Give the Future a Hand

Medical teams have made numerous advancements when it comes to artificial limbs for patients. One patient just received one the most advanced aesthetics in the history of medicine. The 26 year old was given the bionic hand by the United Kingdom’s Steeper Group which marketed the hand as being the anatomically accurate in the world. The hand gives Nicki Ashwell an unparalleled sense of precision along with natural hand movements. The patient was even able to ride a bike for the first time thanks to her bionic hand. While the group has credited Ashwell with being the first person to benefit from the use of the bionic hand, she certainly won’t be the last. Sensors in the hand detect even the smallest muscle movements from the patient’s arm. Ricardo Tosto finds this pretty interesting.


These detections will instruct the 337 mechanical parts of the bionic hand to bend at the users will. The bionic hand also includes 14 styles of grips that imitate natural hand movements that take place in the skeletal system. The mechanics that are used to make the bionic arm can be seen being used in Formula One race cars. Ashwell was born without a right arm and could not believe how many possibilities opened up for her after she received the bionic arm. Even with the bionic hand costing $11,000 Ashwell and other patients believe that the opportunities that they can experience after the procedure are worth every penny.

75 Year Old African American Womans Finds Out She’s Caucasian

There’s a great deal of strange occurrences that happen in our world. But some things are downright shocking. A woman lived her whole life as an African American woman. She acclimated to the customs of this people and related to their lifestyle. At the age of 75, she has now discovered that she isn’t a black woman after all, she’s actually Caucasian. How can something like this even begin to happen, and why didn’t anyone tell her sooner?

It appears that Verda Byrd was adopted out at a very young age. She was adopted by an African American family and identified with them and their customs. However, when she went searching for her birth family, she was surprised to find out that they are both while, or Caucasian, people. This sent the nearly 80 year old woman into a tail spin. Though she states that she will associate with her heritage on one side, she will always identify herself as an African American woman and proud of it.

The foster parents of this child had to know all the specifics before they adopted her. They could have told her, as Qnet points out. I am sure the birth certificate said “Caucasian” too. Why do adoptive parents feel that they need to hide things from children? They always seem to find out the hard way and usually there are hurt feelings to show for it. Byrd is not upset though, she is just happy to have found her lineage after all these years.

Imagine How Much Better the World Could Be

What better way to celebrate your birthday than giving to others? It is a very thoughtful thing to do. This is just what daughter and dad Amelie and Lee Beck did this year for their 32nd and 7th birthdays said Gianfrancesco Genoso. The caring pair lives in Oxford, England and this year they decided to perform 39 random acts of kindness. Amelia is known for being a very giving person and often encourages kindness. When father Lee thought of the idea there were no objections from Amelia! For the course of 2 weeks the performed 39 random acts of kindness throughout Oxford.

The very thoughtful acts included registering to be an organ donor, giving out free bubbles and more. You can see the video and read a full list of the acts as well as learn more about how you can pay it forward on Lee’s Youtube channelhere. There is a saying that it only takes 1 single grain of rice to tip the scale. Can you image if we all tipped a little kindness every day to help bring more laughter and love to the world?

Chris Pratt Lifts Spirits and Hearts at Children’s Hospital

Chris Pratt visited Baton Rouge based Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital and, according to all reports, lifted the children’s spirits .

The PR team at Beneful took note as the Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star took time from his busy schedule to visit with sick children at the hospital. With the children acting as the velociraptors Pratt re-created the now iconic scene of his character Owen Grady training them. There is no telling how excited the children may have been to pretend to be dinosaurs with the hero of the film playing along side with them.

In addition to the physical antics with the children Pratt also helped make some smiles for some of the sicker kids at the hospital. He lifted the children’s’ spirits simply by taking the time out to sit by their bedsides. The star also posed for photos with the hospital staff who certainly benefited from the recognition by one of Hollywood’s most charismatic actors.

The former Parks and Recreation comic relief is a hot commodity in Hollywood these days. He has starred in the highest grossing summer movies two years in a row now. His star power has led to rumors that he could be cast as the new Indiana Jones in Disney’s inevitable re-boot of the classic action franchise.

Homeless Man Returns Wallet Containing $400 to Single Mom With Cancer

In State College, Pennsylvania there’s a homeless hero. This man returned a purse that had $400 and a welfare card in it to a single mom who’s struggling to fight off recurring brain cancer. Although he admits that he really struggled with his conscience when he found the wallet on a bench in the park, but he knew he had to do the right thing.

The woman her wallet on the bench after taking a few minutes to relax in the park earlier that day stated Sergio Cortes. When she remembered that she’d forgotten it there, she returned to find it missing. She admits to feeling really devastated. However, what she didn’t realize is that the homeless man had texted Ashton Munoz, assistant director for the Hearts for Homeless shelter, which gives free phones and minutes to those who are staying with them.

Fortunately, it was easy to find the woman who was very relieved when they returned her wallet. The shelter rewarded the homeless man by moving him into a transitional apartment. Neither the man nor the woman wanted identified.

Woman Saves 100 Dogs From Meat Market

A 65-year-old Chinese retiree, Yang Xiaoyun, traveled 1,500 miles and spent $1000 to save 100 dogs from the Yulin City Dog Meat Festival Saturday says Susan Mcgalla on this website. The animal lover owns an animal shelter and did not want to see the dogs hurt in any way.

