Doe Deere: Queen of Unicorns

Doe Deere was born in Russia and lived there until the age of 17. She was also meant to be a businesswoman and started her first company in Russia at the age of 13. Doe Deere’s first business that she started was in the tattoo industry. Tattoos were a novelty item at that time and Deere was simply fascinated with them.

At the age of 17 she left Russia and came to the United States to pursue her first love was music. She lived in New York City for about nine years playing her music. It was during this time that she gained the knowledge of what it means to have a career and the importance of marketing. She also learned how to appreciate people because if there was no audience, then there was no show to play. It was also during this time period in which she met and married her husband and business partner.

After she left New York, she moved to LA. Her make-up business evolved out of Deereís love for color and things that sparkle. During 2008, the makeup trend was all about the natural look, but those natural colors was not for Deere. She wanted makeup colors that were bold, bright, and unusual. She was unable to find the colors that she craved, so the self-proclaimed “Queen of Unicorn” did the next best thing and started creating her own colorful makeup. This is when her business Lime Crime was born. Once she started marketing her line of bright and usual colors, she realized that other girls were also seeking these colors. Not every girl wanted to blend in and look like everyone else. Some girls actually wanted to stand out or at the very least they wanted to be their own person. Deere discovered that women wanted the freedom to express who they were and Lime Crime allowed that to happen. Lime Crime brought a rainbow of colors to women who wanted to embrace Deereís passion for color and makeup.

Deere believes that makeup is a way for women to be who they are. It gives women a freedom of expression without the worry of being judged by others. Deere believes that our expression of ourselves comes from what clothes we wear, our hairstyles, and of course our makeup. The key is not to be afraid of who we are and to embrace it with everything that we have.

Choice of Residential Projects Outdoes One Big Building in Newark

Newark is a city on the rise. Insiders from the construction and investment sector believe that the city is receiving simultaneous projects that will help in creating a market as well as giving different real estate options for potential residents.

The message given by commercial real estate leaders at the 2015 Newark CRE summit, as was published by NJ Biz on July 21, 2015, is that the city is expecting a series of construction and investment opportunities that will provide the residents with a collection of projects that will provide options to prospective residents and create a market.

Newark currently boasts of 5-10 major class A projects in the construction sector. This comprises of thousands of units. According to Wasseem Boraie, The executive vice president of Boraie Development LLC, the model of providing choices that have proven to be effective in other cities such as Jersey City and New Brunswick will bring about more investment opportunities as well as private capital to Newark.

It has to be noted that panelists have agreed on the opinion that opportunities turned projects would take some time before any benefits from them can be experienced. Richard Tucker, the CEO of Tucker Development, has echoed this concern. Tucker’s firm is one of the leading investors in the city with completed and ongoing projects valued at about $130 million.

Even with the challenge of bringing these projects to the finish line, some investors believe that the current momentum of the city will attract the real estate investors looking to exploit opportunities in Manhattan and around the Hudson waterfront. Jose Cruz, a senior managing director with brokerage firm HFF, agrees with this notion. He has also admitted that there haven’t been enough investment opportunities to date to bring about the large capital. He is hopeful though that his firm could redefine the market and show exactly where the capital wants to be.

Boraie Development has been at the forefront of development in New Jersey especially in terms of real estate. Omar, the president of this company, started rebuilding the city at a time when people thought he was crazy. Nonetheless, his company has brought about the change and development that is needed.

Boraie Development LLC started their influence on development in the city of New Brunswick with the construction of Albany Street Plaza Tower One. Tower two was later created in 2003 to help the city increase its number of class A offices. Boraie Development LLC’s management then constructed top class residential units, as a measure to meet city’s real estate needs perfectly.

Houston Residential Market No longer Reasonably Priced, Top Latino Realtor Says

Chron has written many times that Houston’s residential market has for a long time been more affordable than most of the primary markets.

Home values in Bayou City are lower, compared to urban areas such as New York, Los Angeles or even Chicago. Although that is rapidly changing, stated Mario Negron, a Realtor that works with Houston-based Re/Max Prestige.

