge from around the country are eventually going to meet up in September in St. Louis so there can be a champion of all the different dogs who take part in the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge.

For any pet owner who wants to either try out for the competition or simply take in all of the fun filled activities, it is is possible to check out the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge in Boston and the other regional areas throughout the country. This takes place every single year, so for those who miss out on the event this year or who do not think their pet is ready, it is possible to practice up and prepare for next year’s 19th annual event. While the event locations are not yet announced, there are regional locations, so there should be a spot nearby a pet owner who wants to compete with their furry little friend next year.

Exploring All the Great Possibilities of New York Real Estate

People that considered living in New York will not have any shortage in the number of properties that are available. This is a hot spot that caters to the rich and famous and the working class as well. There are so many pieces of property for people to consider. That is why there are also new properties in development.

TOWN Real Estate is one company that stays abreast of the change in the real estate NYC apartments for rent. There are an abundant number of properties, and TOWN has agents that are equipped with areas that will accommodate the different lifestyles of the growing population that migrates to the area each year.

It doesn’t matter if people are looking for apartments, condos or brownstones. There is something in New York to fit the needs of everyone. Manhattan, for example, is considered prime real estate. It is an upscale area, and people that live here are typically interested in the more expensive shops and restaurants. This is where lots of the rich people roam. This area would be comparable to Knotting Hill in the United Kingdom in relation to price.

There are also other spots in other areas like Tribeca and Midtown West that are great for those that love fashion, boutiques and quaint little eating establishments. New York City is known as a place for trendsetters. This is why so many people adore the real estate in this city.

People that have a desire to move to the city can attend an open house and see what is out there before they make plans to buy. There is no shortage of properties. People will just have to decide what place in NYC is going to suit their needs the best. There are some multi-million estates that are perfect for those that want to enjoy the best that NYC has to offer.

There are some fancy properties that can go from 4 million to 30 million. People that live on these properties can choose some of the most elegant homes that have a very contemporary feel. From the Soho to Greenwich Village there are a wide assortment of properties available. Many people that come to New York will find that this is a place that gives people access to everything they want. They can find some of the best clubs, restaurants and shops in the world in the heart of NYC.

Retired Police Officer Dedicated to Preventing Suicides

Some people dedicate their lives to the military protecting the country across the seas and on foreign lands. Others dedicate their lives to saving lives by being doctors and surgeons. Others dedicate theirs to protecting the rainforest and the environment. Well a story coming in recently from Japan is about someone dedicating their lives to do something that James Dondero finds to be quite different. Yukio Shige is a retired police officer. At 70 years old he is dedicating his life to preventing suicides in a well known suicide spot in Tojinbo cliffs on the Sea of Japan. He patrols this area with three volunteers on a daily basis and this far have helped to save over 500 lives by simply being there and offering some kind words at the right time. His dedication is personal and stems from the loss of a friend to suicide when he was still on the force.

Fake Cancer Charities Ripping off America

Fake Cancer Charities Ripping off America

A long standing fraud tricking Americans to think they were donating to help cancer patients has come to an end. James T Reynolds Sr worked in Knoxville, TN for a chapter of the American Cancer Society. He was fired for stealing a title to a Ford Mustang that was supposed to be auctioned off. Then he established the Cancer Fund of America. Four charities began to mislead the public about their part in helping people fighting cancer and all together this family of conartists gathered $187 Million dollars states Claudio Loureiro.
The Cancer Fund of America, Cancer Support Services, Breast Cancer Society and the Children’s Cancer Fund of America actually went to funding personal luxuries like trips to Disney Land, new cars, college tution and other frills. They did however donate out of date antibiotics and junk food to cancer patients. The height of this scam was between 2008 to 2012. Only 3% of the donations went into helping the patients with diapers, sample size toiletries and Little Debbie Snack cakes.
Now when Americans believe they are doing something for a righteous cause, be weary on who you really are helping. The best thing someone can do is to directly donate to the patients and cut out the middle man.

Good Deeds Don’t Go Unnoticed

We all know what it is like trying to get by from payday to payday. Most of have had to count quarters and even sometimes pennies to get enough gas to get to work until payday. If you have ever been in that situation you have probably thought to yourself how nice it would be if someone would just throw a couple gallons in the tank for us out of the kindness of the hearts, but many of us do not expect it nor do we receive it. This was not the case for one lucky woman recently though. She was in a gas station in Georgia and was having a conversation with her fiance about how she was trying to scrape up enough money to get home stated About.Me . The conversation was overheard by an off duty officer who paid for $10 in gas and left the scene before the woman could express her gratitude. He deed did not go unnoticed though, she reached out to the department via their Facebook page and the deputy’s identity was quickly revealed to all.

The Rise of the Visual Search Engine

Search engines are plentiful, and every search provider is doing their best to provide people the most convenient way to search for anything they want. With the advent of smartphone cameras, visual and image searching has been developing by leaps and bounds. People want to know what they’re looking at, and they want to know how to get it. Visual searches are great for people want to compare products at stores or look up details about a historical monument.

Currently, there are two ways to search for an image, either by uploading an old image or by taking a picture of it. When searching with a picture, image search engines only find what’s visually similar. This means the result could have the same shape and color, but could be a completely different object. Another method engines use to search a visual detail are the metatags attached to the image. Every picture has metatags in them that detail a keyword, location or even a name. Although, this tends to be lackluster as well.

The other method, taking a picture, has improved visual search technology within the past few years. Since pictures taken with phones are brand new, they have no prior image on the internet nor do they have the appropriate metatags. So instead, smartphones upload the image to a central database where it’s scrutinized until it comes close to a match, similar to the other method. This involves matching the new picture with numerous pictures already on the net, and thus results may vary.

