Q-Net Expanding From Regional Player to Global Power

When Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bizmark founded Q-Net in 1998, they knew that they wanted to create a company that sold quality products and treated its direct sales force fairly. In less than twenty years, Q-Net has grown from a fledgling company in Southeast Asia selling collectible coins to a regional powerhouse that is close to developing a global brand.

Q-Net is the main subsidiary of the Qi Group of companies and combines the dynamics of a direct sales business with the technology of e-commerce. Its original products were commemorative gold coins for the 1996 Sydney Olympics. Even though it got into the business two years later than most of its competitors, by the year 2000 it became the third largest distributor of the product worldwide.

Q-Net has since diversified its product line. It still sells luxury goods and collectibles but has begun to focus more on life enhancement and wellness products. This includes a full line of cosmetic and nutritional products and also includes expansion into travel packages and education. This is in line with the spiritual beliefs of Eswaran and Bizmark, who treat their business not simply as a money making venture but as an enterprise designed to bolster the well being of its employees, its sales force and its customers.

Q-Net is headquartered in Hong Kong with regional offices in Southeast Asia. Over the past few years, however, it has made an effort to expand both its sales and production operations in India. Eswaran, born in Malaysia but of Indian heritage, has long recognized the potential of the country. One obstacle Q-Net is addressing is the country’s restrictive laws on direct sales operations. Because of bad experiences with fraudulent marketers who operated Ponzi Schemes, India’s Banning Act prohibits many forms of direct sales. With its presence in the country, Q-Net can also lend its expertise to India to help develop regulations that allow for robust entrepreneurship while punishing scam artists.

In 2014, Q-Net expanded its reach even further by becoming the official direct sales representative of Manchester City Football Club. The sponsorship allows for several branding tie ins as well as a presence in Europe and a reach to the club’s football fans worldwide. Q-Net appears to be poised for expansion into even more distant markets worldwide.

CCMP Capital For Your Long Term Investments and Security

When it comes to the long term investing, anyone knows that they have to do it. Investing is absolutely one of those things that you can’t afford not to do. Like brushing your teeth, bathing, and shaving, you should simply get in the habit of investing because you know what can happen in the long run if you don’t! The thing you need to also be concerned with isn’t just throwing your money into any random investment option; you have to be aware of where you are putting your money for the long haul.

When you look at just how many options are out there today, you could get lost in a tidal wave of information. There are ads on television, music apps, internet websites and even on the sides of busses when it comes to investment options. It’s no wonder people get bad advice (or incomplete advice) on where to put their finances simply because there is arguably too much out there. One place that people haven’t complained about however is Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, because when it comes to understanding the market, receiving amazing customer service, and truly being comfortable with your money, CCMP Capital continues to rank at the top of the field.

When it comes to banking, investing, and money management in general you have to be comfortable with the people you are working with. You can’t just follow the flashing lights, funny commercials, and proper sounding names of institutions. It comes down to the same thing that it always comes down to in situations like this; you need to be able to trust the people you are working with because you are essentially giving them control of your entire post working life.

It’s no wonder that CCMP Capital continues to rank high when it omes to trust and customer service when you think about the work that Stephen Murray put into building and growing the organization over so much time. Decades were spent with him on watch as one of the top leaders in the organization, and you can still feel his presence today each and every time you see an employee treating a customer or a client like family. Without the work of Steve Murray, CCMP Capital might not be even a fraction of what it is today. When you think about how strong the organization has come in recent years, you absolutely know that the success of CCMP Capital is due in no small part to Stephen Murray.

When you are looking for where you can put your money for the long haul, you shouldn’t be worried. You only have to ask one question and then the rest is simple. Who do you trust with your retirement? Look to CCMP Capital today to find out more.

When Healthcare Serves People

Nobilis Health Corp’s “strategy of coupling innovative direct-to-patient marketing with physician-centric services” (CEO Chris Lloyd) is changing the way healthcare is provided. Healthcare services, emergency services, physicians, surgeons, and insurance are managed to actually benefit patients and physicians, who become more empowered the stronger the company grows. Creative business solutions have been gaining momentum over the past decade through organic growth, making full-service healthcare development and management companies proven and reliable. Nobilis Health business strategies create a structure that intrinsically benefits patient, physician, hospital, and insurance by reducing costs and increasing efficiency and profit on all counts. With Nobilis taking the wheel to drive for example Ambulatory Surgery Centers through purchasing majority shares of these ASCs, hospitals are free to provide the best, most efficient care in their facilities, while emergency services are streamlined in and out.