“There’s a huge gap for new homes between $120,000 and $200, 000,” Negron stated. “There used to be builders who coveted that price point. Now, there are very few out there.”

Negron was lately named among the highest-producing Latino Realtors in Houston region through the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. Negron, who forms an often appearance on Houston Business Journal’s ‘Top Residential Real Estate Awards, positioned No. 6 on NAHREP’s Top 250 Realtors list that checks the sales volumes of agents as well as customer satisfaction.

Negron credits his achievement to selling huge volumes of residential properties, at least 300 last year. Most of the sales comprised of cheap homes bought by new homebuyers in outskirts from Humble to Rosenberg, he stated.

“Everyone wants to sell million-dollar homes and make a big commission, but I feel more fulfilled helping people achieve that American Dream,” Negron announced. “It’s so gratifying when you get to hand them that first set of keys.

Nevertheless, as from the energy rush, the escalating demand for houses and insufficiency of residential account has magnified home value in Houston. Land as well as building expenses similarly have compelled home-developers to concentrate on building lavish properties to generate profits.

Houston also has other forms of real estate ventures such as the Highland Village Shopping Center owned by Haidar Barbouti. This establishment features a multi-faceted shopping center located on Westheimer Road in Houston, Texas. Highland was built in mid-1940s by S.N. Adams and was acquired by Haidar Barbouti’s ‘Highland Village Holdings’ in 1991.

Joseph Bismark: Remarkable Career


The Newsom Thing Was Going On blog that I have read off of WordPress has a lot to say about Joseph Bismark. One thing that I find remarkable is his career. He has achieved more in a few years than many people achieve in a lifetime. He has not decided to settle for less because others have told him to. He understood that true fulfillment came from following his own path. He did not let anyone tell him who he was and what he could do. As a result of his experiences, he has sought to inspire people to find their path.

Fresh out of his time as a monk, he has decided to take the principles that he has learned in the Philippines mountains and apply them to business. He held the belief that business can benefit greatly from spirituality. This was a belief that was rare. As a matter of fact, there are still very few businesses that have learned to incorporate spirituality into their practices. Many people still believe that it can’t work. However, Joseph Bismark has proven that spirituality can really bring a business to new levels of success when used wisely. As a matter of fact, the only time spirituality is seen as harmful to business is if it insults someone’s pride. However, that is not a harmful thing. It is the person’s pride that is harmful. 

In his career he has ran and started several businesses. With his spiritual practices, he has treated people with respect regardless of the level or position they are in. While he does see people as they are, he also believes that they can achieve the same level of greatness that he has achieved. He continues to work hard to provide the environment not just for people to work, but to grow in ways that are only beneficial to their lives.

Marc Sparks, Social Entrepreneur?

who is marc sparks
Marc Sparks: social entrepreneur?

There has been a new opening in the entrepreneurial frontier, but is it a new movement? Social entrepreneurs like Marc Sparks have been widely lauded in the media lately. The rise in this form of social change has been aided by the proliferation of the digital universe. The effects of the digital revolution on the entire world cannot be understated in any aspect of society, but it especially excels at connecting people. This connection has had the effect of shrinking the expanses of the world greatly. It has also made business global instantly as well as made worldwide ills very visible. Entrepreneurs are natural problem solvers, and when they encounter these daunting issues, they automatically map out solutions. However, by doing this, the question of why nothing has been done to rectify these situations if they can be readily solved has to be asked.

Social entrepreneurs fill the gap that traditional business and governments cannot or will not, but instead of placing their own capital into solving these problems, they apply entrepreneurial principles in solving the problems effectively and sustainably. They are also able to initiate this change on a wide scale, and scaling is an entrepreneurial tenet. Some social entrepreneurs have been able to initiate change to entire societies by employing techniques to achieve an idea rather than profit. Entrepreneurs also have to take lofty ideas and make them viable solutions, and this takes a measure of realism above what is common in most people. This type of entrepreneur also has to sell people on their ideas over a very wide scale in easily understandable and easily implementable ways.

