Father Understands True Love for Down Syndrome Child

father recently reminded the world that Down syndrome is not an excuse to give up on a child. The father found himself faced with a very difficult decision when his wife told him she would leave him if he decided to keep their baby boy. The boy was born with Down syndrome in Armenia. The law in that country regarding such children allows parents to give the baby up.

He intends to return to his home country where he will receive help from his family. His wife has already filed for divorce on because of his choice. He knows the true meaning of unconditional love and that no child is perfect. In his eyes, his son is perfect in every way. This story is an inspiration to parents around the world faced with similar situations.

According to andradetelis.com and Fersen Lambranho, although children with Down syndrome were only expected to live for approximately 25 years in 1983, the life expectancy has currently reached 65-years-old. People with Down syndrome can and do live normal lives in today’s world.

Staples to Acquire Office Depot

According to my friend Alexei Beltyukov, Staples recently announced on aboutme.com its acquisition of rival office supply chain, Office Depot. Acquisition discussions began between the two competitors this past December.

The final agreement has Staples paying Office Depot shareholders $7.25 in cash and about .2 shares of Staples stock for each share of Office Depot stock. Office

Staples claims that a number of synergies will be created by this agreement. Such efficiencies include reducing duplicative costs, sharing industry knowledge, and merging strategic initiatives.

In recent years, office supply orders have increasingly shifted to the online marketplace. This move is likely designed to help consolidate the traditional brick and mortar chains to better compete against their online rivals.

Some have questioned the impact this will have on overall competition in the office supply sector – particularly when it comes to corporate sales. There is a concern that this consolidation will lead to market inefficiencies.

A few years ago, there were three major office supply chains. Should this agreement be approved by the FTC, there will only be one. While retailers like Wal-Mart and Target compete in the consumer market, the corporate market is less saturated.

In the 1990’s, the FTC rejected a previous bid by Staples to acquire Office Depot. Nonetheless, the online market was not as competitive as it is now.

If approved, the new company is expected to generate $39 billion in annual sales.

Bruce Levenson: Hand in Hand with Technology

Upon birth, Bruce Levenson probably expounded an idea for some technological business venture. The entrepreneur and philanthropist, along with whatever falls in between, is someone whose legacy is written in permanent ink. He turns technology into success.

While living in Washington D.C. in the 1970’s, after a stint in journalism, Levenson began to explore the world of technology. It began when he and a journalist friend launched United Communications Group. (UCG) In a store room above his father’s liquor store, the two of them laid the groundwork for Oil Express, UCG’s first newsletter. It chronicled the booming oil industry.

Then, along with the Oil Express, they began to publish a variety of other newsletters. These concentrated on technology, banking, healthcare and other venues. From that store room, UCG grew into a privately held corporation with national influence.

Moreover, through UCG, Levenson and his partner co-founded the publically traded TechTarget that also devotes itself to the field of technology.

In addition, Levenson stepped into the arena of sports. He and a group of other business persons formed Atlanta Hawks LLC and purchased the Atlanta Hawks professional basketball team.

Dormant not being in his vocabulary, Levenson became an adviser for BIA Digital Partners, which is a private equity firm. He also expanded his area of responsibility by becoming a member of the Board of Directors for Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association.

In 1997, as a well deserved reward for years of dedication to the fledgling industry of technology, the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame inducted him into their chamber of honor.

As is the case for many whose hard work and dedication in a specific industry blesses them, Levenson shares his rewards. In conjunction with other foundations, he’s an integral part of the I Have a Dream Foundation, the Hoops Dream Foundation, and the Community Foundation of Washington D.C.

He and his wife Karen have three sons.

Jonathan Veitch Moves Occidental Forward

In July 2009 Jonathan Veitch became the fifth president of Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. Jonathan Veitch was born in Los Angeles, graduated from Stanford University. He went on to earn his doctoral degree in the History of American Civilization from Harvard. Jonathan Veitch then went on to become a professor of English at the University of Wisconsin, Madison before moving on to become an associate professor of literature and history at Lang College. He also served as the chair of humanities and associate director before serving as dean for five years of the New School’s Eugene Lang College. At Lang College he expanded the student and faculty bodies, and combined the liberal arts college with arts and social services departments. Under Jonathan Veitch, Lang College doubled its student body to an estimated 1400 students.