Paramount to the company, Nobilis manages over 100 surgical centers in the United States and offers a power staff of surgeons. Physician services are the heart of Nobilis Health’s function. Nobilis Health creates partnerships with physicians, and manages staff at hospitals, so that team production is streamlined. As a publicly traded company, Nobilis Health Corp. and the company’s profits and strategies directly benefit partner physicians. While nurses and doctors are providing patients their expert care, Nobilis manages compliance to state and CMS standards to curb healthcare center caused infections. The company also manages finances, operations, licensing, strategic planning, and legal aspects, freeing physicians to do their jobs.

By educating patients directly through integrated marketing strategies, Nobilis Health provides information on minimally invasive and outpatient treatments that keeps patients informed of all possible options. More patients are choosing these options, thereby reducing their costs and their insurance payers costs. As Nobilis directs the negotiation with insurance companies, patients can really make the company work for them and their health. The system staffs a physician to a patient from start to finish, attempting to ensure a bond of reliability and a free-flowing dialogue about all procedures, treatment, and expectations. Because of Nobilis marketing, patients are informed and it is presumed they can have more productive discussions on treatment options with their physicians.

Companies like Nobilis Health may be providing the structure this country needs to support lower costs of treatment to patients and insurance payers. With physicians and patients benefitting the most from their services, it is easy to imagine that Nobilis will continue to grow in revenue, and expand its range of management. Through public trading, Nobilis also offers anyone the power to buy its shares and even gain stake in its future. The company certainly has set up a strong angle for public appeal by strategizing in this way to give power back to the people it declares to serve.

Dan Newlin: Attorney and Life Saver?

To some, Dan Newlin can be described as a hero or a life saver. The attorney who has offices in Chicago and Central Florida has in the past few years made a name for himself as one of the best injury attorneys in the country. The attorney started out as a police officer and a firefighter for the Indiana Police Department and Fire Department nearly two decades ago. He went on to become an Orange County Sheriff detective and then as a detective in the Fugitive Division. While here, he helped put away many fugitives and was feted by the United States Marshall Service. In 1997, he actually attended law school at the Florida State College of Law and graduated in 2000.

He founded his firm Dan Newlin and Partners and the attorney is licensed to practice in both Chicago and Florida. The firm focuses on personal injury, auto accidents, construction site accidents, injury cases, medical negligence/malpractice, and wrongful death. The firm has been recognized as a Super Lawyer Law Firm, an award that places them among the top 5% law firms in Florida. It is an understatement to describe the law firm as a power house.

In 2014, he opened an office in Chicago, his home state that he described as a natural move for his firm. Attorney Newlin has time and time again helped his clients to obtain justice and has helped the citizens of Florida recover more than $150 million from injury claims.

In November 2014, Mr. Newlin obtained a $100 million verdict for Danielle Simpson and her family. In July 2012, while riding in the back of her family’s minivan was shot in the head by a stray bullet. The bullet came from a gun owned by a Tyrone Mosby, a renowned gang member. The verdict secured against Tyrone will cover hospital payments, punitive damages, and emotional distress. Tyrone was sentenced to jail and for whatever income he earns a portion of it will go into helping Danielle. Danielle’s mother, Alma Fletcher said that although it was a win, it was a small one since her daughter could still not talk to her. Danielle’s stepfather, Justin Fletcher touted it as the closest they would get to closure.

Just this year, he won a settlement case against the auto insurance company, Mainstreet America Group. He negotiated a 950,000$ settlement for the Edward Krutsinger, who was involved in an accident in November 2013. The Krutsinger’s filed a lawsuit against the company in March of 2014 after the company failed to compensate them in any way after the accident. The insurance firm questioned the injuries sustained and dismissed them as fraudulent. Daniel Newlin touched another soul by helping them get justice.

The Reincarnation Of Michael Jackson

Music lovers throughout the world would champion with no restraint that Michael Jackson was undoubtedly one of the best entertainers of all time. The King of Pop, was known for his electrifying stage performance. His sheer raw talent was unparalleled or so was thought, until Sergio Cortes was discovered. Sergio Cortes may very well be the best impersonator of all time, period.

When, an impressionist comes to mind the first celebrity thought of is Elvis. Thousands have tried to imitate Elvis and quite often it is like watching a cheesy spoof movie. If that is what you think when considering getting tickets to see an impersonator you might want to reconsider. Sergio Cortes will make you forget that Michael Jackson is gone. The king of pop ,impersonator is more like a reincarnation of Michael Jackson.

Tickets to see Sergio Cortes shows are in high demand and rightfully so. The sound that comes out of his voice is dynamically spot on, even down to the range. You will not be disappointed as his movements are fluid and seamless. Mannerisms of Michael have been well studied by this performer for years. Many people were still looking forward to the tour that Michael was about to embark on before his death. Saddened hearts around the world felt like they had lost a chance to see greatness on stage. In all reality, calling Sergio Cortes just an impersonator is not enough. The man is a performer who should be held in the highest regard. It is a guarantee that you will want to pick up some tickets to one of his shows.