Often, people who are already successful in the business world will utilize social entrepreneurship to solve social issues. Former president Carter utilized social entrepreneurship to start Habitat of Humanity. This organization builds homes for low income people that earn equity by working to build homes for people in the same situation. The term sweat equity is the entrepreneurial principle utilized in that venture. Successful entrepreneur Marc Sparks shows that social entrepreneurship can be applied to any level of issue to empower people. He personally utilizes social entrepreneurship to empower budding start-up entrepreneurs with mentorship from successful entrepreneurs. 

By doing this, he allows the budding entrepreneurs to gain insight that they would have otherwise not been subject to incurring. The information they gain is invaluable, and relationships can be started that benefit them for their entire careers. People can learn more from successful people than can be had from people that simply like to maintain the status quo or that have failed because success is a mindset that can endure failure, still overcome the obstacles and maintain perspective.

Finance Law and You

Finance law is complex. It includes a variety of categories involving the governance of specific financial transactions and the rules that guide them. No matter the size of the transaction, there are potentially many laws involved in the proper execution of the matter. Whether you need assistance for yourself or on behalf of your business, it is critical to have proper guidance.

From a personal perspective, finance law can include rules and regulations regarding any financial transaction you may be a part of. This includes fairly common territory such as bankruptcy and investments. Additionally, it covers a large number of standard financial dealings, such as purchasing an item or paying for a service, that the majority become involved in during their lifetimes. Finance law can also apply to the handling of delinquent tenants and the proper handling of an eviction. If the exchange of money is involved on any level, there are financial laws and regulations governing the appropriate handling of the event.

Small businesses can often benefit from consultation with a legal professional as they often cannot afford to have a legal representative on staff. Businesses may need guidance in the same areas a person requires. It can also expand further into the arena of antitrust and securities law. If your business is considering going public or is interested in acquiring a competitor business, it is wise to consult with someone knowledgeable regarding these areas of the law. The ramifications of proceeding incorrectly can result in many penalties including fines and jail time.

When dealing with issues of this nature, it is best to consult with a respected attorney, such as Sam Tabar. Tabar has experience working with companies in a wide range of business areas including financial laws and regulations. By working with a professional who understands the idiosyncrasies and challenges within this legal area you may be able to avoid any unnecessary complications.

Bruce Levenson is a Man of Variety

Many Passions in his Life
Bruce Levenson is a man who has many passions in his life. He has his numerous professional accomplishments along with his passion in his personal life. Mr. Levenson seems to have a full zest for life. He is a gentleman who loves adventure. He is a sports enthusiast who is an avid basketball player. He enjoys traveling the world. He plays golf and he is also a skier. He is a married man with three sons. Bruce Levenson on wikipedia is a man who stands out and is an overall extraordinary human being who does live life to the fullest.

Nonprofit Leading and Philanthropy
Bruce Levenson believes in giving back to the community in many ways. He is involved in philanthropy in several ways. He works with his wife Karen in many philanthropic endeavors. These include the following:
*philanthropy and nonprofit leadership at The University of Maryland
*the “I Have a Dream Foundation”
*Hoop of Dreams
*The Community Foundation
These are some of his philanthropy passions. This individual and his wife are fully committed to their community and society in general. He seems to have the goal appears to be to better the word in general.

A Businessman with Integrity
Bruce Levenson is an exceptional businessman. He is the Managing Partner of the Atlantic Hawks. He has been serving on the NBA Board of Governors since the year 2004. His business endeavors also include co-founding United Communications Group. He is also one of the founding shareholders of Tech Target. He has served on that board. He also founded Dot with a partner. This is a private company that has cooking technology that can actually toast bread in only three seconds. This company invented this amazing technology.

A Well Rounded Individual
Bruce Levenson in overall a well rounded individual. He is a man of many talents that seem to be never ending. He is a family man, a businessman, and a philanthropist who simply enjoys life.

Andy Wirth joins Reno Airport board as Chairman

As reported in the Sierra Sun — The Reno Airport Authority Board has been given a major shakeup as the transport hub looks to expand into the future and improve its facilities for travelers and airlines alike, The Sierra Sun reports. Alongside the three new board members who were announced recently a new chairman of the board has also been installed in the form of Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth. The nine member Reno Airport Authority Board will seek to enhance the reputation and facilities offered by using the experience of Wirth and the new board members, who all have experience in bringing major airlines to different areas of North America.

