Heart Transplant Recipient Meets with Donor’s Mother on Valentine’s Day


A very special Valentine’s Day meeting took place in Tampa this year. Jennifer Lentini, 31, met Vicki Brannon, 56. The woman didn’t know each other, but they were bonded together by a heart.

Brannon, nearly 18 years ago, made the decision to donate her sons heart after he was accidentally shot by a friend. Matthew McIntyre was a teen when the accident took place, and he was gravely wounded. Vicki made the heart wrenching decision, and Matthew’s heart was taken out of him and sent to Long Island. There, 18 years ago, it was put into Jennifer Lentini’s chest, where it has been beating strong for 18 years.

Matthew was just 14-years-old when he died from the accidental gunshot wound. Lentini was 13-years-old when she received the heart after spending months in the hospital due to heart muscle disease. Since then, Lentini has had the opportunity to fulfill her dreams. Now 31, Lentini points out she’s been living with Matthew’s heart for longer than she lived without it. She assured Brannon that she is taking great care of herself, to ensure Matthew’s heart continues to live on.

Upon meeting Brannon and Lentini embraced, before Brannon dropped down and placed her ear against Lentini’s chest. There she got to hear her sons heart beating, strong and stubborn once again said Jaime Garcia Dias . It had been a long 18 years for the mother who still mourns the loss of her son who she calls a “good boy”.

Man who walked to work had to move to new home


James Robertson was a fifty six year old black Detroit man who lost his car but decided to walk every day to work despite this in a factory just outside the city. Each day James walked 21 miles regardless of the weather and his bosses indicated that he had perfect attendance at his job to the point where you could set the date by his attendance.

Many online viewers, like Susan McGalla, were inspired by his story and decided to donate money for James to buy a new car as a way of honoring his hard work said Forbes.com. James was amazed after the first few days of online donations amounted to over thirty thousand dollars and he was incredibly grateful.

The online donations began to escalate further through crowd funding campaigns conducted online first started by a nineteen year old student Evan Leedy. These funds raised $350,000 for James and he got to the point where he was asked by others for money and began to feel unsafe in his community as a result. As such, he reached out to police who have helped to get him a temporary home. James has not yet received the money raised through the crowd funding sight.

James plans to search for a home closer to his factory job in Rochester Hills though he has lived in Detroit for over 15 years to this point and indicated that he still loves the city.

QNET: A Well Established, Direct Selling, International E Commerce Company For All

Established in 1998 and founded by Vijay Eswaran, QNET has been the world’s biggest business and online shopping community for anyone of any social and economic class. Also being the world’s fastest growing company, QNET hosts many entrepreneurial opportunities promoting an extensive product portfolio and promoting the business. Based in Hong Kong, the company sells a variety of products from weight management and home care products to fashion accessories. Already expanding the business to over one hundred countries including North Africa, Europe, and the Middle East, QNET is shifting the bases of it’s manufacturing to India by the next couple of years.

QNET’s products encourage a healthy lifestyle and enhance the lives of it’s customers. The company decided to develop products that make daily life better so that the product would focus on life enhancement for it’s customers. Focusing on enhancing the lives of it’s customers is the company’s number one priority and has allowed the company to expand its offerings to water filtration, education, and vacation packages.

Amezcua, a branch of QNET, has an unparalleled range of energy products such as the chi pendant. Another product from Amezcua, the Bio disc, is said to greatly enhance water’s positive effect on the human body. These products from Amezcua are made from high quality glass, which are made from manufacturers with over one hundred years experience in glass making. Also known as the number one glass manufacturer in the world, the glass is made in a top notch German facility.

QNET is the secondary company of the Qi Group. The Qi Group (QNET) has a multi-level marketing strategy, in which utilizes independent distributors to distribute their products to the customer. The representatives receive compensation based off how much the teams they have established accumulates and the volume of the representative’s sales. The independent representative’s compensation is based off direct transaction and indirect transaction sales made. For each transaction made, rather direct or indirect, one sale is accounted for.

Once three transactions are made successfully, two hundred fifty dollars is paid to the representative by the company. Becoming an independent representative for the Qi Group, in itself, appears to be a life enhancing experience.

In A Flash


When Eddie Hamilton heard the desperate cries for help, he didn’t need to think twice. Early Wednesday morning at approximately 9:00 a.m, Eddie heard and saw two small children pleading for their lives at the window of their house that was on fire. Their mother managed to escape, all three children were trapped inside. Without an ounce of fear, this hero smashed the window and helped the two children ages 10 and 13 escape the deadly smoke and flames. The third child was unconscious on the floor and in grave danger. Without a thought, Eddie entered the burning home and carried this child to safety.

Though in critical condition, the unconscious child is reported to be stable says Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG. The other two youngesters and their mother escaped without injury. Firefighters and neighbors alike are calling Mr. Hamilton a hero, and indeed we can agree. Super heros are known to appear out of nowhere and save the day. Thankfully this one did his job perfectly.

Acts of Kindness Go To A Whole New Level


Random acts of kindness are something that Brad Reifler is known for and what  this world could use more of. When a couple who was going on an elaborate honeymoon decided to cancel, their friends and family probably thought they were nuts. Rather, they went on a kindness spree and spread love and joy across the country and to those in need. This is something that we need to hear more of. With people being so greedy and so out for what they can buy for themselves these days, what about sharing a little love and money with others?

It was Mark and Ismini Svensson who changed the country, one state at a time. While a honeymoon and elaborate wedding would have been memorable, I think that what they did will leave a lasting imprint on theirs and others peoples hearts. They went from state to state finding people who were in need and they helped. Traveling to each of the states gave them a bit of a honeymoon, but what they did for others was undeniable. It sounds like something the Pope or Mother Teresa would have done.