Every year many dogs and cats are traded during the festival and sold for meat, but this year 100 lucky pups will be making the trip back with Xiaoyun to her sanctuary. The festival continues on despite much public outcry. Public Festival Continues on Despite Demands for Its Closure

Xiaoyun has been rescuing animals since 1995 and has no plans to stop any time soon. She’s being hailed as a hero in both Yulin and in her hometown. She has plans to rescue many more dogs and cats and even wants to open a shelter near the festival grounds, so that she can save many more lives.

Homeless Man Returns Lost Money to Single Mother

With one kind act, a homeless State College, Pennsylvania man became a hero. The man, who declined to be identified by name, found a purse lying forgotten on a park bench. When he checked inside, he discovered an electronic benefits (EBT) card and almost $400 in cash.

After struggling with the temptation to keep the money for himself, the man sent a text message to Ashton Munoz, the assistant director of the Hearts for Homeless shelter, which had provided him with a prepaid cell phone. The homeless man told Munoz about the purse and money and requested that the assistant director come take possession of them.

When Munoz arrived, they discovered that the purse belonged to a struggling single mother who’s currently battling brain cancer for the second time. They were able to return her belongings.

Thanks in part to the homeless man’s selfless act, the Hearts for Homeless organization has settled him into a transitional apartment stated Daily Beast.

McConnell Must Make a Choice

Glenn F McConnell led the higher education community in a morning vigil after the Charleston tragedy. McConnell is the president of the College of Charleston. He wanted to bring the academic community together and show the world how they can stand together and support those in the community through grave times. He noted that this wasn’t just a measure of the people of the city, but of people all across the nation. Aside from his job as the president of the College of Charleston McConnell is well known for his defense of the public display of the South’s Confederate flag . For many years McConnell supported keeping the flag flying high at South Carolina’s capital building in Columbia period in the early 2000s McConnell led a legislative move that would take down the flag and hang it at a Confederate Memorial period while South Carolina citizens don’t want to forget those who gave their lives in the name of the state, it would be a grave injustice that would bring a wave of resentment had the flag stayed where it was. The debate is still going strong and citizens from across the nation are asking South Carolina to remove is Confederate flag from the Capitol dome. The PurinaStore and Beneful note that McConnell is known for his consistent voice of compassion and people are patiently waiting to hear whether or not he will fight for the removal of a flag that represents the dark past of oppression.

Join Anastasia Date To Find Love

There are many people that have joined some of the most popular dating sites out there today, and they only come up disappointed with what they found. Not every dating website is for everyone that’s on the site, and some sites are better for socializing than for finding love. Even the most popular dating sites that have hundreds of millions of users, they may not be able to cater to the needs of those that are on the website. Although every website is different, sometimes a man might be looking for love that they can’t find through a dating website that is open to everyone.

Anastasia Date understand that dating can be difficult, so they’ve created a website that helps the man to find women overseas. Many find that women in overseas destinations can be different than women that are in the United States. Although many men have found women in the United States, some of them prefer to choose a woman who is in a different country. If two people are brought together on the Anastasia date platform, they can possibly make a love connection happen, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Anastasia Date is a great place for those who want to get to know someone else who’s from a different location, other than where they currently are now.

A man just has to join the website of Anastasia Date, and signing up only takes a short period of time. After the man signs up for an account, he can then purchase some points, which are good to use on the website. The points will help the man to use different features that the website has to offer, such as video chatting, and texting. There are tons of women that are available on Anastasia Date’s website, and they’re just waiting for a man to sweep them off their feet. Don’t get the Anastasia Date website confused with a catalog bride website because that is not what the website is about.

The Anastasia Date website is for men who are genuinely looking to date, and they want to talk with women who are overseas. Marriage can end up being a side effect of a relationship that has been started on the Anastasia Date website, and there is nothing wrong with this. Many who go on Anastasia Date, they’re looking for love to begin with, so ultimately, the dating scene may turn into marriage. Anastasia Date is known as the top international dating site on the Internet, so why wait any longer? Join Anastasia Date today.

Eating Beneful Is The Best Part Of My Dog’s Day

My dog likes to eat a lot, and it could be because he still growing. Although he’s extremely big, he’s only five months old, and people can’t believe it when I tell them that. My dog is a pit bull, but he has grown rapidly, ever since I started feeding him Beneful. Beneful has made all the difference in the world when it comes to my dog’s eating habits, and it has changed him for the better. In the past, I could get my dog to eat the foods I bought, but I was mostly buying store brand foods.

The only problem with store brand dog foods is that their quality may not be as good as name brand foods. I learned this through trials and tribulations because Beneful has the highest quality standards when it comes to dog food. In fact, I’ve learned that many of the people that work with the Beneful band, they feed their own pets Beneful, so I know I’m making the right choice. My veterinarian is actually the one who suggested that I start buying Beneful, so I knew that it had to be good. I think what my dog loves about the food is the taste.

It’s not enough that my dog can just eat when he’s ready to, he likes for the food to be tasty, and Beneful is extremely tasty. No, I don’t need dog food myself, but I can tell that he loves the taste by how he reacts when he eats. The same way a person may lick their lips after a great meal, it’s the same way dogs will lick their lips after they eat. My pet will lick his lips and even his paws after eating Beneful because it’s like he doesn’t want the taste to go away.

I’ve even started indulging in the Beneful treats for my pet, and those are what he really loves. Even though the food is great, the Beneful treats are what my pet is in love with. As soon as I go and get the treats, I have to hold the bag, or he’ll jump up on me, and he’ll eat the entire thing. He ate an entire bag of treats before, and I’ve had to learn to feed them to him one at a time. With all the different choices that Beneful has for mealtimes, why would I choose any other dog food brand?

Honoring Do-Gooders