Andy Wirth has been a major part of the recent development of the Reno area as a summer and winter sports resort following his appointment to the board of the Reno Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority in 2013. The growth of the airport is seen as important to the future tourism industry in the region, which Wirth has recently referred to as the gateway to Lake Tahoe. 

Developing major airline links to the Reno region is the next step in the development of the area and is designed to ensure the future of resorts like Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. In his previous roles in the tourism industry Wirth has been instrumental in securing the arrival of major airlines to regions of Utah, Colorado and Canada. As an expert in international resort management for some of the top vacation providers in the world, Andy Wirth is determined to bring the top airlines and travel providers to the Reno region through his work with the Reno Airport Authority Board.

Businesswoman Susan McGalla

Succeeding in business can be hard to accomplish. The world of business is very challenging and requires many skills. A person who is going to succeed in this field must be able to think quickly, undertand important matters such as how to hire the right person and have a background if possible in areas such as accounting and finance that allow the potential candidate to know a great deal about how a business is actually run and how to make sure that it continue to grow and expand in the future. The business person who do all such tasks is one who will easily rise to the top in any area of business she chooses to enter.

One such person is Susan McGalla. Ms. McGalla has many years of experience in this field and has been able to enjoy a great deal of success as a result. Ms. McGalla was born in the small Ohio town of East Liverpool. Her dad was a football coach where she was raised with her two brothers in a classic American house on a pleasant street. This background as an ordinary person growing up in small town America has helped her to connect with ordinary Americans across the country and understand their concerns and desires well.

She left East Liverpool in order to attend the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio. At this private, co-educational college, Ms. McGalla on majored in business and worked hard to master all aspects of business. At present, she gives back to the college by serving on their board of directors. After graduation from the college, she entered the field of retail commerce. Her first success was at the Joseph Horne Company, a regional midwestern retailer that is known for providing retail goods of all kinds to shoppers in the area.

After leaving the Joseph Horne Company in various important positions, Ms. McGalla worked with the company known as American Eagle Outfitters, a national chain of retail shops that provides apparel to shoppers. She spent several years working for the company doing all kinds of important tasks such as marketing and management positions where she helped to hire and supervise other employees. McGalla did so well she was promoted to company president and Chief Merchandising Officer. Her leadership skills have allowed her effectively lead the company into new fields of success and expand in new markets across the globe.

Purina Brings Health and Pet Awareness to Boston with Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge

Purina wants to make sure pets receive their chance in the competitive spotlight, the same as human athletes. As seen on Purina’s news, the company has been touring the country for the last 18 years with its Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge. This is a dog challenge that brings the top canine athletes from around the region together. In the event, there are different sizes and breeds that can take part in these events. All of it is in good fun, to bring attention to the pets and to also raise money for rescue shelters around the region.

For pets and pet owners who have been looking for ways to take their pet’s athletic skills to the next level, it is possible to do exactly this with several of the challenges found at Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge. This includes an obstacle course, a head to head race where the pup races through pole weaves, plus Frisbee catching. One of the most popular events is to watch the dogs dive into a swimming pool in hopes of catching one of the hanging toy ducks placed around the pool. Their owners can also toss balls to them while they dive into the air, so the owners have a direct hand in how their pet is able to fair.

Now, the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge is just a regional competition for the northeast. The champions of these Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge from around the country are eventually going to meet up in September in St. Louis so there can be a champion of all the different dogs who take part in the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge.

For any pet owner who wants to either try out for the competition or simply take in all of the fun filled activities, it is is possible to check out the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge in Boston and the other regional areas throughout the country. This takes place every single year, so for those who miss out on the event this year or who do not think their pet is ready, it is possible to practice up and prepare for next year’s 19th annual event. While the event locations are not yet announced, there are regional locations, so there should be a spot nearby a pet owner who wants to compete with their furry little friend next year.

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