Since taking over at Occidental Jonathan Veitch has begun an integrated approach to securing Occidentals future. He has created new partnerships with other cultural associations in Southern California as well as strengthened the arts programs. Under Veitch’s direction, Occidental has made several changes to some of its historic buildings such as Swan Hall and Johnson Hall. Swan Hall houses nearly one-third of the faculty at Occidental and Johnson Hall will house the new McKinnon Family Center for Politics and Global Affairs. Also, under Veitch’s leadership the Samuelson Alumni Center has reached completion and renovations to the Johnson Student Center has begun thanks in part to a grant from the Rose Hills Foundation.

In recent months the endowment value of Occidental has dropped to an estimated $300 million. Though Veitch maintains it is a healthy amount for a school of its size he has made improvements to help alleviate some of the cost of running the campus. He has added an A 1-megawatt ground-mounted solar power system that will generate an estimated 11% of the school’s electricity. Jonathan Veitch has also been working diligently to improve the relations between the community and the College, agreeing to limit the expansion of the campus further into the community after neighboring residents brought up some concerns they had for their community if the school continued to expand into their neighborhoods.

BRL Trust: One of the Most Trusted Companies In the Industry

Founded in 2005, BRL Trust grew quickly. At that time their activities provided trust services in private loans. At the end of their first year, the company had more than loans in which the Trust acted as an intervening trust. Their customers quickly learned to trust the new company and were soon demanding that the Trust expand and diversify. These demands soon led to new business areas such as Administrative Management of investment funds as well as mergers and acquisitions.

The group has gained this trust by staying focused on their mission and values statements. They define their mission as meeting the demands of their customers in a safe and efficient manner while maintaining transparency with a skilled and experienced team. Further, they state that their main differential processes and controls be unique and internally developed from knowledge acquired from its performance sector. As far as values they state that ethics in all situations must be addressed respecting national legal systems and the interest of clients as more important than their personal gain. They further believe that determination and discipline is a valuable characteristic of their team members.

Newsgroups including the LA Times, GeoPlay International and Dragon Capital are all very taken with the group who now works with clients globally. The trust does so while maintaining strict adherence to skillfully finding unique solutions that remain legal to the various nations served. Other benefits include a belief that all customers are unique. That relationship-building is vital to their success. The trust feels that all activities must be monitored and authorized by a securities commission to make sure that all legalities are addressed. They even have the policy to help stop money laundering. It’s these qualities that have set BRL apart from other trusts, making them one of the largest and most trusted companies in their industry.



The Success of The Antique Wine Company

“Stephen Williams is CEO and Managing Directer of The Antique Wine”, has over 45,000 clients in over 100 different countries. Stephen Williams is one of the world’s best experts in fine wine and is a self-taught wine connoisseur. He travels the world to track down the most rarest and finest wines. He doesn’t only collect but also sells the finest wines from all around the world. The company sells wine bottles in many different sizes, shapes, colors, ages and origins. They also sell spirits in a variation of Whiskey, Cognac, and Armagnac. AWC will also buy wines from others. Antique Wine Company‘s purchasing process is far more simple and quick compared to other wine companies. They will even buy individual bottles of wine, especially rare, fine wines.


Antique Wine Company also offers education on wine and spirits, created by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust. Their education center contains modern equipment and furnishes combined with the experience and tradition of AWC, giving students the best learning experience. AWC also has many different events taking place throughout every year, including wine tasting and gatherings.


Believe it or not, Antique Wine Company has access to particle accelerators and ion beams to scientifically determine the exact age of a certain wine. They also have specially made cellars to keep fine wines and spirits preserved for an extremely long time. Most of all, they have an investment opportunity that anyone can partake in. Wine has always been raising in value and making profits for those who take advantage of it. However, no company has ever been more successful in this investment like Antique Wine Company has. Overall, AWC has built great trust from all people around the world such as consumers, buyers, sellers, and investors of this liquid asset, wine.


