Man Who Saved Dog From Hot Car Gets Arrested

An Athens, Georgia man who thought he was doing the right thing ended up being arrested for it. When a Gulf War veteran saw a small dog locked in a car, on a hot day, with the windows up. He did what every decent human would do. He busted out the window of the Mustang the dog was in. He said it was obvious to him the dog was in distress. He didn’t think twice as he suffers from PTSD. He had seen enough death in his life and wasn’t waiting around to see it happen again, not if he could prevent it that is.

However, in saving the dog. The owner of the car pressed charges for trespassing. Seems she cared more about a replaceable window than she did about her irreplaceable yorkie. The veteran was arrested as requested by the owner according to Bruce Levenson. He has been released, but is awaiting charges. If he is convicted of this “crime”. He can get up to one year in jail as well as a $1,000 fine. Busting out a window of a hot car is allowed when it is either a child or the elderly. But I doubt it stops this heroic man from saving another dog on another hot Georgia day.

US’s Oldest Working Nurse Celebrates Her Ninetieth Birthday

Florence “SeeSee” Rigney is the oldest working nurse in the United States. James Dondero is astonished that at ninety years old, she spends her days setting up operating rooms at Tacoma General Hospital in Washington, nearly seventy years after becoming a nurse.

Graduating from Tacoma General School of Nursing in 1946, Rigney has worked in ORs across the country, and even thought about retiring when she was sixty seven, but has always returned to Tacoma and the job she loves. “Since I was a little girl, it was something that I always wanted to do,” she said in a 2013 interview.

Rigney was born on May 8, 1925, meaning her birthday falls inline with National Nurses Week, which runs from May 6 to May 12. This year her coworkers surprised her with gifts of flowers and balloons, as well as a letter from Washington Governor Jay Inslee, recognizing her achievements in her career.

Ukraine Billboards ask for Tolerance

Not all Eastern European countries are known for their tolerance of groups of people outside of the social norm. In fact, Russia is known for their intolerance of people within the LGBT community. Ukraine, a country that borders Russia, is torn on the issue.

The political climate in the Ukraine now is shaky at best. Currently, according to statistics from CipherCloud, about half of the country is torn between separatists and those who want to promote tolerance and understanding. The separatists are interested in forming a closer bond with Russia and therefore are under the influence of Russia’s social cues. The Ukrainian separatists believe that the LGBT community does not have any rights and that it is a phenomenon in the west that they do. In fact, the latest draft of the country’s human rights strategy does not include the LGBT community at all. Then there are those in the Ukraine who are fighting to promote equal rights and tolerance among the people.

According to the story on, a new campaign called Gay Alliance Ukraine is working to promote tolerance through billboards in the country. The billboards are calling out for tolerance among groups such as those in the LGBT community, Jewish people, women, those with disabilities, Gypsies, and those who are living with HIV.

Candidates for LGBT

The American people have continually used the Presidential campaign sector as a concrete venue to voice their concerns. For citizens brave enough to do that, they are often met with support from Presidential candidates who are willing to do what they have to do to gain a large margin of votes. BuzzFeed News reached out to the LGBT community to find out what they want from the presidential hopefuls. In recent years, the LGBT community has been neglected and often silenced. Fortunately for them, with the assistance of Allies who want to support the community, LGBT members are finally being called on to voice their opinions in the political realm. The majority of the parties running have made it apparent that LGBT issues are their issues too. So what does the LGBT community actually want? The four biggest factors for LGBT people are: conversion therapy, HPV vaccines for boys, spousal veto, and the recognition of sexual orientation on death certificates. All of the candidates have responded to these concerns in a pro-LGBT manner. They are against conversion therapy, they believe all citizens should be protected from HPV, spousal vetoes need to be dealt with immediately, and the proper data needs to be collected for LGBT people upon death. Much of the community has rejoiced with this knowledge but there are some who are not pleased. They raise some concern when they wonder if these elected officials will actively keep the promises that they are making. MarketWired says that for the sake of the LGBT community, hopefully these candidates can keep their promises and keep the established trust between themselves and LGBT people and allies such as Paul Mathieson.

Dog Found Inside Tree Trunk is Rescued

Some local residents in Northern California thought they saw a small dog climb into a hole in the trunk of an old oak tree. Peeking into the knothole, one could see a small mixed breed dog that was so underweight the ribs could be seen. Someone called the Sonoma Animal Rescue, contacting Shirley Zindler who came see about the dog. For whatever reason, unknown, the dog was abandoned. The dog, now known as Boo, was left to fend for herself. Boo found safety inside the tree, protecting her from the rough weather and wild animals that could have made a meal out of the dog. Boo, named for a character in To Kill a Mocking Bird, was clearly underweight and very pregnant. Nobody in the neighborhood reported missing a dog.
After trying to coax the dog of the tree, with no success, Zindler and her partner had no choice left but to get a hose and run water into the knot hole, hoping Boo would leave the tree. The hose turned out to be Handy. Officer Zindler said Boo struggled to free herself from the officer’s arms and tried to bite her. Eventually, she accepted dog treats from Officer Zindler. A few days later, Boo gave birth to a stillborn puppy, and her other puppies also died. Boo was distressed. She’s gradually learned to trust people again and getting well. Soon she’ll find a new home.