With this growing technology, visual search is improving everyday to be more helpful to people. Slyce, a company that’s spearheading the technology, is an example of that. Slyce aims to develop advanced image recognition technology, so that consumers are able to find what they want. Technology is all about convenience, and Slyce brings that convenience to everyone. Slyce improves the technology by having the image stream to the database where it’s recognized multiple times to provide better accuracy.

With all that in mind, visual searching is growing at an alarming rate, and people will benefit the most from it. Download some apps onto your smartphone to see how visual search can help you.

Beneful’s Dream Dog Park Program Anniversary has News for Man and Canine

Purina’s Baneful dog food is one of Purina’s most popular dog food. It is nutritious and tasty kibble for your favorite pets, your dog. PRNewswire reported Tuesday that the Beneful Dream Dog Program will kick off their fifth-anniversary celebration beginning in June and continuing through the rest of 2015.

Supporters of the program can already find Dream Dog Parks in four cities, Alabaster, Alabama, Johns Creek, Georgia, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Prescott, Arizona. These first four Dream Dog Parks are the dreams of four Dream Dog Park Contest grand prize winners who contributed their winnings for their four-legged friends.

The four Dream Parks are equipped with custom features like oversized food obstacles, a one-of-a-kind tree that launches tennis balls for Fido, Beneful’s unique extended Doxie Tunnel and colorful splash pads. The pooches are in Heaven when their owners bring them to a park to play; and the owners get a chance to unwind also.

Beneful knows that dogs and their owners share a special bond and what better way to express that than to share in outside fun and exercise at a Dream Dog park. The Beneful team is supporting fundraising campaigns that will work with neighborhood leaders to bring new dog parks across the country. The Beneful Team is presently overseeing the building of the fifth Dream Dog Park called the Lucas Park Dog Park located in downtown St, Louis.

Beneful wants to play a larger part in creating space for dogs and owners to relax and enjoy life, so the Team is searching to assist organizers of local dog parks. Each park that is chosen will be assisted by Beneful with funding for the park and materials, and the team will also share information on dog park safety. They will also volunteer time in building the park so that each Dream Dog Park will certainly be a dream for all dogs.

Mother and Baby Surviving Five Days in Jungle is Called a Miracle

Miracles happen every day, that’s why it is so wonderful when one is documented and released to the world.

On Wednesday, June 25th, the Columbian Air Force rescued 18 year-old Maria Nelly Murillo Moreno and her baby son Judier from a wreck that occurred five days before. The wreck involved a Cessna 303 that was also carrying fish and coconuts to the town of Quibdó in Argentina. The small plane lost all communication 20 minutes after take-off and never responded to calls from the civil aviation authorities.

Almost immediately, a plane was sent out to scour the dense forest that the Cessna was flying over, but they came back with no report. James Dondero suggested to insidermonkey that it wasn’t until Monday that a helicopter sighted a white dot among the tropical jungle’s foliage, and with planes dispatched to investigate, they found the Cessna 303.

Unfortunately, the pilot was found dead still in his seat at the wreckage site, but the passenger door was open and all hopes were that the young mother and her baby had found safety. Three days later, on Wednesday, the Colombian Air Force found the two young passengers 500m from the wreck in the province of Chocó.

Judier suffered minor burns from the crash, and Maria had minor injuries, but they had survived in the dense jungle alone for five nights. Maria told that two indigenous people helped them, and they ate the cargo that had been left at the plane for food and hydration.

Give the Future a Hand

Medical teams have made numerous advancements when it comes to artificial limbs for patients. One patient just received one the most advanced aesthetics in the history of medicine. The 26 year old was given the bionic hand by the United Kingdom’s Steeper Group which marketed the hand as being the anatomically accurate in the world. The hand gives Nicki Ashwell an unparalleled sense of precision along with natural hand movements. The patient was even able to ride a bike for the first time thanks to her bionic hand. While the group has credited Ashwell with being the first person to benefit from the use of the bionic hand, she certainly won’t be the last. Sensors in the hand detect even the smallest muscle movements from the patient’s arm. Ricardo Tosto finds this pretty interesting.


These detections will instruct the 337 mechanical parts of the bionic hand to bend at the users will. The bionic hand also includes 14 styles of grips that imitate natural hand movements that take place in the skeletal system. The mechanics that are used to make the bionic arm can be seen being used in Formula One race cars. Ashwell was born without a right arm and could not believe how many possibilities opened up for her after she received the bionic arm. Even with the bionic hand costing $11,000 Ashwell and other patients believe that the opportunities that they can experience after the procedure are worth every penny.

75 Year Old African American Womans Finds Out She’s Caucasian

There’s a great deal of strange occurrences that happen in our world. But some things are downright shocking. A woman lived her whole life as an African American woman. She acclimated to the customs of this people and related to their lifestyle. At the age of 75, she has now discovered that she isn’t a black woman after all, she’s actually Caucasian. How can something like this even begin to happen, and why didn’t anyone tell her sooner?

It appears that Verda Byrd was adopted out at a very young age. She was adopted by an African American family and identified with them and their customs. However, when she went searching for her birth family, she was surprised to find out that they are both while, or Caucasian, people. This sent the nearly 80 year old woman into a tail spin. Though she states that she will associate with her heritage on one side, she will always identify herself as an African American woman and proud of it.

The foster parents of this child had to know all the specifics before they adopted her. They could have told her, as Qnet points out. I am sure the birth certificate said “Caucasian” too. Why do adoptive parents feel that they need to hide things from children? They always seem to find out the hard way and usually there are hurt feelings to show for it. Byrd is not upset though, she is just happy to have found her lineage after all these years.

Honoring Do-Gooders