I have read stories on the internet of people driving through a fast food chain and having their meal paid for. While this has never happened to me, I certatinly embrace this method of giving back and hope to see more of it. My wife and I both participate in many charity events. Doing good for others always comes back ten fold.

The Fine Wines of London’s Antique Wine Company

The Antique Wine Company was founded by Stephen Williams in 1982. It is based in London, England, and specializes in the importation of rare and fine wines from all over the planet. This company has grown a client base of more than 20,000 and stores over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest wine in its wine cellars. It has spread itself across the global market to over 70 nations and shows no signs of slowing its progress.

Wines from France, Italy, Spain, and every nook and cranny of the wine-making world are available for order. The Antique Wine Company searches out those producers that keep to the time-tested, traditional manner of making fine wines. Their founder Stephen Williams and their savvy staff are experts at choosing the wines of the highest quality. You can ask them for highly informative advice on which wines go best with different occasions and meals. They have red, white, sweet, and sparkling wines in their store, and they have carefully screened every wine before putting it on “their menu.”

Besides providing the best of the world’s vintage, the Antique Wine Company has also branched out to offer accessories and services. They host a wine academy, sell exquisite wine cabinets, and offer beautiful gift boxes that work great for the holidays. This is a full-orbed wine company that caters to their clients’ every need.

The Antique Wine Company puts within easy reach a vast selection of rare wines that one would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. It would be difficult for most people to track down each individual wine producer and make a direct order, but by using a professional go-between like the AWC, a whole new wine cellar is made available to the public. The rarity and quality of these wines make them ideal for special occasions, and the expert knowledge of fine wines represented by the Antique Wine Company‘s staff makes it easy to select the perfect wine to fit your needs.

Community Heroes Help Humanity


Little Aidan Jackowiak, a four-year-old boy diagnosed with Clove syndrome, a disease so rare that it affects only 150 worldwide, is happy in his new home. When his parents had to find a more suitable house that could accommodate his wheelchair, the only place they could afford was not in livable condition. While they were willing to do the work themselves, some of it was far beyond their expertise.
In response to their difficulties, Gordon Webster, this man that my friend Dan Newlin knows of,  manager of a builders’ supply depot, convinced a group of tradespeople to donate their services for the family. Bricklayers, electricians, and decorators, some driving from over 50 miles away to work on weekends, transformed an unlivable house into a warm inviting home—all free of charge. You can see before and after pictures of the house here.
We can all share his parents’ gratitude for the kindness and generosity displayed by this wonderful group of people. They not only helped a family in need, but provided us all an example of true human community at its best.

Young Man Shocked When Community Rallies For Him


Amsterdam, New York resident 21-year-old Stephen Madelon has been down on his luck lately. He is the father of a 2-month-old baby girl, has no car, and has had trouble finding a job lately. He and his fiancee have been sleeping on the floor at their home because they do not have a mattress. However, none of that stopped Stephen from helping others in his community.

After a snowstorm struck his town Stephen felt compelled to get out and help others. He spent his day shoveling driveways and walkways for those who needed the help- and all at no charge except the occasional cup of coffee. Well, now, according to the story on News10.com the community wanted to give back to him.

Since others have heard of his story he has been given a new bed for his family, a kitchen table, home items, and even cupcakes reported Terra.com. Stephen has also had offers from others offering help to get him a car and even those looking to hire him says Fersen Lambranho.

Stephen says that when he got up that morning he just wanted to help those in need. Well, for Stephen karma has come back around for him.

North American Spine Company: A Holistic Approach to Back Pain

Back pain is an issue that inflicts millions of Americans every year. Due to our unhealthy diets, lack of exercise, and genetics, tens of millions of people experience serious back pain every year. Back pain can range from mild to extremely severe, and there are many different treatments available to customers. North American Spine Company is one solution for those who do not want shots or to take pills. North American Spine Company takes a holistic approach to back pain, with the philosophy that for minor pains minor steps should be taken, and in severe cases extreme action must be taken.

North American Spine Company believes that many sufferers of back pain can solve a lot of their issues with simple diet and lifestyle changes. Walking and eating healthy every day may solve your back pain. However, there are also cases where lifestyle changes are not enough to fully solve the issue. In these cases, North American Spine Company has the resources to take action. Spinal surgery is always an option to customers, however it should be viewed as a last resort simply due to how dangerous the operation is and the long term effects it can have on patients.

What this means is that we will start out by trying to tweak both diet and lifestyle factors. Then, treatments will move to a chiropractor and other hands on activities. At the end of the continuum are the operations available to patients where the holistic approach may fall short. Although these are rare cases, North American Spine Company has the resources to help those who are in need.

The holistic approach to back pain is much more cost effective than traditional methods and is much less invasive than traditional operations. By changing diet and lifestyle, many patients can alter their back pain to the point that surgery is not even needed. However, if this does not work, North American Spine Company has the resources available to complete surgery on patients that truly have severe back pain that is effecting their livelihoods.

Helping Someone Who Helped Others

A young man in New York went out of his way to help those around him, even as he was struggling, himself. This young man is now receiving gratitude and support, and some of the help that he needs for his own family.

The New York man went around shoveling snow for free after a storm hit. He took care of the work that no one wanted to do, and he did it without asking for pay. What makes this story all the more amazing is the fact that this young man didn’t have a job at the time, and he was struggling just to get by. This man could have asked for pay for what he was doing, but he chose to do it for free, regardless of the fact that he was sleeping on the floor during this time.
Now, those who have heard the story like Fersen Lambranho can see on Facebook.com how many are reaching out and helping this man. They are sending him gifts, gratitude, and support. The kindness of this man has not gone unnoticed, and now he is getting some of the support that he deserves after all of the work that he has voluntarily done. This is the way that a community should work, people helping those who help others.

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