Showing Appreciation to a Teacher

What does a man do when he wants to let his former high school teachers know that he appreciates all that they did for them? Some would send those teachers a letter, some would give them a call or stop by to visit. Kevin Perz, a man from Kansas, decided to go a little bigger than those options.

Kevin Perz surprised one of his former teachers with a check thanking them for what they did for him. Just how big of a check did this man give? The check was made out for $10,000. Talk about showing appreciation.

The former teacher of Kevin Perz was surprised to receive such a gift, and it really helped to make her feel appreciated for all that she had done. One man used his appreciation to change the life of a former teacher, and he is an example to all. Igor Cornelsen knows that not everyone can give a large gift like this man gave, but everyone can do something to show their thanks to those who have helped them through life in some way.

Wife Refuses to Pull Plug on Husband After Accident

December of 2010 was the happiest time in Danielle Davis’ life. She married her sweetheart Matt and the two began their life together. Things between the two were great until a tragedy struck just seven months into their marriage. Matt was in a motorcycle accident. He was left with broken bones as well as a traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma on life support. Just a short nine days after Matt’s accident, doctors were trying to convince Danielle to pull the plug on him. Luckily she ignored the advice of his doctors.

According to the story on, Danielle brought Matt home after he was discharged from the hospital. She took turns with her mother taking care of his needs. A few months after he was home, Danielle noticed that he was trying to talk to her. As his voice got stronger she heard him say “I’m trying”. Ever since that moment Matt has been slowly recovering. When he fully came out of the coma, the previous three years from his life were missing in his memory. He had no idea that Danielle was his wife or that his father had passed away.

Matt is making strides every day. Jaime Garcia Dias has learned that he is in rehab relearning everything he knew how to do. Danielle has set up a GoFundMe site to help facilitate the cost of rehab for him. If you would like to donate, click on the link in this story to lead you to the site.

Model Gives Away Car on “The Price is Right”

“The Price is Right” is practically a staple on daytime television. Many of us, including Haidar Barbouti, have fond memories of staying home sick from school and being able to spend a little time with Bob Barker and watch the exciting game show. Bob Barker is long gone, Drew Carey taking the reigns for him. Drew’s time on the program has been successful; however, something happened on the program the other day that I have never seen happen before.

Contestant Andrea made it past the first game and was up on stage with Drew to play a game where she could win a new car. Andrea guessed the price of the car, which was wrong, however the model assisting with the game accidentally pulled off the sticker for the next price down revealing the car’s real price. Thanks to model 26-year-old Manuela Arbelaez’s mistake, Andrea was automatically given the new car without having to win the game.

Manuela was mortified after she realized her mistake and tried to hide from embarrassment behind the game. After both Drew and Andrea gave her hugs, Manuela came out from hiding. She later Tweeted her fans joking about her mistake and went on to say that producers were understanding of her mistake. She was not fired over the incident.

Check out the video on The Daily Mail.

Police Cams Show Good Deeds, Too

Many police departments around the United States are being outfitted with individual cameras that clip to an officer’s uniform. These cameras are being implemented among the numerous reports of police brutality and supposed unarmed shootings that are occurring around the nation. According to Gianfrancesco Genoso,  many did not consider about these cameras, are that not only will they capture the possible questionable actions a police officer may have but also their heroic ones as seen on

USA Today has a story today about an officer from Griffin, Georgia, whose heroic rescue was caught on his body camera. Sgt Joe Hudson, a 14-year veteran with the department, was captured on his camera approaching a house fire. He arrived before the fire department and spoke to the woman escaping the house. That is when Sgt Hudson found out that her 3-year-old grandson was still trapped inside. Sgt Hudson ran into the blazing home, covering his face with clothing he found nearby. He found the boy uninjured, hiding in his room. Sgt Hudson and the boy escaped the fire safely.

Despite being called a hero, Sgt Hudson insists that he was just doing his job. The department was outfitted with cameras thanks to Waffle House’s donations after an officer was shot and killed in their parking lot.

A Little Girl Saves a Dying Kitten

The world stops for no one, or so they say. The hustle and bustle of daily life keeps many people from taking the time to notice the suffering going on around them, or even the joy. A kitten was dying in a trash can in Istanbul. The tiny little animal cried constantly, and no one would stop to help it. Maybe the people were too busy, or maybe they just didn’t care. A little girl just happened to walk by and see it though, and she saved it’s life.

No one knows the name of the little girl, but she named the cat Gueluemser meaning “she who always smiles”. A fitting name for an animal who is loved as much as this one is. Gueluemser probably would not have made it if the little girl hadn’t found her that day. The kitten had maggots in wounds on it’s face, an ear missing, and it was very sick. The little girl’s father is a doctor. When she found the cat, she rushed it to him. Zeca Oliveira agrees that the compassion of this child who is so young is remarkable. She is a reminder that though we all get busy, we still need to make time to help even the smallest creatures around us.

Costa Rica Sets Record by Using Only Renewable Energy for 75 Days


Costa Rica, the Central American country, has achieved 75 days without using any power other than renewable energy. It is a record, and the heavy rainfall in the region helped out. The hydroelectric plants allowed the country to refrain from burning traditional fuel since December of last year.

