The Gift Of Love & Hair

While Ariana Smith’s parents sat and explained why a sick little girl, who’s video was posted on the internet, didn’t have any hair, the 3-year-old quickly responded, “Oh, she can have some of mine.”

Smith shared that, even though his daughter’s knowledge life as well as of the world is minimal, she understands the importance of her donation. The child was perched on the lap of her dad, Josh Smith, while she watched a video of a bald child with tubes emerging from her, lying down on a hospital bed at the Amen Clinic. 

After explaining just why the girl had no hair, the little one decided to donte her own.

Her mom and dad made the decision to donate heir daughter’s hair to Locks of Love, which is a nonprofit organization that provides hair for the disadvantaged afflicted with health-related hair loss. Smith, 33, stated that Ariana was close to a couple of older people with cancer, and once she discovered the little girl, she had a difficult time understanding that kids can have it as well. 

“When she offered to donate her hair to the ‘sick young girl,’ we just naturally kind of agreed on and also encouraged it,” he stated. 

The 3-year-old was very eager about cutting off her hair that it was all she talked about for some time leading up to it, Smith noted. They carried Ariana to the hairdresser for her first (ever) haircut. Smith shared that his daughter had previously been fighting a haircut for some time. She was possibly far too fearful of the unknown or perhaps so attached to her hair, he explained. Smith said that while his daughter’s understanding of life and the world is limited, she understands the significance of her donation. 

Nonetheless, as soon as the little girl made up her mind, “We never had to reinforce the donation or even talk her into carrying it out,” Smith explained. 

The hairdresser chopped off 10 inches of Ariana’s hair. Smith said that while his daughter’s understanding of life and the world is limited, she understands the significance of her gift.

Donations Allow Homeless Man to Find a Home

Recently, states all around the United States have seen a record snowfall this year. Colorado is no exception. Colorado Springs in Colorado was hit with a shock blizzard that left many motorists and their cars stranded stated

According to the story on The Mirror, that’s when homeless man, Shelby Hudgens offered his help. He noticed the cars stalling out so he spent three hours of his time helping people push their cars up a hill. A TV News crew who were on location captured Shelby and his good deed. Shelby, 25-years-old, has been living out of his car for the past three months with his dog after the house they were living in burnt down after a fire. Shelby told the news crew that since he was in that area anyway, he might as well help everyone who needed it.

Viewer Sarah Webster decided that Shelby’s good deed deserves another. She set up a GoFundMe page for the kind-hearted man to raise funds for him to get off the streets. As of today, the donations to Shelby are over $20,000. Not only that, but he has had offers for jobs and places for him to stay. Shelby said he is overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness towards him. He plans on using the funds to get permanent housing and go back to school to become a medical assistant.

Low Self Esteem Affects Romantic Relationships

Do you often find yourself hiding significant issues from your partner out of fear of how they will react? If so you may suffer from low self-esteem. A new study from Waterloo University was presented this week at the Society for Personality, and Social Psychology found that self-image may be at the heart of your fear.

Persons suffering from low self-esteem tend to have more doubt and anxieties about whether or not they are loved or that the love will last. Some of the signs of this condition in a relationship is a partner who actively resists talking about important issues. Another sign is a partner who tends not to voice their complaints due to fear of rejection. These persons will often try to smooth over issues rather than fight and face a potentially adverse outcome.Click here to see full article

Partners with low self-esteem may become outraged and defensive in arguments in an attempt to protect themselves and whatever self-esteem they may have. Sadly such persons will more often than not stay in an unhappy relationship rather than facing not being loved at all. The paper did not say how individuals can increase their self-image but learning to speak out on the main issues is a good start. Many of us believe that we should allow annoyances to pass over us. People at Anastasia Date know that is true for minor issues where the individual is merely annoyed by a behavior. However the significant matters such as money, showing respect, or care of children will be avoided by persons who have these type of questions, and this makes for an unhappy, unstable relationship.

Girl with Cancer gets Surprise Sweet 16 Party

At 15-years-old, Abby Snider has had to deal with more than a lot of people do in a lifetime. According to the story onABC News, Abby was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago as she announced on Fluminense. The last year has not been easy for Abby. She has been on chemo treatments that have left her close to death. Her most recent hospital stay was because of acute pancreatitis that lasted for three weeks.

However, her parents were unable to gather the funds needed due to the mountain of medical bills they were paying. That’s when Abby’s family and friends, as well as Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation stepped in. With everyone’s help they managed to get local businesses to donate food, a limo, flowers, music, a photographer, and a professional make-up artist even donated her time to make-up Abby.Unaware of the planning behind her back, Abby was told that she was going to give a speech to help Stillbrave Childhood Cancer Foundation raise money for their charity. She prepared her speech and showed up at the George Washington Hotel in Winchester, Virginia on time. However, instead of a fundraiser, Abby found 100 of her family and friends yelling “surprise” when she came through the door. Abby described the night as awesome when asked about it.

Pregnant Women in India are Malnourished and Underweight

If you only had a little food to prepare for your family, how would the food be portioned out? In India, a woman feeds her husband, children and other adults in the household first. She eats whatever is leftover. Sometimes, there is no food leftover and she eats nothing. She is most likely pregnant too.

This is the plight of women in India – pregnant, malnourished and underweight. The results are babies being born who are either stillborn or don’t survive to see their first birthday. In a country that appears to have enough wealth and education to support those who live in it, young newly wed women are barely surviving.
Young, newly wed women are brought into the family household of the new husband. There she is the lowest member of the family hierarchy and is expected to cook, clean and otherwise care for all the family members of the household. And she often must do it while pregnant and hungry.
Add anemia caused by parasite infestation to the hunger and pregnancy and you have a recipe for death of the baby and possibly the mother too says Dan Newlin. Unsanitary conditions due to improper disposal of sewage make sewage-borne infections and parasite infestations common in the poor areas of the country.