Most might not know, but Sergio has been cultivating his skills for decades. His hard work and perseverance have surely paid off. If you didn’t know Sergio Cortes is from Barcelona, Spain. He also was born to put on a show, even when he was a kid, his talent was noted as strong. There is absolutely no doubt that if the King of Pop was living today, he himself, would be proud that he is being remembered by someone with such magnetic abilities. So if you are one of the many that did not get to see Michael perform when he was living, you still have a chance. Go see Sergio Cortes and feel like you are in the room with Michael himself.

Status Labs Online Reputation Management

It was once a time that individuals had to watch the news or read the newspaper to find out information about a story or a person. The Internet makes news travel much faster then what it use too. With so much of information, that is on the internet and only takes a few minutes for a person to learn all of the information that they want to know about a person. Unfortunately, that is not always a positive thing if there is negative information about an individual on the internet.

Luckily there is a company that can help people give their online presence a makeover. Status Labs is a business that helps their clients create a better online reputation.When most people do an online search for an individual, they typically search for information about them on the search engine Google. Most people would only look at the first page of Google. If the first three links have negative things about a person, then people will only associate that person with the negative information. A news article changes daily, but if you do not do anything about it, a google search will remain the same forever.

Status Labs has worked with political leaders and Fortune 500 companies. They have also worked with various celebrities, professional athletes, and even individuals who are facing a financial crisis. The company believes that most people deserve to have a second change. They understand that people makes mistakes in their life, and a person should not be judged on an error in their past.

Some of the ways they help their clients makeover their online reputation is by getting a handle on their social media account. They also work closely with journalists and bloggers that can contribute to creating great and compelling pieces about their clients. Status Labs will also create great content market strategies and execute campaigns for all of their clients.

Their mission is to help their clients get a chance for a second beginning. Status Labs works hard and diligent to provide their clients with the best results. They know that you internet reputation matters and they would do whatever it takes to make sure your internet reputation is as positive as it can be.

How Shaygan Kheradpir Has Contributed to The Growth of Technology and Business

Shaygan Kheradpir is a renowned business expert who has majored in technology and has brought a whole revolution in the way business is conducted. He has served different companies and due to his dedication and ability to come up with unique systems, he has been awarded severally by different organizations. Shaygan Kheradpir is well educated with a degree in electrical engineering. He has pursued up to the doctoral level and his research has led to the discovery of new software that has been useful in making business easier. He is also philanthropic and has been instrumental in offering guidance to new entrants to the business world.

Shaygan Kheradpir was born in London, but due to work issues, his parents had to move to Iran while he was still a small boy. He spent most of his childhood in Iran, where he also attended his early education on fancy.com. He began displaying interest for learning new things while still at an early age. He would perform better than his peers and came up with ideas that turned out amazing to many. For his high school education, Shaygan Kheradpir moved to Switzerland, where he joined the Aiglon College. His performance at the school was outstanding and he successfully completed the course. He later moved on to the U.S. for university education at the Cornell University. Shaygan Kheradpir pursued his passion, electrical engineering, which saw him emerge triumphant with a doctoral degree from the same institution. His stay at the university was remarkable as he showed immense dedication in research. Shaygan devoted most of his time to ensuring new products are created in favor of the needs of the market. He was always interested in doing business and making business activities as efficient as possible.

Following his graduation with a doctoral degree, Shaygan Kheradpir received several offers from big companies, which were searching for dedicated professionals who could help make the company more competitive. He then joined the GTE Corporation, where he was placed at their laboratories to serve as a controller and manager of networks. His innovative spirit and dedication to service led to the development of systems that could help streamline the operations of the company. He rolled out software that enhanced automation for the system, thereby making it easy to share information among different departments. It is during his stay at the company that the executives of GTE realized his potential. Later, he was appointed as the chief communications officer due to his great abilities.

In 2000, a merger happened between the Bell Atlantic and GTE. This opened a new door for Shaygan Kheradpir as he was appointed the president of thee-business department of the company, a role that he took up with enthusiasm. This allowed him to hone his skills further by embracing management duties and coming up with ideas that could help to transform the way business was done in the company. He joined Barclays in 2011as the CEO, something that was motivated by his previous achievements. Shaygan Kheradpir has been strong enough and well experienced to offer guidance and advice to new entrants to the business world.

Can The Atlanta Hawks Show Up This Year?

Because of the impressive record of the Atlanta Hawks basketball team in the NBA this year, this has been a good year for the city. With an impressive showing that placed them as the number one seed in the Eastern Conference, they ran wild on the rest of the league last year with an impressive 40-8 start. They close out the season with a respectable record of 60 – 22, and along the way they managed to rack up a remarkable 19 game winning streak. But the question among the Hawks faithful is: can they do it again this year?

