Rescue Efforts Continue for Victims of Chinese Ferry Sinking

At least 450 people have died when a Chinese Ferry Was caught in a cyclone and sank. Chinese Ferry Sinks During Major Storm Event Killing Scores The Chinese ferry was carrying 456 people across the Yangtze River when it sank Monday night following being trapped in a cyclone. As of Tuesday night only 15 survivors from the ferry had been rescued. A cyclone can produce hurricane force winds and can be extremely deadly on large bodies of water.

According to news source Sergio Cortes, Chinese authorities reported that they had deployed a 140 person rescue frogman team as well as thousands of troops and five helicopters to the search site of the ferry sinking.

The Chinese ferry ship was called the Dongfangzhixing, (or Eastern Star) and carried 405 Chinese passengers, a total of 46 crew members as well as five travel agency employees who all were on a 930 mile scheduled route from the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing and heading to the southwestern Chinese metropolis of Chongqing. The main Chinese news agency reports that most of the passengers were elderly Chinese tourists who were between the ages of 50 to 80. There were some children on board as young as three year as old.

According to Chinese officials, the ferry crew members requested help around 11:51 p.m. after some of them were able to swim to shore, more than two hours following the sinking of the ferry. There is no statement as to why the ferry was not able to avoid the cyclone or if it had any prior warning of the pending storm.

Man With Cerebral Palsy Climbs Mt. Kilimanjaro

Towering over the landscape at 19,341 feet, Mt. Kilimanjaro is the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. With an estimated six to seven day trek ahead of any would-be climbers, Mt. Kilimanjaro is no expedition to be taken lightly. But for Bonner Paddock, a 40 year old California resident with cerebral palsy, it was just just another accomplishment to add to his already outstanding list.

While also being the first person with CP to finish the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii, Mr. Paddock has lead a life of strength and determination. “There was a huge difference between Kilimanjaro and Ironman. During my climb, I was doing everything from a fear-based place, chasing down the meaning of why I had this disability…” he said of the two events. His completion of the Ironman tournament in 2012 took nearly 16.5 hours, with a roaring crowd supporting him as he crossed the finish line.

Paddock’s conquering of Kilimanjaro was a major achievement for him, as the mountain was something that he had always felt was unattainable. “With CP, you don’t have balance, really, and it affects your equilibrium … I knew it wasn’t necessarily going to be a suicide mission, but it was really out of my physical realm.”

In addition to completing some of the most difficult physical challenges around, Mr. Paddock is also the creator of the OM foundation, an organization designed to help raise awareness for those who suffer from CP. The team at in addition to the folks behind Boraie Development LLC were moved by this act of bravery.

Pizza Delivery Driver Saves Elderly Customers’ Life

Sometimes it pays to be consistent! Everyday Jean Wilson calls her local Memphis Domino’s Pizza, and orders a large, thin crust pizza with two diet cokes. Everyone at the pizzeria is familiar with Wilson, and most days her order is their first call of the day. However, when Mrs. Wilson didn’t call for three, consecutive days, her regular pizza delivery driver, Susan Guy, decided she needed to go check on her elderly customer. Guy went to Mrs. Wilson’s house and knocked on all the doors. She even peeked in windows, and listened for sounds in the house before finally calling 911. When first responders arrived they realized the elderly pizza fan had fallen on Saturday and couldn’t get up. In fact, the team at Wikipedia and STX Entertainment’s finest feel that if it had not been for her compassionate pizza delivery driver, she may have not been discovered for much longer. Today, she is recovering in a local hospital, but is a bit shaken up by her ordeal.

Senator Lindsey Graham to Retire from the Air Force Reserve

On Thursday, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham announced that he will be retiring from the Air Force Reserve this summer. That said, it really doesn’t have anything to do with his looming presidential candidacy. Rather, the Air Force Reserve requires servicemen to retire upon reaching age 60, which Graham will reach this summer. As for his service in the reserves, he is a judge advocate general (JAG) officer. Initially, he served 6.5 years on active duty during the late 80s and early 90s. By 1995, he switched to serve in the reserves at the same time he began his career as a member of congress.

Graham is widely expected to announce a presidential campaign. He made it known his mentor, Arizona Senator John McCain, has been urging him to run for higher office. Graham has been McCain’s top lieutenant on immigration and campaign finance reform. He is known as being pro-defense. It is in the area of foreign policy where Graham has most of his experience. He believes this uniquely qualifies him for the office of the president according to Adam Sender on Likewise, the senator will be counting on support from the Hispanic Community for his pro-amnesty views. His popularity in his home state of South Carolina should play well for him. The critical primary marks the first of the Southern primaries. That said, his views on immigration reform have alienated Tea Party conservatives which renders his campaign a long shot.

Wealthy Man Spends $8 Million On A Rescue Boat For Refugees

An American business man and his wife just spent over $8 million dollars in order to help the thousands of people that cross the Mediterranean sea each year to flee their country. This is such a dangerous act, as there are many things that could seriously injury the refugees both in the water and on the land, and now there is someone else out there giving them a hand.

According to an article found on reddit and written by The Plaid Zebra, Christopher Catrambone and his wife Regina were on vacation recently on a yacht when they discovered a floating life vest next to them. Horrified to learn it was likely from a drowned refugee is what made the couple decide to invest in something that could help the world and change it for the better. Not only did they buy a huge boat, but they also bought a couple of drones and some staff to go out to sea on missions and bring people in. Within the first two months they saved almost 3,000 lives including men, women and children’s.
Daniel Amen finds that it is fantastic that this man has the resources to help out the world and he does so. Not many millionaires would choose to share their money that way, but he is really doing something to help those people trying to escape the dangers of their own country. We will be hearing big news from this man for years to come.