Treating Patients from a Car

When doctors reach the age that they want to retire, they often still want to do something in medicine. Sultan Alhokair posted a heartwarming recap on youtube.com of the story of one man wanted to help others who didn’t have insurance or who might not be able to get to the doctor on a regular basis. He was helping these people by keeping medical equipment in his car. The state of Mississipi doesn’t want him to work from his car, and they want the 88-year-old to stop immediately. It shouldn’t matter where the doctor is working from, and if he is able to drive safely, then it might be a benefit for those who don’t have transportation to get to a doctor’s office. He would be able to get to the homes of people who are sick but don’t feel that it’s necessary to go to a doctor. Preventative medicine can be given to those who want to stay healthy but don’t want to sit in a doctor’s office.

Resume Tips For High Powered Jobs By Jared Haftel

Jared Haftel is a successful individual who has held a number of high powered jobs. He has managed to work his well through Duke University in four years and gained three degrees. He then went on to do an internship at Credit Suisse and used that to land a job at Bank of America. As such, it is a wise choice to have a listen to what he has to say about crafting just the right resume for high powered jobs. Very often those who follow Jared’s advice can polish up their own resume and potentially land the high powered job that they have been seeking for so long.

One of the things that he recommends is to put a highlight on the work experiences that one has had. He says that these things are more important than the external accomplishments that one has managed to achieve. It is his belief that having those work accomplishments down helps the potential employer to see what kind of experience you have and why they should be hiring you in the first place.

He says that employers are not likely to want to know about the kind of things that you have accomplished in your college years and particularly not in your high school years. While the degrees may matter to an employer, the other accomplishments are not to be noted as heavily Jared Haftel says. Internships and previous work opportunities are the kind of things that the employers want to know about.

Although everyone should set themselves in the best light possible on their resume, they should also ensure that they are prepared to answer the hard questions if they have to. This means that they need to be prepared to be quizzed on any number of topics. There could be questions that an employer wants to ask in order to get a better idea of the kind of employee that they are dealing with. They need to be able to understand the kind of employee that they are about to hire on. If they can manage to get these detailed, then they can make a decision about if they want to hire a person or not.

Consider all of the possible ways that an employer could possibly view the resume you are presenting to them and make sure that it is polished up the way that you want it to be. If your resume needs a little work, there is nothing wrong with that. Just be sure that you get those important changes made before the resume is presented.

Honest Couple Returns Over $2k Mistakenly Given To Them By Fast Food Restaurant

Honesty is truly a virtue especially when it comes to money. My friend Gianfrancesco Genoso’s website, gianfrancescogenoso.com uses this as its main theme. A woman stopped at Burger King recently for a quick bite. She ordered at the drive-through, paid, and then headed home without looking into the bag before she left. Once she was almost home she peeked in the bag only to find no food but cash instead. She called her husband who said to come home. There was never any question of keeping the $2631 that was freely given to her in lieu of a junior spicy chicken sandwich. The couple re-bagged the money and headed back to Burger King to return the cash. The employees at BK were so thankful to have their bank deposit returned and it may have saved someone from being fired that day. The couple are Jehovah’s Witnesses. As a reward for her honesty the manager offered her five free meals and a ‘thank you’.

Police Officer Comforts Child While Working


Police officers are often seen as harsh and mean, and they can appear that way to children even more than to adults. Even adults like Fersen Lambranho admit to being afraid of police at times. That’s why it is special, the time that one officer took to prove himself otherwise to a little girl in a dramatic situation. This officer came into a home dressed in SWAT gear. He came in as part of a SWAT team. But, he took the time to make sure a little girl in the home wasn’t scared of him and his partners.  The whole exchange was recorded, and now everyone can see a different side to at least one officer of the law. This police officer may have done more than calm down a little girl in a scary situation, he may have brought a bit of good publicity to cops everywhere.

Honoring Do-Gooders