Many basketball experts, while impressed with the showing of the Hawks, don’t believe that they can do the same thing this year. Even though the resurgence of the Hawks left many dumbfounded, all signs point to the departure of DeMarre Carroll as one of the main reasons why the Hawks will struggle this year. With no viable replacement on the immediate horizon, the Hawks look to be much weaker going into the new season. After an incredible season marked with tremendous growth, the Hawks may very well find themselves at the bottom looking up this season.

A few basketball aficionados would argue that the departure of Carroll has nothing to do with the decline of the Hawks this year. Many believe that the slump actually started last year, in the last quarter of the season. The team literally collapsed after having a tremendous first half of the season. Down the stretch, the Hawks went 11-10 over the last 21 games of the season. After an impressive start, they barely finished the season playing .500 basketball.

But even with the poor showing at the end of the season, Hawks fans have plenty to be excited about. After the rousing start of the season, they know that they have a time of potential still on the floor. There have been a few shakeups in the front office as well. The Hawks team owner, Bruce Levenson announced that he would be pursuing other interests after this year.

Levinson, the driving force behind the Hawks and their success has always done his best to put a winning team on the floor for the city of Atlanta. Winning is in his DNA. He has been at the forefront of many successful business ventures, including a position as one of the founding partners of United Communications Group, which he helped to launch in 1977. UCG specializes in information and analysis for various industries, including technology, energy, mortgage banking and other fields.

Over the years, Levenson has brought a winning pedigree to various projects and business ventures, as well as in his role as the Atlanta Hawks owner. Levinson with his take no prisoners attitude and winning mindset has helped bring the Atlanta Hawks to a new level of performance and respectability in the NBA. The question is, can the improvements and magic continue in Atlanta?

Sergio Cortés Imitates Michael Jackson Brilliantly

No matter how old we get, we never forget the things that made us smile when we were children. If we are lucky, we can use memories to take us back to a happier time in our lives. But the ability to take that childlike wonder and translated into a career that can make other people happy as well has a greater meaning.

Sergio Cortés has managed to take a lifelong obsession with one of his childhood heroes and make an occupation of it, making thousands of people happy in the process. He is now known as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world, and his story of how he got there is nothing short of amazing.

With Sergio Cortés was a child, he watched Michael Jackson and the Jackson five reform on television. Like millions of others, he adored the amazing showmanship of the group, and Michael in particular. He was greatly influenced by the soulful stylings and dynamic performance of the five-year-old performer. Throughout the years, Cortés copied and emulated Jackson’s mannerisms and performances.

What Cortés did out of love, soon became an unknowing path toward a career as a Michael Jackson impersonator. Now, he is now regarded as one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in world, frequently giving performances to audiences live as well as on television.

Cortés received his big break quite by accident. He was in public dressed like Jackson, when a newspaper photographer saw him and asked him if he could take a picture and put it in his newspaper. Cortez gave the photographer permission to take his photo, and soon after the photographs appeared in a large newspaper. Little did Cortés know that those pictures would seek to him becoming an Michael Jackson impersonator, a joyful position that he has now done for years.

Even though he is well known, people are still stunned when they see him. His resemblance to Michael Jackson is so uncanny, it unnerves people. For his Facebook fans, he continually takes pictures based on Michael Jackson’s career, and in particular his career around the time of his “Bad” album, and posts pictures to his fan page. He also appears on numerous Spanish television shows such as “Laura”, and others, and does concerts and appearances for thousands of screaming fans. Cortés is currently managed by Destiny Projects, and artist management and development company.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Performs Every Surgery With Care

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a woman who has been getting a ton of attention as a plastic surgeon. She knows how to perform that type of surgery better than most other people do, and for that reason many people have chosen to come to her instead of anyone else. Even when she decided to pack up her practice and move it from New York City to Texas she was still able to maintain a large amount of clients. People come to her all of the time because they know how talented she is at doing cosmetic surgeries, and they want someone with that kind of talent working on them.
Dr. Jennifer Walden moved her practice because she wanted her boys to be able to grow up closer to family, and her practice has continued to do well through doing that. She has gotten into new things since moving to Texas, and she has enjoyed the ride. She likes being able to try out new things and keep growing in her craft. She is someone who seems to well know what she should be doing when it comes to cosmetic surgeries, and the longer that she is working, the more she just keeps learning and getting better at.
It’s a great thing to be able to know that the one who is going to be performing a surgery is someone who is qualified to do it and very talented at that kind of thing, and everyone who has Dr. Jennifer Walden perform a surgery on them can feel confident in both of those things. She has many years of experience by now, and she is a natural at what she does. She is someone who people can look to and know that their surgery will be done right when she is the doctor taking care of them.

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