Philip Diehl Leads Gold Market at U.S. Money Reserve

Throughout recent history people who have worked many years to build a retirement fund to live out their golden years have bought precious metals like gold to safeguard their wealth and continually build their old age safety net to the highest level possible. Philip Diehl has been a leader in providing products based around precious metals like gold that will increase in value and be well protected from any economic downturn that may occur. Market predictions are that gold could be hitting an all time high in the future and that is why Diehl and U.S. Money Reserve are creating so many satisfied and pleased customers, because they are the owners of rare precious metals.

It all begins with the leadership of Philip Diehl. He has a long history working in the field of finances and buying and selling valuable commodities. He was nominated by President Bill Clinton to serve the position of Director of the United States Mint and served in that capacity until the year 2000. Under his leadership the Mint radically improved its performance and efficiency of operation. His program was highlighted by the 50 State Quarters Program and the Sacagawea Dollar. Upon leaving the U.S. Mint, Diehl was looking for ways to take his expertise and share it with the rest of the world. He found this opportunity becoming President of U.S. Money Reserve.

Diehl believes there are several reasons that gold is a great investment at this point in history. One of the biggest is the fear that the financial crisis of 2008 generated in the investment community. So many people are afraid of having their savings wiped out by a volatile Wall Street that certainty of gold is a very appealing option. Secondly, there is a much larger market for precious metals because of internet buying though Electronic Traded Funds, (EFTs). These allow access to the market of precious metals to a much larger audience which is good for the price of gold. The value of the dollar and the behavior of the Federal Reserve is another factor which makes gold a desirable investment. When the value of the dollar is lower, the value of gold is higher and monetary policies of the Federal Reserve seem to be driving the value of the dollar slowly but surely down.

The U.S. Money Reserve reflects all of this valuable information in the products that they produce and sell. They provide excellent customer service and products that have more constant value than their competitors. Diehl is able to do this by including gold and precious metals backed by the United States government. That means that the consistency and value of the metal is going to remain constant. Buying gold from other sources means a buyer has no real idea what the quality of the metal actually is. It could fluctuate wildly. U.S. Money Reserve provides high quality products that are backed by the government and will be a good investment for the future. Philip Diehl provides the knowledge and investment skill to make it all happen.

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Source: the EPN podcast network