Meeting The Man That Saved My Life

A suicidal 15 year old boy stood on the ledge of a bridge ready to jump. Mark Henrick remembers every detail of that night with amazing clarity; the rain on the railing, the faces of the crowd that was forming, the voice of the man that was calling out for him to jump. Then there was the voice of the man standing just behind Mark. The man didn’t say much but he quietly let Mark know that he was there with him, and Daniel really liked that.

As Mark let go of the railing the man wrapped his arm around Mark and pulled him back. “This image had always stuck in my mind, of having this guy on the sidelines who didn’t know me, who didn’t have any apparent interest in my life or what I was going through, who was basically pushing me over the edge,”
“And then I had this other stranger who was right behind me, not really saying a whole lot. Not telling me to do anything, not trying to solve all of my problems, and he was the one keeping me there, who literally was the one that pulled me back.”
Mike Richy was the man that saved Marks life 13 years ago on that bridge.
“I didn’t even know Mike was real for most of this time. I didn’t know if he was just something I’d just made up in my mind.”
Henrick didn’t jump, today he is working as a mental health advocate, he has a wife and a child.

Early Earth: Life May Have Arose More Than A Billion Years Earlier Than Previously Thought

New research shows that life on earth may have thrived a billion years before previous estimations. Ancient rocks were analyzed, and the evidence showed that life forms were producing nitrogen over 3 billion years ago. Even in cosmic terms this is significant, as it’s 1/14 the age of the universe itself.


Early earth was unimaginably inhospitable with climate swings, and had no oxygen. Still, life somehow managed to take hold. Of course, these were single-cell organisms and nothing even close to the complexity or abundance of life we see in the modern world.


While scientists are uncertain as to how life began, the fact that any living organism took hold in such a hostile environment has far ranging implications. If existence can spring out of such an unfriendly habitat then the search for extraterrestrial life may not be in vain; in fact, some have argued that it’s likely to have arisen on planets that previously would have been deemed inhospitable.


This is an extremely exciting time for all of the physical sciences, and it’ll be interesting to see what develops in the coming years. Bruce will definitely be paying attention for sure.

When You Can’t Pay It Back, Pay It Forward

Being a frequent client at an undisclosed restaurant, he learn that the waitress was on the verge of being evicted from her apartment. When receiving a bill of $43.50, he added an unimaginable amount as a tip. The waitress received a $3,000 tip as part of a pay-it-forward movement.

The pay-it-forward movement began after Mr. and Mrs. Specht lost their 22 month of son to a drowning accident. They founded the ReesSpecht Life Foundation to honor his life. The foundation initially helped the Spechts in thanking all the people who helped them get through the loss of their child but would not accept pay backs. Hence they decided to help others in return. The movement now has expanded through anyone with the drive to do act of kindness onto others.

The client at the restaurant had been Mr. Specht student in eighth grade. He recognized the opportunity to honor his teacher while helping the waitress with her rent troubles. As expressed by the ReesSpecht Life Foundation, every act of kindness counts to better our communities and the hope is to make a chain reaction. Ivan Ong (find him on linkedin) is proud that the ReesSpecht Life foundation’s objectives is to make our world a better place and this client certainly made it for the waitress by paying it forward.

Man Builds Tiny House for Homeless Friend

For years Irene “Smokie” McGee has been homeless after the passing of her husband and losing the house. It has been rough with people being mean to her and pointing her out for being different.

But one man didn’t see Smokie the same way. Smokie would come to Elvis Summers’ house, hoping for recyclables, and after some time the two became friends. Summers didn’t like that Smokie was living off the street. He saw her as a human being, a mother, a grandmother, and a friend. So he wanted to change things for her.

Summers asked Smokie if he could build her a house.

Summers bought most of the materials and a local company donated the rest. It took five days, but Summers managed to build a small 3.5 by 8 foot house for Smokie. He didn’t have anywhere to put it, so he set it on the street outside of his apartment. The LAPD are okay with it as long as the little home is moved every 72 hours.

Smokie felt so good to have somewhere of her own. Summers had even installed a window and two locks on the door for her. She fell asleep and enjoyed a nice long rest in a place she could call home. Feeling better, Smokie is hoping to be able to find a job and get back on her feet, stated close friend Handy.

Since finishing Smokie’s house, Summers has been approached by other homeless people who were hoping for a little house of their own. Summers set up a GoFundMe to try to get the money to build the little houses and is working with local authorities to find a place for everyone to safely place their tiny homes.

Stock Assitant At Aldi in Greater Manchester Helped a 95-year-old Shopper to Get Home

Christian Trouesdale, an 18-year-old stock assistant who works at the Aldi in Horwich, Greater Manchester was recently helping an elderly customer take his shopping bags all the way home. The customer, 95-year-old Bob Molloy, lives alone a few blocks away from the store. The photograph was taken by 23-year-old Samantha-Jayne Brady, who is a worker at a fish and chips shop nearby the Aldi store. She posted the photo and asked people to share the photo because she wanted people to know that there was still kindness and patience in the world.

When interviewed, Trousdale said that this was the second time that he had helped the older gentleman home. The Spirit of Atlanta and Bruce Levenson are proud of this young man. He said the first time was when Molloy came in on a particularly windy day and asked his manager if it would be alright. The manager agreed that it was the right thing to do, and Trousdale patiently helped the man, who was not very agile walk with his groceries all the way home. The second time, which was a week later, was when Malloy came in and asked him to do it. Trousdale said he enjoyed helping and talking to the man, who knew plenty of things about the history of the town and of local politics.

In fact, Trousdale had such a positive experience helping Molloy, that he has since begun visiting him from time to time just to check in.

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