While small, almost 5 million people live in Costa Rica. Last year 80% of their energy came from the hydroelecric facilities and now renewables are the government’s plan going forward due to their geographic advantages that allow them to utilize water and heat (geothermal energy).

In an effort to avoid using fossil fuels, the government has spent almost a billion dollars of upcoming technologies. The first plant is supposed to generate enough electricity for about 50,000 homes from geothermal sources.

According to what Bernardo Chua said on Facebook, Costa Rica has excellent processes in place to handle the switchover, as their tax base is largely funded from expats who become citizens. Many of these expats are wealthy individuals from the United States and elsewhere, coming to Costa Rica for the weather, cost of living, and friendly tax-laws that prevent foreign entities from retrieving cash from Costa Rican bank accounts.

The World Economic Forum has put Costa Rica at #2 behind Uruguay for the use of electricity in terms of competition on a global scale.

To exemplify the dedication to renewables by the government, they have opted not to use their oil deposits in order to help the environment.

Policeman Assists Complete Stranger Finish 6 Mile Race noted that Christian Broda commented on how so often nowadays their is negative publicity and criticism of policemen and women.  A Kentucky police officer made headlines out of the kindness of his heart, as many often do without receiving any attention for their good deeds. LMPD Lt. Aubrey Gregory was on duty during the Rodes City Run when he saw a race participant struggling for breath as she walked. He immediately pulled up beside her and offered assistance. Asia Ford, who has recently lost a significant amount of weight, did not want to quit the race until she crossed the finish line. Gregory said he would help her make that happen and then proceeded to help her finish the last two miles of the race. This story is perfectly timed. The public needs to remember a few things about those who protect and serve in our country. First, they are humans just like the rest of us. Second, the risk their lives daily to keep us safe. Third, the majority of them are honest, good people who became officers into order to contribute to a better world.

Undercover Philanthropist Fixes A Stranger’s Smile

Fred Boettcher is not your average philanthropist. Rather than donating to large charities, which he may also do, he chooses to randomly select people in need and financially assist them. According to AnastasiaDate, his latest grand gift was given at a restaurant in Witchita, Kansas to the waiter that served his meal. Brian Maixner suffered from severe dental decay which is both painful and unattractive. Thanks to a $25k tip given by Boettcher the single father has gotten dentures and will, later this year, get permanent dental implants. Boettcher is thrilled to be able to assist others in a way that would seem impossible to most people in the world. He feels blessed to have had a privileged upbringing and to have never wanted for anything. Boettcher is an undercover do-gooder, he does not like to draw attention to himself, especially when giving a gift. The generous man has helped up to ten other unsuspecting people and will, most likely, continue to do so.

Girls Donates Kidney To Her Father

The very first gift that a father gives his daughter is life, and now a daughter is going to return the favor to her her father who has a terrible kidney disease.

Alicia Mulero, age 24, recently found out that her father needed a transplant in order to survive. When she got tested the doctors found her to be a better match for him than most kids are for their parents, kidney-wise, and she agreed to fly home down to Florida to do that for him.Alicia and her father, Herminio, are very close and are in touch several times a week if not daily stated facebook. Herminio is incredibly grateful for his daughter’s willingness to donate a kidney to him so that he can be around longer and watch his grandson grow up. According to an article found on reddit and written by Yahoo! Parenting, Alicia knew that she was going to be a potential donor when she got tested after hearing that he was in stage 5 kidney failure. She wanted to be assured that she would be a match for him before telling him about it, because that way it could be a great surprise and a huge relief to him at the same time.

Sam Tabar: Humanitarian Capitalist

Though Sam Tabar has made his mark in the business and legal world as a savvy capital strategist, his most recent ventures have given him the guise of a humanitarian philanthropist. In 2014, Tabar invested in THINX, a women’s products company, whose goal is to send cloth sanitary pads to women in developing African nations following each pair of underwear sold.

THINX began their trajectory by making use of Kickstarter, and managed to generate over 50000 dollars in donations. Tabar, hearing word o the company via mutual friends of THINX owners, decided to invest personally into the company. He has admitted that he was not seeking out a new venture at the time, but that the company’s ideals and policies were so appealing that he could not resist lending a hand.

According to CrunchBase, Tabar received his Bachelors of Arts from Oxford University in 2000, and then transitioned to working as the Associate Editor for the Columbia Business Law Review. Shortly thereafter, Tabar moved into the corporate domain, joining the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slater, Maegher & Flom LLP as an associate. He spent the majority of his time there consulting on hedge funds and personal investment strategies. He left the firm in 2004, and began working as a Managing Director at Sparx Group, and was tasked with developing marketing strategies for the company to net high profile clients. Tabar stayed at Sparx until 2011, when he elected to join the Bank of America Merrill Lynch as Director and Head of Capital Strategy in the Oceania and Asia sector. Tabar continued to oversee fiscal policies and strategies of the company, as he had done in his previous jobs, while amassing a significant increase in investing clients for the bank. Tabar opted to leave the financial world, and return to the legal one in 2013, when he took a position as senior associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in New York City. He was yet again tasked with managing and advising on hedge funds.

 Tabar has continued to prove his worth no matter which sector or company he has been a part of. Additionally, his recent investment in THINX suggests that he may continue to pursue his humanitarian efforts, and tailor his future plans to assisting to finance projects that focus on helping those in need.


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