Perry Mandera – From Marine to Philanthropist

Perry Mandera has over 30 years experience in the transportation industry. He is also a former member of the United States military where he learned to drive a commercial truck as a part of a Marine motor pool. Perry Mandera is the founder of Custom Cares Charity, a charity that works in collaboration with other charities like MADD, National MS Society, National Breast Cancer Coalition and dozens of others. Through his charitable causes, Perry Mandera shows a strong commitment to helping other people.

Mandera grew up and graduated from high school in Chicago, after he was done with high school, he left to join the Marines. This was where he was first introduced to the transportation industry. As a truck driver for The Marines, he insured that himself, his peers, and necessary tools made it to the correct location. Perry Mandera was Honorably Discharged from the Marines and began working for a variety of transportation companies. His experience in The Marines enabled him to thrive in the industry. At the age of 23, he created his own business, which he sold five years later.

In 1984, he became the youngest person to ever be elected to the 26th Ward of Chicago as its Republican Ward Committeeman.

After leaving the world of local politics in Chicago, he created The Custom Company, which has went on to become a very successful entity in the transportation industry. The company serves thousands of companies and individuals and employs hundreds of people.

During the 2017 holiday season, Mandera and his company made national headlines for donating a generous amount of money to families in need. The money was given to the needy families to provide gifts for children and to have food for the holidays. It was for reasons like these that Mandera expanded his business to include a charitable sector.

Of course, this isn’t the only instance of his generosity. Three years prior to his holiday philanthropy, he assisted citizens of Washington State after the state was hit with a devastating spree of tornadoes.

As well as donating money, Perry also donates his time to positive activities for children. Previously, he has been the coach of a wide variety of children’s sports teams and has sponsored two Olympic boxers.


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