Paul Ryan Of ECU’s Big Money 20 Retiring

Though we may never know the exact combination of reasons why Speaker of the House of Representatives Paul Ryan ultimately made his decision to retire, the fact that he had a spirited challenge from Randy Bryce (backed by End Citizens United) and a place on End Citizens United’s Big Money 20 list certainly had a role as a catalyst to speed up his retirement. To be sure, there is plenty of work ahead for Democrats to deliver on the so called “Blue Wave” coming in 2018, but the retirement of the most powerful Congressman in the face of his first real campaign in decades is certainly a promising sign for the Democrats and aligned groups around the country.

End Citizens United in particular has had a role in some of the larger Democratic upsets so far in this cycle, and are likely to become more and more of a household name as we get closer to November. A group founded to rid the political process of the dark money of special interest groups, End Citizens United can play a huge support position for progressive candidates who refuse Super PAC money and actually listen to the wills of their constituents. In the Wisconsin district that Ryan represented, End Citizens United has endorsed Randy Bryce who has certainly had quite a bit of viral fame and has really made a name for himself as an ironworker, cancer survivor and veteran. But in addition to those impressive feats he has also has been advocate for completely and totally overhauling our thoroughly broken campaign finance system. This position is widely popular amongst Americans, and the fact that Ryan has relied so heavily on Super PAC dollars was sure to be a lightning rod issue in the upcoming election. With Ryan gone, the race becomes even more wide open for an honest candidate like Randy Bryce — this is some of the best news for Democrats in recent memory.

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While Paul Ryan is just one of many politicians who place the will of special interests over the will of the working-class it is still refreshing that he will soon be gone from the hallowed halls of Congress. In his place, if End Citizens United and their grassroots support can help push Bryce over the finish line, we could have a Congressman who truly understands the plight of the working-class and will work to clean up our elections rather than further muddy them.

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