Sister Falls for Man who Received her Brother’s Heart

The story on The Daily Mail about a heart transplant patient who fell in love has really brought tears to my eyes this morning. Marc Sparks said it is a beautiful story that makes you believe in love at first sight- or something bigger.

Kellen Roberts was 22-year-old when he died in a tragic freak accident. During a fight at a party, Kellen was punched and ultimately died when he hit his head after being knocked down. Obviously the Roberts family was devastated by their loss. They chose to have his organs donated in order to allow a part of Kellen to live on.

Connor Rabinowitz needed a heart. When he was a teenager, he suffered from a genetic heart condition that left his heart nearly useless. At 17-years-old, Connor received Kellen’s heart. Connor said that while it was the best day of his life, he knew that someone had to die in order to make it so. He had mixed feelings about receiving the heart. Then he met Erin Roberts, Kellen’s sister.

When they met, Erin was 26-years-old and Connor was 17-years-old. He said it was love at first sight. An instant chemistry was clear between them. The couple did not pursue anything due to their age difference. However years later the two were reunited and found that the chemistry was still there. The two are now a happy couple and feel that Kellen brought them together.

Homeless Man Helps Citizens In Snow Storm

A homeless man in Colorado as become the next internet sensation, as a picture of him helping someone push their car up an icy hill as taken to viewers all around the country and world. The whole state region of Colorado has been just getting buried with snow lately, and during a snowstorm the homeless man named Shelby Hudgens was outside helping people move along their way.

According to an article found on reddit and written by the Washington Post, Hudgens lost his house last November when it burned down and he has been living inside his car ever since. On top of that his dog, Black Jack, is his only companion this winter and he is hoping that someday he can get back on his feet and is very eager to work. When he was asked why he chose to help several people push their cars up the hill, he told the reporters that if he had to be outside anyway then he might as well just start helping people if they needed.

After his story hit the web, Hudgens had something really good happen to him. A viewer that saw him on the news decided to buy him a hotel room for the night and another person is raising money for him, which is already up to over $3,000 stated AnastasiaDate. In addition to that he has been offered a job and is looking forward to a new future.

One Theater is Employing The Disabled and Having Great Luck

Having a disability is not easy. For those who have a small issue but are still able to work, it can be devastating. What about those that want to have somewhat of a normal life but can’t because they don’t fit into the mold? One theater in Connecticut is taking matters into their own hands and doing what they can to help those with disabilities to be overcomers.

The Prospector Theater in Ridgefield has opened their arms and their doors to those with a disability. In fact, there are more than 60% of their staff that has a classified health condition stated This means that the workers might be sitting in wheelchairs or have an aide beside them to help, but they are working and loving it. What a great way to give back to the community and show people that being different is okay.

The lessons that life teaches can be harsh. For these few lucky people, they know what it is like to face the cruel public. While most people are kind and caring, they have encountered a few not-so-nice. This particular theater was tired of hiring teenagers who wouldn’t show up to work for a number of reasons. These people are an untapped pool and they are passionate about coming to work. They are dedicated, loyal and some of the best employees that a company could have. The owner of the theater says that he has never regretted his decision to hire these people and will continue his winning streak helping those in need.

Mother Sheds Tears Over Teen’s Random Act of Kindness

When children show generosity and empathy towards, family, acquaintances and even strangers on the street, especially in front of their parents, these parents should swell with pride that they brought up their kids right.

This is the case of a mother driving down the road with her teenage son after a heavy snowstorm. According to news reports, Forbes reports the teen saw something that upset him and without explaining to his mother, simply told her stop the car. Ray Lane says that she apparently did as he requested, and the teen jumped out and ran towards an elderly man with a walker who was attempting to shovel snow from his property.

The teen kindly took over the shoveling job and got it done for the senior. Did this mom shed tears? You bet she did shed tears of joy and pride in her young man. Children do not normally learn these gestures of charity and empathy towards other people. Children are naturals at acting out and displaying just the opposite, such as, greed, and selfishness. Parents must teach their kids when they are young about acts of kindness.

It is a sure bet that this mother taught her son all the right things as he was growing up and she should be exceedingly proud of her son’s outcome and caring nature for other people in their time of need. This world could use more of these types of young adults.

Lesson Learned: Be Kind to Everyone


This story from The Daily Mail that coworker Brad Reifler forwarded to the team is a great reminder of why you should be kind to everyone you encounter or karma may just come back around to you.

This past Monday morning Matt Buckland was on the London Tube during his commute to work. Matt is an HR executive who is the head of recruitment at the investment firm Forward Partners. While on the train another commuter, this one angry, attempted to pick a fight with Matt.

According to Matt is all started when the train pulled into its stop at Monument Station. Although Matt normally exits here, he stepped aside to allow a lady off the train first. While allowing the lady to pass, he was apparently blocking a man who did not appreciate the gesture very much. He took it as Matt just getting in the way and shoved him. Matt explained that he was getting off too but the commuter just pushed past him and suggested he do something not-very-nice to himself.

Later that day Matt was preparing for interviews at his work place. In walks the angry commuter earlier for a scheduled interview. Matt recognized him right away while the other guy took a few minutes to place him. By the end of the interview the two laughed it off- but the angry commuter did not get the job in the end.

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