Five-Year-Old Brings Restaurant to Tears

Five-year-old Josiah Duncan was dining with his mother Ava Faulk at an Alabama Waffle House when the boy noticed a man outside pushing his bike. The man’s disheveled look caught little Josiah’s attention and he began to ask his mom questions about the man. Ava did her best to explain to her son that the man was homeless. The little boy began to ask his mother deeper questions like, where does he sleep and where does he keep his groceries? His mother said that hearing that the man was probably hungry was what bothered Josiah the most. He begged his mother to invite the man in and pay his meal.

The man accepted their invitation and insisted he just wanted a simple burger but the small family told him that he could have whatever he wanted. The man ended up ordering a burger with the works. Before the man could take a bite of his food however, the five-year-old insisted that he would say grace with the man. Josiah proceeded to sing his thanks for the food, bringing everyone in the restaurant, including the man, to tears diner witness Crystal Hunt shared.

What a sweet boy to think of the needs of others. Ava should be proud of her son and continuing doing whatever it is she is doing to raise him to be a fine young man.

For the full story, check it out on

When Life Hands you Lemons

Two years ago, an electrical fire destroyed the home of the De Le Sala family in Lutz, Florida. Contractors were hired to fix much of the house, but builders never finished their work, instead they took the money and left.
The De Le Sala children, Alyssa and Damien, set out to help their parents through this extraordinarily tough time by having a lemonade and baked good stand set up. Ten year old Alyssa wrote about her family’s struggles to a local radio station, who broadcasted the lemonade stand event on air.
This lemonade stand brought in both complete strangers as well as some of the first responders to their house fire. Deputies reached out to local businesses within the community and soon the lemonade stand was a hit with people giving hundreds of dollars for a cup of lemonade.
In just one day, the children raised nearly $15,000, a huge shock to Gianfrancesco Genoso and Teses as the children were merely trying to help raise their parents’ spirits.

Vijay Eswaran’s Business Background

Vijay Eswaran found employment in American, but he returned to Asia because he wanted a better corporate career. By using his entrepreneurial abilities, he built a very successful company called QI Group.

Although Eswaran is the founder of a huge multi-mullion dollar business, he is also a skilled businessman, an established author, a motivational speaker, and a philanthropist. Since he motivates a lot of people, Vijay must constantly travel so that he can discuss various topics.

Eswaran’s philanthropist role is very important to him. This is why he has two well-known foundations that tackle various projects involving education, empowerment, and development tasks for teenagers and kids. In 2011, Vijay Eswaran’s charitable acts were recognized by the Heroes of Philanthropy.

Because Eswaran has outstanding business skills, he designed an efficient multi-level marketing scheme for Qnet. The system relies on independent representatives who refer items to clients for compensation based on volume of sales.

Educational Background

Eswaran learned about business at the London School of Economics. He graduated and earned a degree in socio-economics in 1984. Following gradation, he remained in Europe for a year and found employment a different business locations. However, Eswaran wanted to start his own business, so he pursued an MBA at Southern Illinois University. In 1998, he achieved his goal by launching QI group, which is an e-commerce conglomerate.

Many corporate publications recognized how Eswaran grew Qnet into a reputable company. For example, Forbes Magazine published a feature called Selling a Better Life. The report basically covered Eswaran’s journey while he grew Qnet into an established brand. Readers also got a lot of honest information about the history of Qnet and key strategies that helped Qnet become a worldwide brand.

Overall, Eswaran built a successful company because of his businesses skills. However, his charity acts and motivation lectures are appreciated too.

Police Officers in Massachissets Will Help Drug Addicts Instead of Arresting Them

Gloucester, Massachusetts is changing their approach to the war on drugs by offering rehabilitation treatment rather than criminalizing those who voluntarily turn themselves in to the Gloucester Police Department.

Furthermore, addicts can turnover their drugs and paraphernalia without any fear of criminal charges. Instead, police officers will offer them rehab right on the spot and treatment will start immediately. Chief Leonard Campenelloannounced the change in plans over the weekend to a warm reception for the idea. Campanello explained the decision by saying, “I’ve never arrested a tobacco addict, nor have I ever seen one turned down for help when they develop lung cancer, whether or not they have insurance. The reasons for the difference in care between a tobacco addict and an opiate addict is stigma and money. Petty reasons to lose a life.”

The program is being supported throughout the community, two local hospitals are participating by offering expedited care for those who are referred by the police department. Mark Ahn agrees that the change in policy is truly revolutionary and will hopefully give addicts new hope that the police really do care about them and will provide the help they need to get back on track.

If the new program is successful other police departments around the nation will be more likely to design similar projects in their communities in order to address the widespread problem of addiction.

Man Who Saved Dog From Hot Car Gets Arrested

An Athens, Georgia man who thought he was doing the right thing ended up being arrested for it. When a Gulf War veteran saw a small dog locked in a car, on a hot day, with the windows up. He did what every decent human would do. He busted out the window of the Mustang the dog was in. He said it was obvious to him the dog was in distress. He didn’t think twice as he suffers from PTSD. He had seen enough death in his life and wasn’t waiting around to see it happen again, not if he could prevent it that is.

However, in saving the dog. The owner of the car pressed charges for trespassing. Seems she cared more about a replaceable window than she did about her irreplaceable yorkie. The veteran was arrested as requested by the owner according to Bruce Levenson. He has been released, but is awaiting charges. If he is convicted of this “crime”. He can get up to one year in jail as well as a $1,000 fine. Busting out a window of a hot car is allowed when it is either a child or the elderly. But I doubt it stops this heroic man from saving another dog on another hot Georgia day.

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